Thursday, March 29, 2012

Green Tea Cheese Chiffon

When I saw this Green Tea Cheese Chiffon on Min's blog, I knew I would love it and true enough , I had quite a good portion all to myself, leaving some for Claire , Ronnie and Kitty...oh btw, Ronnie and Kitty are my new taster...good or not they have to gobble down :p but of course most of time the cakes are good.  I asked Min to translate the recipe from Mandarin to English for me , through her effort , I was able to bake this beautiful green tea scented chiffon that is moist and light despite the fact that there some cheese cream in it.  The only thing that is not perfect is the is not standing tall like it should be :p  and this is the kind of cake that I would want to indulge more often for I am a great fan of  green tea .  It is hard to get good green tea powder in Ipoh :(  The shop always claimed that theirs come from Japan....I doubt it this time , coz the smell is subtle compared to the previous one I bought.  Or maybe , I should add a teaspoon more of the powder :)   Min, thank you for sharing the recipe and having it translated just for my sake :)   ** You can turn your baking hobby into a career with Guide to Career Education. 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Prune Cake - Less Sugar - More Delicious

When I first saw this prune cake with less sugar on Pook 's blog - Daily Delicious, I was like ' wow , this is what I am looking for ' and have bookmarked it on my to-do list but I guessed having jump quequed so many other deliciousness, this cake has been pushed further down the list :p  Until, last week, when I have to bake a lesser sugar cake that I remembered this prune cake by Pook ( I am her fan by the way :) )and it is the perfect cake for those who wanted to reduce sugar in their diet.  I mean, this is not just for diabetic alone but for ME , I prefer low sugar cakes nowadays.  Learn what it takes to make healthy dishes like this and maintain a healthy body. The cake texture is moist and fragrant with the natural sweetness from the prune.  Mine was more brown due to the mashed prunes I guess ;p  but the taste is AWESOME!  A wonderful tea cake to serve to older people and I will be baking this cake for my cell group meeting come next Friday .  

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Japanese Tofu Donut

I have been wanting to make tofu donut for my breakfast , ever since I saw this tofu donut recipe on two blogs . The first recipe is an easy one, just mix rice flour to the tofu  but the second one that I have actually bookmarked to make has a more cake recipe to it compared to the first one with just rice flour. I picked the second one , and wanting a healthier version, I baked them instead of deep frying them :p though the recipe calls for deep frying.  I love anything with tofu in it and I am happy with the result.  For your information , I woke up at 5am in the morning just to make these delectable and healthy tofu donuts for our breakfast....madness?    Nope, it is a passion not an obsession ! :)   Apply some homemade kumquat jam to  a pipping hot  tofu donut.....mmmmmmm  yummilicious !  Best taken when it is still warm.  The leftovers can be microwave for 20 seconds and it is as good as they just came out of the oven.  I love it !

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Kumquat Compote /Jam

This kumquat compote was made about a month ago.   When I first baked the kumquat almond tea cakes, recipe taken from Wendy , I bought just enough kumquat for making the tea cakes and regretted not buying more and make them into compote so that I can keep them in jars for further use when the almond tea cakes turned out fabulously delicious .  Few days later, I saw them again in Jusco . This time I bought 4 punnets and cooked them into compote.  I would like to thank Wendy for sharing her compote recipe.  The ratio of sugar and water and kumquat she shared was just perfect for my taste bud. Each time I wanted some kumquat jam, I just scoops out a few tablespoon and using a kitchen scissors, cut and mashed them up into jam...of course this is one lazy way of turning them into small amount of jam  ...instead of blitzing them into smooth jam, I prefer to be able to taste the bits of compote in my mouth.   This tasted better than marmalade...mmmm refreshing and fragrant !

Monday, March 19, 2012

Cheese & Bacon Twists

These hearty cheesy bacon twists are so addictive that I promised you that you will not stop at one ! I love baking these for their heady aroma will transport me to heaven for a while.  The aroma of the baking bacons bits in the buns wafting out of the oven do really makes me hungry. I actually baked this for Wild Boar's breakfast the next day , but I can't help it....the moment they cooled down, I gobbled down two greedily ......awww....that was real satisfying and I went to bed HAPPY!  Read  a cookbook before slipping into dreamland with the aroma of freshly baked bread still in the air....penetrating into the  bedroom under the door gap...:)  mmmmm the best aroma therapy before I dropped off to  dreamland !

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Moist Banana Cake With Gooey Chocolate

Eating a moist banana cake with gooey melted chocolate is really a sinful indulgence for me. Banana and chocolate are a perfect match in this moist cake.  Every bite is full of the gooey chocolate .....and it was awwwwwsome!  While it was baking in the oven, the whole house was perfumed with the baked scent divine !  I will definitely make this again.  I baked a big one for my cell group meeting and boy, it was a hit with my church cell group . Haha, once again , my head swelled for a moment, but after the nite lesson, I have to be humble so the head shrank back to its normal size LOL!  Before taking the cake to the cell group meeting, I stole some for photoshooting :p   If you love banana and chocolate , this is the ONE for you :)

Monday, March 12, 2012

French Savoury Cake With Shrimp And Broccoli

Seriously, I have never baked a savory cake this nice.  Those I baked were full of bacons and cheese , but this is much more healthier . It has tofu , shrimp and broccoli in it.  I fell in love with it the first time I saw the recipe on Sissi's blog - With a Glass.  Sissi had this French savory cake turned into a much more healthier version.  She substituted cheese with Tofu and ham,bacon with Edamame beans and since I could not get any edamame beans from the supermarket , I substituted the beans with broccoli instead.  Sissi advised me not to substitute the Edamame beans with green peas, it will make the cake soggy, so since I cant get any solid beans , I used broccoli instead and it turned out beautifully well.  Thank you Sissi , for your guiding hands in the success of this cake. Love this healthy Japanese French Savory Cake that is so enriched with tofu , shrimps and broccoli.  If you are cutting down on sweet cake, this is one to look forward to :) 

The cake is so good that I told Wild Boar that he will be served this cake very often from now on :)  Good as an afternoon tea snack, or supper over a cup of hot black coffee.  Btw, I have grown to love black coffee...never knew that it can be that good.  The cake is good and the black coffee is good so the two goods became a very good afternoon tea snack for us...a very satisfying one for the record :)  

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Fluffy Pancake

I woke up very early this morning to make some fluffy pancakes for our breakfast - of course I prepared the batter the night before I went to bed.  It is best to leave the batter overnight in the refrigerator so that the batter will be thicken and prevents it from spreading too much when cooking and at the same save me some time. My mornings are very rush :p  After cooking them one by one, I still have to do a quick photoshoot of these still warm pancakes, I mean a really quick one , to share with you guys ( so please do appreciate it :p  )  , then have to quickly packed them into the lunch boxes ( one for Claire and one for myself  ) ....awww as I am writing this post, I am still thinking how wonderfully soft and delicious these pancakes were... :)  A good fluffy pancake can put a smile on my face.  So easy to put a smile on my face huh !  

Monday, March 5, 2012

Homemade Granola

Snacking is one bad habit of mine and after  the doctor's advice to lose some weight, I decided to snack on more healthier food and eat lots of fruits when I craving for snacks. Those days , I used to snack on potato chips :p  and my homebaked cookies that are so loaded with butter and sugar ....gosh now all those have to make way for these is kinda hard to chew on rolled oats if it is not coated with honey , thus to make myself eat more fiber products , I decided to make my own granola and snack on them instead of adding them to my milk . I don't drink much milk of late, just a cup of plain oats without sugar before I go to work.  Now, I can happily snack on this cinnamon and honey coated homemade granola !

Friday, March 2, 2012

Mini Baked Peanut Puffs

Mini Peanut Puffs are special Chinese New Year treats.  Of course I did not make them. I bought them .  This is a little special as they are not deep fried but oven baked.   When the lady told me that these mini peanut puffs are oven baked...the first thing that came to mind was " Gosh, I found a healthy snack for CNY ! "  I tried to google for it but can't find one that is baked.   All the recipes for this mini peanut puffs calls for deep frying.   Now I put this up not because I have the recipe to share with you but hoping that you guys can share with me the baked version of this mini puffs :p   I would like to try making this crispy and crunchy treat for the family.  The lady who sold me these puffs only sells them during the CNY , so to wait for another year before we can eat this would be a torture !  Making this entails lots of work but all the hard work is worth it for it is delicious and addictive.....I can't stop eating at one, so you can imagine how many I took at one sitting :)))   Please, please, readers and friends, if you are reading this post and want to share with me your recipe for the baked version, please email me or leave the link here at the comment box :)  I look forward to your sharing and I am willing to try out your baked version.  

I tried to work out the pastry ingredients but somehow the brains doesnt coordinate with the taste bud sensors....hahaha the taste bud sensor can only detect the peanut fillings LOL!   This is the first time I savored such a yummy and yet healthy snack !  Sometimes I hate myself for being such a greedy pig...anything my eyes feast on , I must have it...awwwww and now I am drooling at them from here..Greedy Greedy me  is praying that someone would be kind enough to share with me the baked version LOL! 

Thank you for drooling together with me...who knows you may have the recipe
hidden somewhere and looking at these delectable mini peanut puffs may
activate your memory heeheee 

Have a nice day !

*              *             *