Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Vanilla Raspberry Ice Cream With Banana Chips Topping

I love my ice cream with some some fresh fruits and nuts on it . But for this once, I added some crushed banana chips on to the ice cream as topping and throw in some chunks of watermelon to it .  This was really refreshing and it really cheers me up having this for dessert  especially when the weather is so hot over here.  Ice cream is a must have for us for we are great snackers ! :p  Snacking on ice cream is bad but we can't help is better than snacking on fries :p but both are just as bad !!! Anyway I always remember this quote... " Seize the moment . Remember all those Titanic women who waved away the dessert cart "  This is my favorite quote by Erma Bombeck. 

Now I want talk about the banana chips...what is so special about them ...well they are the best banana chips I have eaten so far. My buddy Claire gave me a packet of them . She joined a internal tour to a little coastal town named Teluk Intan , not so much as for sight seeing but more for their famous signature food.  You can read a bit on her tour via her blog . She had a jolly good time there :p and she brought back lots of banana chips for her friends and colleague and I am one lucky soul to get a packet from her. Needless to say, I chomp down the chips and those crushed ones at the bottom of the packet , I used them for topping for my ice cream snacks.  The chips were paper thin and so crispy . Love them on my ice cream !

* Thanks Claire for the best ever banana chips..
......adds character to my ice cream ...yum yummy !

Have a nice day !

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  1. WooHoo, feel like having ice cream today...

  2. Never knew that Teluk Intan is famous for its banana chips...lucky you!

  3. banana chips? wah, havent eaten them for decades!

  4. despite the rainy day we're having, I'd love a couple of scoops of your ice-cream. YUM!