Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Holiday Plans

Joshua will be leaving for UK in June to finish his degree. And he is already talking about backpacking Europe with his friends during their break.  I told him not to backpack. I persuaded him to take up the Turkey and East Europe tour. It would be a great experience for him to visit places like Eygpt  too, but young people  has their own ideas.  He plans to tour  France, Switzerland , Austria , Germany and Spain.  And maybe Italy.  His sister , Jo, who had been to several countries  in Europe when she was in UK , is now giving a rough picture which are the best countries to visit. It is good to have an elder sister who had been to most places in Europe :)

And she told the brother that he could get cheap holidays package now that it is the summer holidays in UK.  She even asked him to check for more cheap holidays. She also reminded him not to backpack but to check it out at travelsoon and see if they have some cheap travel deals for the summer holidays for  his Europe tour .   They have flights to Turkey, Italy, Spain , Portugal , Greece and Egypt and I think it is a good idea to check their website and see for himself which are the cheaper packages and that will not eat  too  much into his travelling budget which I have allocated for him.  I am sure he will be able to get one package that will fit into his budget. 

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