Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Vanilla & Chocolate Butter Cake

I love this light and yet moist butter cake.  It is delicious and healthy , not much butter and  only involve 1 egg and an egg yolk  to the whole recipe and  it is an easy to make cake. I to have two flavor and divided the batter into two portions, one chocolate and one vanilla. Serving this for CNY would be great. You can either servet it with chocolate frosting or have it plain.  Kids would love the rich chocolatey frosting and even adults can't resist them ...slurps slurps into the dragon year !

I wanted to try making the zebra design but knowing that to make a nice zebra stripes would be time consuming, thus I just drop a ladleful of vanilla batter and followed by a ladleful of chocolate batter on top of the vanilla batter, thus not much zebra stripes could be seen in the cake :p  I shall make this again after the CNY festive is over when time is not a concern :)

love the butter cake in cuppies :) save time and work...
no need to cut them into slices, just serve them as they are

love the golden color.......and
the buttery chocolatey aroma
 wafting out of the oven when
the cake is almost done ...yum yum

the cake is soft and light to the touch :)

for the kids, you can add chocolate frosting
they will surely love every bite of it :)
I can't help myself but took one with 
the chocolate frosting...LOL!

the zebra design could not be seen here but I shall
try again with a bigger cake pan.and using a spoon rather
than using a steamboat ladle :)

I like the texture of this cake
for it is not totally light and not too heavy...just
the right texture for it and shall
use this recipe for future butter cakes :)

For the recipe , click here 


  1. Beautiful!
    Happy CNY to you Elin :)

  2. Oohh....I can smell the buttery and coco smell from here...slurp!

  3. My mittens look exactly like urs....looks well utilized

    I hope to get another pair from Ikea sometime soon

  4. Nice little cupcakes for guests as well during this festive season. I'm exhausted after a few days away. Don't even feel like cooking at all. Hubby went off for a few days to go fishing. Good...then I have more time for myself. kekeke...
    Hope you're having a great time as well.

  5. These cupcakes are my kind of cakes too, minus the frosting for lesser calories:D Looks really delicious!

  6. wendy has the same mittens. i have the same cupcake liners as yours! also the same cake tester..LOL!!