Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Corn & Bacon Rolled Bread

This is a very yummy and flavorful rolled bun.  I was inspired by Dailydelicious 's rolled corn bread and all her other bread recipes.  I tweaked her recipe but kept to her basic dough recipe. I added bacon chips and cheese and parsley for extra oomph .  I make a load of eight pieces and gosh .... the whole house was filled with such a heavenly aroma that lasts for hours. I love baking bread and buns for this reason. My house is perfumed with the aroma of freshly baked bread each time I bake bread :)   

Holiday Plans

Joshua will be leaving for UK in June to finish his degree. And he is already talking about backpacking Europe with his friends during their break.  I told him not to backpack. I persuaded him to take up the Turkey and East Europe tour. It would be a great experience for him to visit places like Eygpt  too, but young people  has their own ideas.  He plans to tour  France, Switzerland , Austria , Germany and Spain.  And maybe Italy.  His sister , Jo, who had been to several countries  in Europe when she was in UK , is now giving a rough picture which are the best countries to visit. It is good to have an elder sister who had been to most places in Europe :)

And she told the brother that he could get cheap holidays package now that it is the summer holidays in UK.  She even asked him to check for more cheap holidays. She also reminded him not to backpack but to check it out at travelsoon and see if they have some cheap travel deals for the summer holidays for  his Europe tour .   They have flights to Turkey, Italy, Spain , Portugal , Greece and Egypt and I think it is a good idea to check their website and see for himself which are the cheaper packages and that will not eat  too  much into his travelling budget which I have allocated for him.  I am sure he will be able to get one package that will fit into his budget. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Orange Souffle Cake

When I read the recipe's name...Orange Souffle Cake, I was like wow...this is what I would like to try out...just the word souffle...makes it challenging.  I can never make good souffle and chiffon cake in my life and when I saw this cake in Min's blog,  I can't wait to taste it out...the word souffle would have you imagine a smooth , moist and light texture cake.  Souffle is usually baked in ramekin but this is baked in a baking pan !  Baking method is steam-bake and I guess that is why it is moist and light. I love it and this is the second time I baked this orange souffle cake for my buddy Claire.  After having tasted it the first time , she requested for it again, so  you can imagine how good this is.   You can eat the whole cake by yourself and not feel guilty.  No butter and lesser sugar and the orange citrus-y aroma  will have you yearning for more. It is addictive , I tell you !

30th Wedding Anniversary - Mediterranean Cruise!

Holidays on cruise ships are getting popular lately. Most of our friends have been on Mediterranean Cruises and they came back with many interesting stories and beautiful memories. Last weekend we met up with Ron and Katherine and they shared with us how enjoyable it was for them . It was their 30th wedding anniversary and Ron being such a romantic person gave Katherine a surprise and took her on a romantic mediterranean cruise.  They flew straight to the Med and began their Med cruise from ports as evocative as Venice, Genoa , Livorno, the port of Florence and Pisa.  It was a perfect way for them to see half a dozen beautiful Mediterranean ports of call, all in this 11 night cruise. They had a wonderful unforgettable 30th anniversary dinner at one of the  fine dining restaurant on board .  The food served was fantastic and they enjoyed every moment they had savouring the mediterranean cuisine.  What a wonderful experience to try out different dishes prepared by Chefs of international standard.  Ron and Katherine were happy that they have international cuisine served onboard .   Katherine loves Japanese cuisine and she was happy that she managed to savor some of their  sushi on board.  

On the whole, Ron and Katherine sang praises of their top gastronomic selection - every products is fresh and has been carefully handled, such as bread baked on board with the passion and knowledge of the most distinctive boulangerie.   Knowing Katherine's passion for food,  we know that she would have enjoyed dishes range from traditional and tasty Mediterranean fare , to the most refined international recipes from Neapolitan pizza to Mexican fajitas, from the renowned French fois gras to typical Tuscan bruschetta.

After their sharing with us of their experiences of their Med cruise, we have added Mediterranean Cruises into our holidays plan list !

*             *             *

Monday, May 21, 2012

Wobbly Coconut Jelly

The weather lately has been hot and humid.....the air con in the house during the weekend will be running almost 24 hours if we are in the house the whole day.  The electric bill will be sky high end of this mont :(  I really hate the hot and humid weather.  Making this coconut jelly for dessert  was the best solution for such hot and humid weather. We believe that coconut water is cooling for the body . I love this wobbly jellies....mmmmm it wobbles and melts in the mouth.  I was first introduced to this coconut jellies by my colleague and since then, I replicated it for the family to enjoy....nothing beats homemade ones if you ask is so fragrant and taste heavenly !  I usually make big bowl for Wild Boar and he will slurrp them all down in just a few seconds LOL! well...not named a wild boar for nothing ! :p

Interested To Meet Jo Dee Messina & $5000/- ?

With much excitement I would like to introduce Unmistakably Clean featuring Jo Dee Messina to all my friends and readers. Jo Dee is a wife, superb mom and an award winning artist. I have great news for all Jo Dee Messina fans ! You can now have a chance to win a VIP trip to meet Jo Dee Messina at Summer Concert by entering the contest with just a few keystrokes and at the same time a chance to win $5000 cash ! The winner will win a VIP access to Jo Dee and get to know more about her holidays concert and get a up close and personal with her and see her home and how she keeps her place clean. Introducing Unmistakably Clean with Jo Dee Messina and find out what products she uses to keep her place clean. She uses Spot Shot to deal with the stain on her carpet and there is a not carpet stain that in Jo Dee's house that it cannot conquer...Guacamole, grapefruit juice, Muddy paw prints-no matter how tough it is - it is gone ! The winner and the guest will get a 5 days , 4 nights trip for VIP access to Jo Dee . I think this is a wonderful opportunity to know Jo Dee better...not just as an award winning artist but how she manages her home ! So be the first to enter the contest and grab the opportunity to win a trip to spend a few days with Jo Dee Messina !

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tortano - Italian Bread with Ham, Cheese, And Olive Filling

I bookmarked this recipe from long ago and never had the chance to bake it till now....I think it has been more than 2 years since I bookmarked this and finally yesterday, I got the chance to make them for our breakfast.  The reason being Wild Boar brought home some Ham chips from Jusco for his breakfast.  Haha...and this scheming Momsie took some out to make this delicious and flavorful Italian  :p  I make delicious bread for him , so I think he should at least say thank you to me !  Anyway, I think he loves this flavorful Italian bread to bits !  Full of  ham chips and I tweaked it using wholemeal flour instead of durum wheat flour ( reason being it was not available in the shop ) and I added a layer of french mustard on the ham giving it extra oomph . The recipe is taken from Dailydelicious and the outcome was.... mine was a bit untidy and not as neat a roll as hers, but nonetheless it was delicious ! :)

Switch Plates

The modern switch plates features various types of metal. Copper, Pewter, Brass and others are available. I find those switch plate covers with decoratives edges to be attractive and they add regal feel to the home.  I am looking for a style that will fit  my new project and looking through the whole collection of switch plates from the website, I found some very nice ones and will submit them to my boss for approval.  

Crowd Control Stanchions

The  Art Gallery in the state where I am staying, underwent renovation recently and they have the place done up in just 3 months. Now they are  ready to open to the public after having the place close the last 5 months.  They have some crowd control stanchions  stationed at the main entrance so that the flow of human traffic into the art gallery can be smooth flowing and not chaotic when there is a famous artist having his art exhibition there. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ice Cream Sandwich - Sinful Cravings

Once in a while I have this craving for ice cream sandwich :)  This is what I will do to control my ice cream intake.  Sandwich a spoonful of ice cream between two pieces of biscuits and in totally, I had 3 spoonful of my favorite ice cream .... ice cream sandwiches make great after dinner dessert.  This is a  dainty and delicate finger licking good dessert. Every bites has to be fast or you will have the ice cream dripping down your fingers.  I will prepare them earlier and leave them in the freezer until time to eat them :)  I love indulging in this finger licking good ice cream sandwiches....reminds me of my childhood days whereby  the ice cream is sandwiched between bread bun.  My mother used to make ice cream the old fashion method...over a bucket of ice cubes and some salt and keep stirring them until they turned creamy...making ice cream the old fashion way is really hard work , compared to now,  we are lucky to have ice cream maker and electric hand mixer.

PC680 Drycell Battery

PC680 is a A 12 volt 680CA/220CCA 17 Ah drycell battery w/female brass terminals and capable of delivering up to 680 cranking amps and 220 cold cranking amps. Its pure lead design allows the battery to be completely discharged and recharged for over 400 times without any damage to the plates.  Great drycell battery for cars and trucks. Many are going for pc680  for their maintenance free designs, 2,3 &4 years warranty and free shipping for select models.

HP Coupons

For a  good deal , get the hp coupons  for better promotion deals for HP technology products.  HP provide infrastructure and business offerings that span from handheld devices to some of the world's most powerful supercomputer installations and they offer consumers a wide range of products and services from digital photography to digital entertainment....gosh , this is indeed good news for me ! Will surely check this out !


I read that new credit cards and passports contain tiny two way radios called rfid chips which makes it easy for thieves to employ electronic pickpocketing and scan credit card numbers and other infor without touching the person. Electronic pickpocketing is a real threat and within the next few years , it will be the number one way your credit and debit card information is stolen. To prevent this from happening, it is advisable to use RFID blocking wallets, sleeves and badge holders. With this , electronic pickpocketing is easily preventable. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mushroom Tartlet With Oat Crust

I have been skipping rice for tarts lately...I have this sudden craze for pies, tarts and quiches. I will make the dough a day so that I can have tarts or pie for my dinner.  When I saw this recipe on Shannon's blog - Just as delish or better, I knew straight away what I want for dinner LOL! Well, I love  mushrooms especially the white and brown ones and what more a gluten-free crust !  So healthy a dinner for me and supper for Wild Boar.  When I first heard of gluten-free cake, gluten-free bread and other gluten-free bakes....I was like ...not interested and I thought, well,  it will taste good but after trying this gluten-free oat crust....I have to retract my statement ! It is in fact yummy....crunchy and has a oat-y fragrant . I know not many people likes oat but for me I do love it!  Not only it is fibre packed but it has a very nice crunch.  Topped with the flavorful sauteed mushrooms and egg resembled a mini quiche in fact.  Thumbs up for this mushroom tartlet !

Equestrian Corner

Horse riding is catching up with the younger generations. It is a sport that children and adults love. It is going to be summer soon and my nieces are looking forward to attending the summer horseback riding camp.  Their riding attires are a bit worn out and they are thinking of getting new attires for this coming summer riding camp. . Equestrian corner offers the lastest style and technology in equestrian  apparel and horse riding gear so that you can ride in comfort and safety. I am sure my nieces will be happy with their lastest apparels and riding gears.

Leaf Defier

Leaf Defier is actually a leader in the foam insert gutter protection systems. This item comes useful , for it 's open cell polyurethane designs blocks all types of debris, small or large from getting into your gutters, while still letting water to flow through and down your gutter system. My boss is happy with Leaf Defier and its benefits. He wants this item to be installed on every gutter for every new school building project in 2013 . This is an ideal gutter install system for homeowners too !

Auto 7 Electric Fuel Pump

Have you heard of this Auto7 electric fuel pump ? I have not heard of it until I do a search on is a necessary part of the fuel system that delivers fuel from the rear of the car where the tank is to the engine in the front. It does by pressurizing the fuel lines that run the length of the car . The pressureized fuel is then sprayed into the engine where it is burned.  Wow I know something about this auto fuel pump in the car :)  I told Josh that he being a guy, he needs to know more the parts of  a car !

Monday, May 14, 2012

Corn, Buttermilk, Cheese & Chives Mini Popovers

I saw this on Smittenkitchen and I knew I had to try making them. Trying to imagine how nice the whole combination would be and virtual feasting from her blog is not enough.  I know I will have to try a few times before I can get it right after all Smittenkitchen was only successful on her third attempt.  I tweaked it a bit by adding a tablespoon of cheddar cheese to it.  Of course it did not popover , maybe due to the addition of the cheddar cheese ....but I am satisfied with the hollow muffin texture as described by her.  I will definitely try again the flavor of this popovers ( or mine should be named as popnot mini muffins :p )  I made them for breakfast and the inside was hollow , light and fluffy.....yummy ! I am satisfied even though it did not popovers as it should be.  * I realized this important thing - why my popovers did not pop over ! I opened the oven door to rotate the baking pans and thus that may be the reason why it did not pop over....haha as usual I never read instructions properly - so read the instructions properly before baking - Don't be like me :p

Duracell Procell For My Camera ?

Recently, I discovered that my camera uses up battery like nobody business.  I used the rechargeable ones and I do keep some spare non rechargeable ones for emergency incase I forget to charge the batteries.  While chatting online with a friend , he told me to use  duracell procell    for my camera . It lasts longer and have a shelf life of 7 years. I shall buy that the next time I go shopping for batteries. I was thinking along the line that I should maybe upgrade my camera to a DSLR or a model that is energy saving devise in it :)

Address Plaque

When Piggy Josh was in the States some years back , he fell in love with his Uncle Lat's address plaque  and letter box. Compared with our local ones, Uncle LAT 's address plaque was specially ordered to suit his driveway. He asked his uncle where he got his and his uncle told him about this website which caters for address plaques for house, and Josh has one specially designed for our house which we have yet to fix it on the wall next to the letter box.  I am sure the postman will not miss it and have our letters delivered next door when we have it fixed ! :p

ISO27001- Information Security Management Standard

I don't know much about ISO27001- Information Security Management Standard, but it is good to know something about it. My brother LAT  says that there are hands-on-training that enables Information Security and ISO27001 project managers to quickly and cost-effectively design and implement an ISMS in line with the requirements of the standard. My brother is in the business line and thus he knows more about it then me. I shall look it up and read more on it for knowledge is golden.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mandarin & Kumquat Layered Cake

My Piggies were not able to come back for my day - due to unforseen train transportation problem.   It was a long story which I shall not go into details , so to cut the story short, I told my Piggies that we shall have the Mom & Dad's Day when we get together in KL before we send Piggy Josh off to UK.  So, Momsie Elin and Papa Wild Boar will have to celebrate later in early June....what is the me everyday is Mom & Dad 's day as long as they stay in contact...:p  Okay, before I blabber on about Malaysian transportation, this is how I spend the early part of  Mother's Day. I baked this lovely layered cake for my friend Kitty and Ron , whose kids are all away in Australia....a cake packed with mandarin and laced with kumquat compote....covered with cream frosting and garnished with mandarin and toasted almond slices.  A perfect gift for  Kitty and Ron on Mother's Day !  A cake made with   lots of love.   Happy Mother's Day Kitty !!!! Hope you have a swell time tucking this healthy and delicious cake  ! :)

Social Net Working -Google+

When I was first introduced to Google + , I find it user friendly and that from this social media,  I can get to know new friends . And all my blog posts can be updated to all my friends through this social media. Recently I have added  sterkly Google+  to my circle of friends .  This is so wonderful ! It is a great social media and I love it ! From  this social media, I have many food bloggers added to my Google + . Not only they will get updated posts from my blog . Vice versa, I get to know their updates too !

Western Handbags

I quite like some  western handbags  that I saw on the internet  , while surfing for a gift for my Godmother and it sort of gave me an idea that it would be great to give her this cowgirl west Zebra Hide colored leather bag for her birthday this coming June. She is one groovy lady ! I am sure she will be delighted to get this for her big day!  She is the next best mama since my beloved momsie passed away. Yes, this would definitely be a great gift to give her.

Yoyo Competition For Sunday School

My church is going to have a yoyo competition for the Sunday school kids. And you should see their faces when it was announced last Sunday . It is a great idea have this competition on Children's Day !  And the contestant would be given a yomega yoyo each for participating besides bibles story book.  This will definitely give the children something to look forward to and I look forward to see their skills in playing the yoyo :)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Berries Heart Pie - Happy Mother's Day

Wishing all mothers A VERY HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY !  I made this special heart pie packed with fresh cranberries and Korean strawberries for Mother's Day.  I used the same Páte Brisée  recipe from Martha 's Pies and Tarts. I  love the pastry crust and with so much cranberries in the freezer and a tub of sweet strawberries....the most logical thing to do is to fill the heart crust with these favorite fruits and big scoops of vanilla and strawberry ice cream....great dessert for Momsie Elin and Wild Boar. Mother's day is just once a year eat all and what I want...right ? A toast to all the wonderful mothers out there, including myself.  All mothers deserve this wonderful day and joyful celebrations with the family. Have a great one and continue to drool on to the next page for more pictures and recipe :)))

Jewelry - Mother's Day Gift 3

Still don't know what to give to mothers on Mother's Day ? Well , this is what I saw on the website and I was captivated by it and you can order from discount jewelry online.  A beautiful Silver Garner Mom heart shape pendant with a heart-shaped faceted garnet tucked on the left side of this adorable heart pendant with a message for Mom and this sterling silver heart shaped pendant is accented with a single diamond and suspends from a sterling silver 18 inch cable link chain.  Gosh, I am bewitched by this and wish someone would give this to me on Mother's Day ! I am hinting hinting away :))  

Pandora Bracelets - Mother's Day's Gift 2

It would a great to receive something different for Mother's Day this year...maybe a pandora bracelet with European charm beads ! There are many designs to choose from. Seriously, I don't mind receiving one of these beautifully designed  bracelets .  So my Piggies , if you are reading this post, I dont mind wearing a beaded clasp bracelet so send it over to me on Mother's Day ! I am serious and not kidding Piggies !:)))

Flowers, Flowers...Mother's Day Gift 1

Mother's Days is just a few days would be nice to surprise your mom on this special day with fresh flowers for a change !  Now, it is so easy, we don't have to travel to the shop to order special designed Mother's Day flower Bouquet.  We can order fresh flowers of all kinds through this website  online florist  for people we love... our Mothers.  They have their top notch florists design a bouquet with their freshest most beautiful flowers. Yes, I am sure all mothers will love receiving beautifully designed bouquet of fresh flowers from their loved ones :)

Friday, May 11, 2012

Provençal Olive Fougasse - French Fridays With Dorie

Time flies and today it is FFWD again and guess what ....finally I was able to make the real stuff ! I prepared the dough the night before ....Dorie's advised better 6 hours in the fridge or better still 3 days in the fridge ! For me , this is just fine. Before I slept , I made the dough...let it rise for 2 hours in a warm place. After it has risen double, I punch down the risen dough and kept in the fridge till early this guess right...I set my alarm to 5am. Woke up, stopped the alarm and wanted to go back to sleep , but the brain ALARM says "  Fougasse ! wake up sleepy head , or you won't make have time to make it  !!! " I jumped out of bed and straight to the kitchen , took out the chilled was a bit sticky, but after a light kneading on  a floured board, it was soft and pliable :)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

My iPod Touch -My Best Friend for Now !

Do you know that I am so dependant on my ipod touch that I realized I  can't live without it ! I depend on it while baking or cooking, cause I can just take it to the kitchen and leave it on my counters and read the ingredients and recipes from my iPod Touch ! Save paper and it is so convenient. Of course, I am talking about recipes from the internet :)  It is so convenient and I don't have to sit in front of my computer anymore. I can surf while watching Astro on demand.  Multi tasking is so convenient with iPod Touch !

DVD Cabinet

We were doing some cleaning up last week and we realized that our old tv cabinet has been with us for some years now. I remembered Jo was just five then when we bought our tv cabinet. Time to change to a new dvd cabinet. Actually, the old one can still be of use but with the Astro decoder , the space is quite cramp up.  We discussed and we decided to look for a new cabinet ! Yay, furniture shopping for us :) 

Cleopatra's Choice - Facial Care

Besides eating healthy food and healthy care and facial care is important too. I was browsing through some Cleopatras Choice facial care and I like one of their facial toner - Adovia dead sea mineral facial toner sounds interesting. The toner helps removes any clenser, soap or makeup reside and tightens pores after they open during cleansing and most important it helpfs balances the skin's ph levels and remove any dull/dead skin that may have been missed during washing of the face.  I will have to tell Claire , my buddy , about this wonderful toner when she comes back from Penang. She is looking for a new brand to try on  :)     

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cranberry Meringue Mini Pies - Martha Stewart

I bookmarked this the first time I flipped through the pages of Martha Stewart's Pies & Tarts.  Reason being, I love the cranberries in the pie and the lips-smacking meringue on the pie .... healthy and delicious... with the homemade cranberries compote ...simply mouth-watering!  I love every bite of this mini pies packed with cranberries !  The meringue was browned all over but not burnt  :p  I left them in the oven and forgotten about them , while  I attended to  the washing up...thank God I remembered and got them out in time ! Anyway, they tasted DARN GOOD!  I apologize to all my buddies and Piggy Cuz for not making more for them.  These mini pies was our after meal dessert ! Best eaten the moment they are out of the oven :p  I took 3 pieces , while watching the Korean dramas on Astro!  The cranberry compote tasted so good and it makes the pies delicious with the meringue tops . Now I know what to do with the rest of the cranberries in the freezer ! 

Holiday Deals

If you are planning your family getaway this coming Summer, this is the time to look around for great holiday deals offered by travel companies.  When planning holidays for the family, many things have to be taken into consideration, budget and what the place has to offer. And the most important factor of course if the budget!

You can book your  holiday deals at UlookUbook . When you choose a UlookUbook holiday deal, you can be sure that you are receiving value for money holidays deal , for their holiday deals are carefully priced based on the present economic and climate. They have literally thousands of low cost holidays with destinations near and far.  Whether you are looking for an annual family getaway, a cultural city break, a skiing or golfing trip, or are looking for winter sun or even a Christmas shopping extravaganza, you can get it here at UlookUbook. You will be assured to get the best holiday deals from here.  From European destinations to tropical islands , and from adventure safaris to luxury spa resorts, you will find their low cost holidays options appealing.

And as a fully ABTA bonded independent travel agent, UlookUbook have the freedom to choose from any supplier and carrier which enables them to give you a vast choice of both long and short holidays at competitive prices. You can book today and save up to 70%.  Time to check it out !

Big Agnes Sleeping Bag For Josh

Josh's old sleeping beg is worn out and he is looking through some Big Agnes Sleeping Bags to replace his old one. Soon he will be leaving for UK and he wants one for his backpacking trip around Europe during his semester break. Big Agnes sleeping bag offers a whole new concept in camping comfort and warmth. It sleep system combines the traditional sleeping bag with a sleeping pad and lightens your load in the process. Over the years, this design helped Big Agnes sleeping bags win multiple awards from Backpacker and Outside Magazine. I approved for him to get this sleeping bag since it has a good review on it :) He is checking on their clearance page for awsome deals!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Spring Dessert - Berries & Ice Cream On Baked Meringue

After baking some Cranberry Meringue Mini Pies last night , there were some extra meringue and cranberries left.  I am a  'don't like to waste food' kind of person,  decided to bake the extra meringue on parchment paper and serve as a base ice cream dessert .  Pour the leftover cranberries sauce on top of the baked meringue and cut some Korean strawberries and arranged them nicely on top of the cranberries sauce. Topped it with a big scoop of vanilla ice word YUMMY ! :)  The weather was hot  so this was a great treat for us !

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Egypt Vacation

Egypt is a country that many would love to visit. With its historic and archaelogy background, many tourists flock there every year for their holidays.  You would want to travel there at least once in your life :) The places that one should visit would be the Pyramids, Sphinx and Archaeological digs. These fantastic sites are truly once in a lifetime experience if you visit Egypt , once in your life that is.  Egypt offers many activities and attractions besides the archaeological aspects. On  Egypt vacation  ,one can go scuba diving, kite surfing lessons and for the adventurous ones biking through the Egyptian desert and the younger adults can go on a safari into the desert on quad bikes which is one swell experience that one will sure to remember for a long time. Imagine riding over the red sand as the sun sinks behind the dunes...sure sound fun ! 

And one important thing you should not miss out is the local Egypt cuisine ! The exotic flavors that you can sample and indulge in. The aromatic herbs like garlic, chillis, oil, lemon, seeds are the regular ingredients that you find in the traditonal Egyptian cuisine. After a good traditional dinner, one could go chill with friends in 'ahwas' basically coffeehouse in Arabic for a cup of imported Turkish coffee and of course it would not be complete without the plume of shisha smoke that bellows out of the ahwas and that is what attracted the Ramones to holiday in Egypt. And for those who likes alcoholic beverages, their local brew Stella is another attraction for tourists. 

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Holidays To Cyprus !

My buddy Claire is always looking for new places to go. She is thinking of going to Europe with her friend, Wenn . I asked her why not plan their holidays to Cyprus this coming summer. I have been doing some reading on Cyprus and I am sure that one would enjoy the beautiful island for Cyprus is noted as one of the most beautiful islands in the world, even more beautiful than Maldives.  Their spectacular beaches of Ayia Napa and the crystal blue waters of Nissi Beach will surely have you captivated ! If  one is adventurous enough , one can join their beach party and party the whole night, that would be a great experience for Claire and her friend if she choose to go Cyprus. She will get to experience a vibrant nightlife, with bars, nightclubs and discos that remain open all night long and with its festive atmosphere and music pumping out of the beach bars. Beside the beach,  one can visit their historical places in Paphos like the Tomb of the Kings and a visit to ruin of Roman villas, famous for their mosaics down at Paphos Archaeological Park. People rave about the food in Cyprus, their most talked about juicy plump prawns and succulent steaks and I am sure Claire would enjoy the Cypriot cuisine.

Tourists need not worry about their accommodation. Cyprus has a large range of accommodation from the humble camping ground where one can pitch her/his tent for a budget stay to luxury 5 star hotels resorts.  Cyprus is sure to be able to accommodate on one's taste and budget.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Caramelized Onion & Salmon Quiche

Have you ever experience not knowing what to eat for breakfast ??? We do, coz eating out for breakfast most of the time can be boring, though Ipoh is famous for hawker food and dim sum  :p  I told Wild Boar, places would be crowded on Labor Day so we will eat in ...well , savory quiche would be great...don't you think so ? :)   I baked this for our breakfast ! and this was made the night before Labor Day.  This is better than eating noodles for a change and get to sleep in late.  All I have to do is warm them in the oven and it will be as fresh as just baked the morning itself.  I used local dill which is fragrant and it gives the quiche a pleasant and nice aroma.  Goes well with the salmon . The star of this quiche is...yea the caramelized onions !!!  Every bite tasted of the caramelized onions...mmmm yummy !  I never knew that it can be that delicious...anyway great combo...the caramelized onions, cheddar cheese, salmon and of course the fresh dill and a dash of black word to describe this....HEAVENLY !

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Raypak Heat Pumps For Spa & Pool

Whenever Wild Boar learns of something interesting or new, he will surely talks about it during our dinner together :) It is interesting to learn new things though the subject may be ' man topic ' :p  I don't know much about heat pumps for spa and pool but after learning from WB , I know that every raypak heat pumps comes standard with a Titanium heat exchanger and that the Classic Series heat pumps have been designed to meet the exacting needs of the pool and spa professional and that Raypak offers a heat pump which provides rock solid performance for an affordable price. With this fact, my superior will surely be impressed the next time he talks to me about pumps and mechanical stuff :p

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Orange Chiffon Cake

This is my second attempt in making chiffon cake...there is a noticeable improvement :) The cake did not shrink and there are not many noticeable air bubbles in the cake and I have to thank Alan of Travellingfoodies for giving me a few pointers on making chiffon cake...the rest is just practice. These pointers given to me I found invaluable ,and there was improvement in my chiffon cake this time.  I baked an orange flavored one and it was yummy...light and spongy and the orange rinds adds a tangy zest to the cake. I will go on practising till I get a perfect that is standing tall and smooth :p  * Alan, thank you for sharing some pointers with me in making a chiffon cake :)