Thursday, January 19, 2012

Crispy Taro Shreds / Woo Ha - CNY




This is one of my favorite CNY treats...Woo Ha or Crispy Taro Shreds...used to order this for the past CNY but nowadays , people are not making this for sale anymore...that is in my place. There may be some still doing it , but those that I know of, are not doing it anymore :( so when bloggers started putting up the recipe on their blogs , I was very much inspired or rather I am very much lured into making some myself :p I first saw this on Lily's blog then after seeing Wendy's on her blog. I am SOLD ! I have to try it out before I leave for KL :))  Of course, I know I am not good at making all these CNY delicacies but knowing me, I just had to try it out before I call it quit :)  Read on to see how I fared with Wendy's version.....ahhhh Wendy, please don't SMACK me LOL! I did the short cut by shredding the taro with a shredder :p  and the result...good to eat but somehow I failed to make a good looking one :)))  Read on to see where I went wrong :) It was slightly oily though.

When I saw this Woo Ha / Crispy Taro Shreds on Wendy's blog - Table for 2 or more , her photos had me captivated and I just had to try it :)  The flavor is perfect exactly like those I bought but mine was slightly burnt.  First time making and as expected not knowing how long it will take to cook and  how long it take to make the taro shreds crisps.  I don't know whether using a shredder to shred the taro or using a knife to cut into shreds make any difference to the texture of this delicacies.  And I noticed mine when mixed with the flour mixture, it turned slightly sticky , thus making the shape a big difficult, the shreds sort of stick in a lump. And after frying in the oil, the taro sort of absorb the oil and even after draining off the oil from the taro crisps on paper towel, it is still oily .....I have to consult Wendy on this after the CNY :p as to how hot the oil should be , etc etc  and I want to make this again !  It is addictive too !   Yummy, Wild Boar has almost finished them.  

I managed to get the straight long local taro :)
and the lazy me used a hand held shredder :p

it looked okay , fine and long enough for curling 
them into a ball for frying

I used the long steamboat ladle
for frying the taro shreds......long
enough not to get burned :)

I guess I didn't do a good job at curling the
taro shreds.into a nice ball ..sticky and 
it makes curling difficult....

I almost forgot to submerge the base on the oil
before letting it out of the ladle........:p

for a first timer , I think I passed the test
but still not satisfactory.......I will make this again 
after CNY ! that is after consulting Wendy, the Sifu :)

Crispy Taro Shreds / Woo Ha , Hongkong Style  - adapted from Table for 2 or more


250 gms taro shreds ( not the weight of whole taro )
2 tbsp glutinous rice flour
1/2 tsp chicken stock powder
1/2 tsp 5 spice powder ( get a good one from the Chinese herbal shops that is w/o coloring )
Dash of pepper
2 tbsp sesame seeds
Coriander, washed and air dried ( optional )

Warning: Do not bulk season. Do it batch by batch, weigh each batch properly. Taros get overseasoned very very easily. And when they are left seasoned for too long, they get too sticky and will clump together too much.

for the full recipe please check out Wendy's blog

* Wendy, thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe with us :)

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  1. Steamboat ladles from Tesco, kekekeke. I saw these the other day.

    Ok, my fault. I actually tried shredding with a shredder too because I didn't want to follow the hongkie's method initially. But... I found that it makes the taro wet, even before it was seasoned. My fault of not putting in the warning.

    Plus such shredders actually give thicker shreds, thus, longer cooking time, and not as crispy as it should be. Cutting it manually will give you very dry long shreds. But they will still turn sticky after seasoned, but still manageable.

    My fire was.. hmm.. medium heat lor... or slightly lower. Not too low though.

  2. Wendy...thanks for the prompt reply...hahaha yea, I bought those steamboat ladles from Tesco LOL! I guess so too that it must be the shredding with a shredder that is the factor for wet taro shreds. Ok next time I make this, I make sure I cut them up with a knife :p and medium fire :) Thanks for the recipe :) Have a wonderful CNY.

  3. Elin, I also thinking to make this, will put this on the last minutes job after i finished baking, and still looking for good taro. Did you watch the video provided by Lily, very useful video! Wishing you a Happy Lunar New Year and Gong Xi Fa Cai!

  4. i actually answered your questions here even before I saw it on my blog, hahahaha!

    BTW, next time just call me on the phone, if halfway through and need to ask, LOL.

  5. aiyoyo...err....sounds complicated. I better stick to jadi tukang makan cukup la :p

  6. so now i also cut using a knife..guess just a little extra effort here for more yummy woo har!! Gong xi fa cai to you, elin!

  7. Elin, Wishing you and your family Keong Hee Huat Cai and may the year of dragon brings you hapiness, prosperity, health and joy. I too like this Wo Har a lot but not time to make this yet. Have to get all settle in SF first :)

  8. Wishing you a very happy and prosperous Chinese New Year too Elin:D Your Wo Har looks delicious, I have not tried making these before and don't think I would too, taro is very expensive to make mistakes plus lots of work too lol!

  9. This looks gorgeous! :) I haven't had this version, but I adore taro in all its forms and would certainly love these, too. Happy new year!

  10. What a lovely treat for CNY! I think you did a great job =)