Sunday, May 6, 2012

Egypt Vacation

Egypt is a country that many would love to visit. With its historic and archaelogy background, many tourists flock there every year for their holidays.  You would want to travel there at least once in your life :) The places that one should visit would be the Pyramids, Sphinx and Archaeological digs. These fantastic sites are truly once in a lifetime experience if you visit Egypt , once in your life that is.  Egypt offers many activities and attractions besides the archaeological aspects. On  Egypt vacation  ,one can go scuba diving, kite surfing lessons and for the adventurous ones biking through the Egyptian desert and the younger adults can go on a safari into the desert on quad bikes which is one swell experience that one will sure to remember for a long time. Imagine riding over the red sand as the sun sinks behind the dunes...sure sound fun ! 

And one important thing you should not miss out is the local Egypt cuisine ! The exotic flavors that you can sample and indulge in. The aromatic herbs like garlic, chillis, oil, lemon, seeds are the regular ingredients that you find in the traditonal Egyptian cuisine. After a good traditional dinner, one could go chill with friends in 'ahwas' basically coffeehouse in Arabic for a cup of imported Turkish coffee and of course it would not be complete without the plume of shisha smoke that bellows out of the ahwas and that is what attracted the Ramones to holiday in Egypt. And for those who likes alcoholic beverages, their local brew Stella is another attraction for tourists. 

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