Friday, March 2, 2012

Mini Baked Peanut Puffs

Mini Peanut Puffs are special Chinese New Year treats.  Of course I did not make them. I bought them .  This is a little special as they are not deep fried but oven baked.   When the lady told me that these mini peanut puffs are oven baked...the first thing that came to mind was " Gosh, I found a healthy snack for CNY ! "  I tried to google for it but can't find one that is baked.   All the recipes for this mini peanut puffs calls for deep frying.   Now I put this up not because I have the recipe to share with you but hoping that you guys can share with me the baked version of this mini puffs :p   I would like to try making this crispy and crunchy treat for the family.  The lady who sold me these puffs only sells them during the CNY , so to wait for another year before we can eat this would be a torture !  Making this entails lots of work but all the hard work is worth it for it is delicious and addictive.....I can't stop eating at one, so you can imagine how many I took at one sitting :)))   Please, please, readers and friends, if you are reading this post and want to share with me your recipe for the baked version, please email me or leave the link here at the comment box :)  I look forward to your sharing and I am willing to try out your baked version.  

I tried to work out the pastry ingredients but somehow the brains doesnt coordinate with the taste bud sensors....hahaha the taste bud sensor can only detect the peanut fillings LOL!   This is the first time I savored such a yummy and yet healthy snack !  Sometimes I hate myself for being such a greedy pig...anything my eyes feast on , I must have it...awwwww and now I am drooling at them from here..Greedy Greedy me  is praying that someone would be kind enough to share with me the baked version LOL! 

Thank you for drooling together with me...who knows you may have the recipe
hidden somewhere and looking at these delectable mini peanut puffs may
activate your memory heeheee 

Have a nice day !

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  1. sorry elin, no recipe to share but can help you to eat. If i come across a baked recipe, i let you know.

  2. Wait for one more year.. hahaa..

  3. Wait for one more year.. hahaa..