Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bacon Bits And Cheese Rolled Bun

I have been baking buns and bread the last few days....buns craze has hit me once again.  I remembered those days, when my Piggies comes back from college, I will be busy baking buns for them.  I got the inspiration from HHB and Daily Delicious to make homemade buns and I have learned so much from them. Now that the kids have grown into young adults, buns doesn't appeal so much to them and now the Wild Boar insisted that I bake some bacon and cheese buns for him to snack on * rolling my eyes *  Seriously , I dont mind at all coz the bread craze has hit me LOL!  At least I have the Boar to eat all my buns :p  Some rolled buns for our breakfast too ...yummy yummy yummy !  After baking they looked like roses...dont' they :p

I used the same recipe from Daily Delicious's Cheese & Salami Twist . These buns are easy to make and each bite is bursting with flavors of  cheese and bacon bits...mmmmmm  I don't mind having three or four at one is addictive , with the soft cottony texture of the bun and the flavorful fillings :)    Roll them like you roll the sushi...I really enjoy making them and the aroma of cheese and bacon wafting out of the oven filled the whole house....and it brought back memories of those bun baking days.  Do drop by Daily Delicious for more bread and buns recipe.  I enjoy visiting her blog...she gives me the inspiration to bake and she is generous with her techniques too.  

making this rolled bun is just like making sushi roll

slurrp....see the amount of bacon bits and cheese :p

the baked rolled buns looked  like roses :))

Whenever I make these buns, Wild Boar will be delighted
he loves bacons and cheese...who doesnt come to think of it
I DO ! :p

Click here for the recipe Cheese & Salami Twist

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  1. Looks delicious! What a great idea wonder what else you can roll up and bake. Looks like a fun recipe to try with the kids, thanks for the share!

  2. the boar loves bacon.. sounds cannibalistic, LOL.

    He's the sweetest boar the pig could ever have :)

    I will be delighted too, if I can get some of this *wink wink*

  3. cheesy rolls..i'm all for it!! i think mr boar will just love everything you make for him!