Monday, October 24, 2011

A Peek At Elin's Birthday Cake :)

To cut the story short, I celebrated my birthday a few days past the actual day...reason being Wild Boar was sick and the Piggies only managed to make a trip back from their hectic school life from the city.  My buddy Claire celebrated my birthday a day before the actual day..LOL! She took me to St.Mikes for lunch !  Before and after the actual day...the celebration goes on. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Piggy Cuz, Claire and dearest Wild Boar and of course my darling Piggies for the birthday gifts and to all my readers and friends who leaves birthday wishes to me on my facebook.... a big thank you for all the birthday wishes. I love them all :)  I am blessed and I am forever ' 25 ' hahaha  see even my birthday cake has my favorite animals singing the birthday song to me :p  they are cute aren't they...a gift from Piggy Jo....she knows I love these animal picks !  I DO ! 

I baked a simple cheesecake...with oreo base with fresh strawberries ( diced ) at the bottom layer. Wild Boar bought some large Australian strawberries from Jusco...they were so sweet and large too. I am bad at cake frosting and decoration...I ran to the pantry got hold of these cute animal picks and just placed them on the cheesecake....such a cheerful lot and they make me happy just looking at them.  I chose cheesecake coz the Piggies love cheesecake, Jo loves the strawberries and Josh loves chocolatey stuff so I chose the oreo base.  A cake for all.....and I had a wonderful birthday and the celebration came with  lunch at David's Diner and a chinese dinner at Kok Thai Restaurant .  

 a virtual slice for every readers and friends who dropped by .......

from left :- Piggy Josh, Wild Boar ( in shorts , he forgot to put on his long pants  LOL!   )
the birthday gal and Piggy Joanna

haha the birthday kiss........a sort of thank you kiss
for cooking and baking goodies for him ....and he wishes
me more birthdays to come so that I can continue to be
his maid mate LOL!

this is my Piggy guy :p

and this is my Piggy partner in crime and my 
best friend.......we share secrets always LOL!

Thank you to all for making my day a fun filled one   !

*            *             *


  1. Happy belated birthday to your Elin, could see that you enjoyed your day very much surrounded by your loved ones:D Bet the birthday cake tasted extra delicious:D

  2. wah so many people "Chup" the cake already leftover for me lor :p

  3. Awwww...... so sweet.
    Nvm la no trousers.. can be sexy once a while.
    I want to kiss you toooo.. muaaaaah!!

    I shall sing you the song again,

    Happy Pig pig birthday
    Happy Piggy Birthday
    Happy Porky Birthday
    Happy Birthday to you!

  4. wishing you healthy and joyful always!! love from lena!!

  5. Happy belated Birthday Elin, lovely cake and must be very yummy. Wo, your lo kong so sayang you, hehehe...

  6. Happy Belated Birthday, Elin! Stay happy and healthy ya! I think you've a good one :)

  7. Happy Belated Birthday to you again Elin!

  8. I lovethe little animals on top.

  9. So so yan oi!!! han sei kat lei.. hahaha.. so loving and such a TLC family!!

  10. Jeannie....thank you so much for the birthday wishes and yesss I enjoyed myself very much though we celebrated a few days later :) as long as the family is together :))

    Kathy....thanks for the birthday wishes...yea all finished ! the cake is kinda small :) gave away some to Claire and my Piggy Cuz :)

    Wendy....ooooo you are so sweet...thanks for the piggy song :))) your copyright song :p

    Lena....thank you so much's the kimchi? :)

    Sonia....thank you...haha yea he very funny and cheeky...he thinks I dare not put the photo up...I just did it :p

    Min....thank you so much for the birthday wishes...yea I had a good one with the kids filled day together :)

    Ann....thank you so much :)

    Joy.... me all the animals there :)

    Claire...thanks for the gift and makan and birthday wishes :) love your gift :)

  11. Happy Birthday and the cake is beautiful!

  12. Ho ho ho. I want more cake ! :P Happy Birthday once again !! muah !!

  13. Ann...thanks :)

    Jo....thanks darling...muax !!!

  14. Happy Belated Birthday, Elin! The cake is beautiful, and looks delicious! You have a lovely family, glad that you have fun celebrating your birthday! Extra special with loved ones around! :)

  15. I'm sending belated birthday wishes your way. The cake is truly lovely. Have a great evening. Blessings...Mary

  16. Happy Birthday - looks like you got a birthday cake that would make any artist happy.

  17. Kitchen Flavours...thank you :) yea I love them much and this blog is for them :)

    Mary...thank you so much :) hugs

    Carol Egbert....thank you :)

  18. Happy Belated Birthday to you^^May your wishes comes true.The cake was so lovely ~~

  19. Happy belated birthday, Elin! :-)

  20. yummylittlecooks...thank you so much :)

    Piggy....thank you so much :)