Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sweet Potato 'Tong Sui ' / Sweet Soup

Don't we love to have a cup of ' tong sui ' / sweet soup after dinner or have a bowl of sweet dessert of green beans , red beans or even  sweet potato sweet soup ? Well, I do love to have a cup of sweet potato ' tong sui '/ sweet soup after dinner.  This sweet soup is easy to prepare and it takes all in all about 40 mins to get it ready for serving.  It is versatile, you can add in some sago and palm sugar to the soup but I prefer mine plain with a few red dates , ginger and screwpine leaves.  Love the fragrant of the ginger , screwpine and red dates in this sweet potato soup. Something simple like this can make me happy :) are right..I love to eat and eat :p

There are many types of  sweet potato around...we have the orange , purple and egg yolk color species but I love this yellow ones for making this  'tong sui ' and for the steamed ones, I prefer the orange and purple type.   I remembered my gandmama used to cook this on most Sunday for me and my siblings when we were young and we look forward to eating this. Those were the me and my siblings are all settled in different places and having our own families and grandmama is no longer with us. Each time I cook this, I reminisce those days....40 years ago :p  Having grandparents around to pamper us is the best thing in the world..don't you think so ?

Click here for the recipe
( substitute orange sweet potato to yellow ones
and add in red dates instead of dried longans )

 Have a fun  and blessed day....

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