Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cendol - The Malaysian Sweet Dessert

Nothing quenches thirst like a refreshing bowl of cendol on a hot day. The feel of ice shavings combined with creamy coconut milk and the sweetness of the palm sugar all melting into the ice slowly going down the parched throat is truly heavenly. This shavings of ice dessert is a delicious local dessert that can be found anywhere in any state in Malaysia and has captured the hearts of many Malaysians and tourists from all over the world. 

A normal serving of cendol will have shavings of ice and scoops of diluted coconut milk with bits of cooked dough dyed green in colour and scoops of sweetened red beans and a generous drizzle of palm sugar syrup to give it is signature sweetness. 

As many of you will know that I was ‘ babysitting ‘ my Piggy Jo in Semenyih during the first week of CNY , as many of the Uni students have gone back for the short CNY break and she can't afford to take a week off for the celebrations. She is quite pressured in PhD work so I told her that I will come up and stayed with her so that she will be lonely there  :) With this full of fun momsie with her, life will be boring for her after all LOL!  Bonding time is the right word to use here not ‘ babysitting’.  I better add this line here or the Piggy will trottered me to death :p 

I had a wonderful time there with her the past week and this Cendol is one of the Malaysian sweet desserts that we both like very much .  We had this at ‘ Little Penang CafĂ© ‘ at the Curve.  Roadside ones are rather unhygienic ( of course ,this is my opinion ), I dont know whether they actually wash the used bowls and spoons with soapy water or just rinse the bowls and spoons with a pail of water , thus we we ended having this at Litttle Penang Cafe for their famous Penang cendol.  Paid 4.80 Ringgit Malaysia for a bowl which is 2.5 times more compared with other places :)  It was delicious and the palm sugar syrup and the sweetened red beans was enough to seal my lips on the price :)))

Have a great day :)

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  1. The same pail they rinse my bowl, then your bowl, then his bowl, her bowl........LOL.

    I hope you didn't fatt more than your pocket. Waist line no fatt fatt!

  2. Eh tak aci...why my bowl of cendol from the same shop at KLCC not as nice geh

  3. Oooh...my favourite. I still love the Penang one.....just so good. But it's too cold to have this here now. Maybe I should try to make this summer. That would be so cooling and refreshing. By the way, sometimes I do wonder whether the shop ones are any cleaner than the hawker stall ones. I think if we ever want to eat out, we just have to close one eye and just enjoy :P Hope you have a great CNY.

  4. Wendy....hahaha yea waistline fatt fatt...pocket empty liow after the KL trip :p

    Kathy...hahaha same la..just that person is in good mood over here so it looks nicer :))) taste is the same. I receive your goodies..TQ so much for them. Will hand Claire's share tomoro :p

    Mary....yea...have to close an eye at times :P yesss you can make them yourself comes Summer and yea I had a wonderful CNY with the family :) Hope you too had a great one over at your side of the world :)

  5. Cendol.. the evergreen dessert of Malaysia...we love it!
    Gong Xi Fa Cai!!

  6. hmmm.. looks great and yummy, I'm gonna try this recipe one of these days to have a variety of desserts.

    Thanks for sharing! :)