Monday, March 12, 2012

French Savoury Cake With Shrimp And Broccoli

Seriously, I have never baked a savory cake this nice.  Those I baked were full of bacons and cheese , but this is much more healthier . It has tofu , shrimp and broccoli in it.  I fell in love with it the first time I saw the recipe on Sissi's blog - With a Glass.  Sissi had this French savory cake turned into a much more healthier version.  She substituted cheese with Tofu and ham,bacon with Edamame beans and since I could not get any edamame beans from the supermarket , I substituted the beans with broccoli instead.  Sissi advised me not to substitute the Edamame beans with green peas, it will make the cake soggy, so since I cant get any solid beans , I used broccoli instead and it turned out beautifully well.  Thank you Sissi , for your guiding hands in the success of this cake. Love this healthy Japanese French Savory Cake that is so enriched with tofu , shrimps and broccoli.  If you are cutting down on sweet cake, this is one to look forward to :) 

The cake is so good that I told Wild Boar that he will be served this cake very often from now on :)  Good as an afternoon tea snack, or supper over a cup of hot black coffee.  Btw, I have grown to love black coffee...never knew that it can be that good.  The cake is good and the black coffee is good so the two goods became a very good afternoon tea snack for us...a very satisfying one for the record :)  

I discovered Sissi's blog while I was surfing with my iPod Touch, two weeks ago while having a cup of cappuccino at Ipoh Old Town Kopithiam . WB suggested a cup of Ipoh White coffee at Ipoh Old Town Kopitiam while waiting to send Josh off to the railway station and I was happy for they have Wifi and I can do some surfing, and that was how I found this delicious Japanese French Savory cake and this cake jumped queue from my long long list of to do  :p   The one thing good about having this iPod Touch is I can carry the recipe to the supermarket and get the ingredients without having to jot down in pieces of scrap papers.  So very convenient !   

Do try this cake out if you like savory cake that is much healthier and delicious compared to those laden with cheese ,bacons and ham.  Sissi has got a lot of wonderful recipes and I find that we both actually love the same kind of food and I am so glad that I discovered her blog.  I have bookmarked a few recipes from her blog and will be trying them out soon.   Do hop over to her blog for more mouthwatering desserts !

this is my old faithful Apple....I hold these more
often then I hold WB's hand LOL!

these are the ingredients needed to make this delicious
savoury Japanese French savory cake-
 tofu,broccoli,shrimps,eggs,flour,sesame seeds, corn oil and salt

making this is easier than I can imagine...

I used my 8" X 2.5 " X 2.5 " loaf pan and
when I took the cake out of the loaf pan, I was almost dancing
on my trotters..ahem yea was evenly browned
and the crust was crunchy!

 and the inside soft and moist...
and the shrimps were still tender
and the broccoli did not make the cake
soggy.....yummy good !

this is so very good....with a cup of piping hot black coffee..

while eating this and sipping on the hot coffee....I 
was happy and contented but at the same time sad 
for I know my Piggies will
drooling over this when they come here
to see what I have been baking lately ! :(

Cake With Shrimp And Broccoli - adapted from Sissi-  With a Glass

Ingredients (for a 30 cm x 10 cm baking dish or two 4 cm x 30 cm dishes):

200 g silken tofu 
50ml oil (approx. 1/5 cup)
250 ml flour (approx. 1 cup)
1/2 flat tablespoon salt 
4 eggs
1 package baking powder  (16g)
200 g cooked broccoli 
200g cooked and shelled shrimps or prawns, cut into pieces (unless they are very small)
(2 tablespoons sesame seeds)


Preheat the oven to 200°C.

Mix the eggs, the tofu, the flour, the baking powder and the oil with a spoon until it forms a smooth dough (if tofu bits are still visible, you might need to mix the dough in a food processor). Add the remaining ingredients. Stir delicately.

Grease a rectangular 30 x 10 cm baking dish or line it with baking paper.

Pour the cake preparation. (Sprinkle with sesame seeds.)

Bake 1 hour or until the cake is golden brown. Let it cool down. Serve it in 1 cm thick slices cut into 2 or 4 pieces or, if using as a sandwiches’ alternative, simply cut into slices.

Thank you Sissi for this wonderful recipe! :))

Enjoy and have a wonderful Monday !

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  1. Can't imagine how this taste, never baked a savory cake before, but if there's shrimp, I'll eat it:D

  2. Elin, your cake looks gorgeous! Putting broccoli is such a wonderful, creative idea! And the green hue is stunning! I bet it was also moist thanks to their presence.
    Thank you for such kind words about my blog and so many compliments! I'm blushing and reblushing and reblushing ;-) And you have even put a screenshot of my post! Thank you so much! I am always very happy and flattered when someone makes a recipe from my blog and enjoys it, so you have just made my week! Thank you so much!

  3. Hi Elin! I really want to make this! It looks so good.. Did you halve the recipe for this loaf pan?

  4. Wendy...yea, you can have it as a meal on its own. can taste the tofu besides the shrimps and broccoli...very nice :)

    Sissi....hahaha, now my turn to blush...I sounded very long winded but the fact that I am is because I am still in awe of this beautiful flavored cake :)) Thank you so much for this cake and I am looking forward to learning more from you :)))

    Tracie !!!! so good to hear from you :)) nope, I did not halve the recipe, the recipe is just nice for one loaf pan for the size I am using :) You must try it is fantastic !

  5. this is really something to me, prawns in a cake! hmm..never try, never know. you can get edamame beans from jusco, near the cheese/ice cream section.

  6. A very colourful (and I'm sure tasty) cake which could be served for brunch for company as well.

  7. Oh wow, Elin, that's a pretty good revamp of Sissi's recipe ... and just as pretty!
    Lena's right, you can get frozen whole edamame pods from the freezer section at Jusco.

  8. Oh wow - fascinating! I've never had savory cake, but this looks really tempting, I love both shrimp and broccoli. This goes on my must-try-kist!

  9. Wow shrimp & broccoli sounds amazing in this bread! I've never heard of shrimp cooked in bread actually and it sounds so delicious that I want to try this out. Great recipe!

  10. Lena...thanks , I must look at the freezer section the next time I am there:)

    Lara...yea, it can be served as brunch too :)

    Ping...and I din know they have it in the freezer , I just look at their veggie section :p

    Kiri...oh you must try it then since you love both the ingredients :) It is really good :)

    Lacy...yea you should try it out...thumbs up :)

  11. Kudos Elin, love how your cake looks! Colour perfect! So I want this to be served on our future meet! haha....
    Have a lovely evening.

  12. Kristy....yea, I love the taste of this savory cake and the color is so attractive :) When you come I take you eat Ipoh food , not my homecooked stuff :p

  13. wow.. make me hungry now .. im a cake , brocolli lover.. it is perfect 2 in 1.. vege and carbo together. it looks like Roti Cake... will try this recipe if got chance! thanks..