Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Fluffy Pancake

I woke up very early this morning to make some fluffy pancakes for our breakfast - of course I prepared the batter the night before I went to bed.  It is best to leave the batter overnight in the refrigerator so that the batter will be thicken and prevents it from spreading too much when cooking and at the same save me some time. My mornings are very rush :p  After cooking them one by one, I still have to do a quick photoshoot of these still warm pancakes, I mean a really quick one , to share with you guys ( so please do appreciate it :p  )  , then have to quickly packed them into the lunch boxes ( one for Claire and one for myself  ) ....awww as I am writing this post, I am still thinking how wonderfully soft and delicious these pancakes were... :)  A good fluffy pancake can put a smile on my face.  So easy to put a smile on my face huh !  

I finally did it !....thanks to Evan's Kitchen Ramblings for sharing this on her blog.  I managed to get a fluffy pancake that has a texture worth praising about ! :)   This is the second simple recipe that I have tried out in a row from her blog.   Two items off my to do list for now !  I have a long long list crying out for attention :))   I love her blog and have been there leeching for more recipe to try out :) :p  I can never make a good pancake and thus finally, through her , I managed to make a good fluffy pancake that tasted so good that I am going to make it again to go with my favorite ice cream and fresh fruits ( I am thinking of my kumquat compote and the fresh cranberries in the freezer) For this morning, I just topped them up with banana and honey......I am happy this morning because I am eating something healthy LOL!  


the overnight rested batter is easy to control 
just 1/2 cup of batter and you will have the right
size and the right thickness for a good looking
pancake....of course I need to practice more
to get a perfect round pancake...meanwhile it is 
the best that I can master :p

when you see the bubles holes appearing on the 
surface, it is time to flip it over 

as I go on to the third and fourth piece, the shape is much
more like a pancake compared to the first one :p

you can top it with a dollop of butter and honey
with fresh fruits of your choice  - but for me
I keep it as healthy as possible....banana slices with lemon juice
and honey as toppings ! 

it remained soft and fluffy even after a few hours
after cooking.....thumbs up for these mouth-watering pancakes

Fluffy Pancake - taken from Evan's Kitchen Ramblings
( makes 6 -7 )

Ingredients :-

1 cup of flour * I added 2 tbsp of wheatgerm to it
1 tsp of baking powder
pinch of salt
1 cup milk
1 egg, separated
2 tsp of caster sugar
1 tbsp of oil


1. Combine flour, baking powder and salt in a bowl and mix well.
2. In another bowl, whisk together egg yolk, sugar and milk, followed by oil. Mix well and it into the flour mixture and whisks to combine.
3. Whisk egg white until soft peaks, then fold into the above mixture. At this point I refrigerated the batter overnight. This step is entirely optional, but it does thicken the batter a bit and prevent it from spreading too much when cooking.
4. Heat griddle or a non-stick frying pan on medium low heat then scoop batter, about 1 ladleful onto the pan. Cook until bubbles appear evenly on the surface, flip it over and cook until golden.

*             *           *


  1. Been a while since I had my last premixed pancake:P Yours look really fluff; Claire is very lucky to have a friend like you:)

  2. Beautiful pancakes. Great for breakfast. I often make these too and just eat plain with a cup of milk. However I love it with nutella or peanut butter, too. I'm sure it's really nice with bananas also. Hope you have a wonderful day, Elin@!

  3. So nice! Plan to make some for my kids' school snack. Do you put in your lunch box while warm or let pancakes cool first? and with topping on or pack separate, worry that honey might make pancakes soggy by the time my kids eat in like 4 hours later... Thanks and have a great weekend Elin :)


  4. Bossacafez...thanks for sharing this wonderful pancake recipe...yea, the difference is the egg white :)

    Lena....yea they are fluffy and soft :) delicious with the honey and banana toppings

    Wendy...dont blame you, you are still on your honeymoon :)

    Jeannie...:) she is my taster..haha not sure whether she is lucky or not:p not good also has to eat it up :)))

    Mary Moh...yea it will be nice with nutella or peanut butter :))

    Li....I put them in lunch box when they are lightly warm only so they will not produce moisture. I would suggest that you sandwich the pancake with nutella or peanut butter or their favorite jam instead of the honey coz of the 4 hours wait. The honey will be absorb into the pancake and make it softer still...it wont be soggy by wet. So best to sandwich them with jam or peanut butter.