Tuesday, May 29, 2012

30th Wedding Anniversary - Mediterranean Cruise!

Holidays on cruise ships are getting popular lately. Most of our friends have been on Mediterranean Cruises and they came back with many interesting stories and beautiful memories. Last weekend we met up with Ron and Katherine and they shared with us how enjoyable it was for them . It was their 30th wedding anniversary and Ron being such a romantic person gave Katherine a surprise and took her on a romantic mediterranean cruise.  They flew straight to the Med and began their Med cruise from ports as evocative as Venice, Genoa , Livorno, the port of Florence and Pisa.  It was a perfect way for them to see half a dozen beautiful Mediterranean ports of call, all in this 11 night cruise. They had a wonderful unforgettable 30th anniversary dinner at one of the  fine dining restaurant on board .  The food served was fantastic and they enjoyed every moment they had savouring the mediterranean cuisine.  What a wonderful experience to try out different dishes prepared by Chefs of international standard.  Ron and Katherine were happy that they have international cuisine served onboard .   Katherine loves Japanese cuisine and she was happy that she managed to savor some of their  sushi on board.  

On the whole, Ron and Katherine sang praises of their top gastronomic selection - every products is fresh and has been carefully handled, such as bread baked on board with the passion and knowledge of the most distinctive boulangerie.   Knowing Katherine's passion for food,  we know that she would have enjoyed dishes range from traditional and tasty Mediterranean fare , to the most refined international recipes from Neapolitan pizza to Mexican fajitas, from the renowned French fois gras to typical Tuscan bruschetta.

After their sharing with us of their experiences of their Med cruise, we have added Mediterranean Cruises into our holidays plan list !

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