Monday, May 21, 2012

Interested To Meet Jo Dee Messina & $5000/- ?

With much excitement I would like to introduce Unmistakably Clean featuring Jo Dee Messina to all my friends and readers. Jo Dee is a wife, superb mom and an award winning artist. I have great news for all Jo Dee Messina fans ! You can now have a chance to win a VIP trip to meet Jo Dee Messina at Summer Concert by entering the contest with just a few keystrokes and at the same time a chance to win $5000 cash ! The winner will win a VIP access to Jo Dee and get to know more about her holidays concert and get a up close and personal with her and see her home and how she keeps her place clean. Introducing Unmistakably Clean with Jo Dee Messina and find out what products she uses to keep her place clean. She uses Spot Shot to deal with the stain on her carpet and there is a not carpet stain that in Jo Dee's house that it cannot conquer...Guacamole, grapefruit juice, Muddy paw prints-no matter how tough it is - it is gone ! The winner and the guest will get a 5 days , 4 nights trip for VIP access to Jo Dee . I think this is a wonderful opportunity to know Jo Dee better...not just as an award winning artist but how she manages her home ! So be the first to enter the contest and grab the opportunity to win a trip to spend a few days with Jo Dee Messina !

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