Thursday, March 29, 2012

Green Tea Cheese Chiffon

When I saw this Green Tea Cheese Chiffon on Min's blog, I knew I would love it and true enough , I had quite a good portion all to myself, leaving some for Claire , Ronnie and Kitty...oh btw, Ronnie and Kitty are my new taster...good or not they have to gobble down :p but of course most of time the cakes are good.  I asked Min to translate the recipe from Mandarin to English for me , through her effort , I was able to bake this beautiful green tea scented chiffon that is moist and light despite the fact that there some cheese cream in it.  The only thing that is not perfect is the is not standing tall like it should be :p  and this is the kind of cake that I would want to indulge more often for I am a great fan of  green tea .  It is hard to get good green tea powder in Ipoh :(  The shop always claimed that theirs come from Japan....I doubt it this time , coz the smell is subtle compared to the previous one I bought.  Or maybe , I should add a teaspoon more of the powder :)   Min, thank you for sharing the recipe and having it translated just for my sake :)   ** You can turn your baking hobby into a career with Guide to Career Education. 

I find that I still have room for improvement when it comes to baking a really good chiffon cake.  The cake  turned out fluffy and tall while it was baking in the oven, but when I took it out of the oven and turned them over - during the cooling process. it shrank slightly :( but it was still light and moist though it doesn't stand up tall like how a chiffon cake should be. Tall and proud :p  I like the creamy cheese taste and green tea fragrant from this cake .  The taste is good except that I would prefer a stronger green tea scent . I will definitely add more green tea powder to the batter the next time I bake this  :)  

the method for making this cake is simple and easy

it looks great when I took it out of the oven
but when it was  inverted over , the cake tends to shrink slightly
I think I need to get a new tube pan with a taller
nose so that when inverted , it gives the right height 
for it to slide out....

the end result...though my cake doesnt look
perfect but the taste and texture is good...
practice makes perfect...

I want to make this again....the craving is back while
I am typing out this caption......arrrrgh                 

Green Tea Cheese Chiffon adapted from Min’s Blog

Ingredients :-

25 g Butter
50 g Cream cheese
60 g Milk
2 tsp Green tea powder Plain flour 65g
4 Egg yolk
    4 Egg white
    80 g Castor sugar
    ½ tbsp Lemon juice


1.  Dissolve butter, cream cheese and milk in a bowl using double boil method. Add in green tea powder and stir till dissolved.
2.  Remove the mixture from heat, sieve in flour, mix till no lumps. 
3.  Add in egg yolk and mix evenly. 
4.  Beat egg white till frothy, slowly add in lemon juice and sugar in a few additions, continue beating till stiff peak.
5.  Fold the egg white into the egg yolk mixtures in a few additions.
6.  Pour the mixture into 20cm chiffon mold, bake at preheated oven at 180‘C for 40 minutes.

Enjoy and have a great day !

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  1. I love the green! Perhaps you have overworked the batter a bit causing the meringue to deflate too much. Yet the green hue is not uniform in some places, suggesting that the batter was not properly incorporated. Some parts also looked denser than others.But I'm sure it tastes good nonetheless!

    Perhaps you can try to rotate the mixing bowl when you fold the meringue into the batter?

  2. Kathy....haha , a failed one can celup with coffee :p

  3. got it ! yea , I think that is the problem why my cake doesnt rise well ! :) I am not good when it comes to folding in the meringue...a task that has to be practised on many times. Thanks, I will try to rotate the mixing bowl when folding in the meringue and will try to remember not to overdo it :) Thanks Alan ,for pointing out...hope will get it right the next time :)

  4. Personally, I think the whites need to be stiffer. They look like soft peaks in photo. When you raise beaters, the peaks should point up, not flop over.

  5. Still looks soft and fluffy to me, a bigger pan would be better to hold so much batter.

  6. Elin, you tried this finally, good try! Maybe next time should try mixing the egg white and egg yolk mixture more thoroughly, because it looks a bit uneven to me. For me I think it it is not easy to get over mixed if you manage to beat your egg white till stiff peak.

  7. Your chiffon looks soft and fluffy. Maybe you need a bigger pan to hold the batter as suggested by Jeannie.

  8. I tend to get tense when mixing meringue as well ! But as you said, practise make perfect.. now is much better. I am sure yours will be perfect in no time !