Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mandarin & Kumquat Layered Cake

My Piggies were not able to come back for my day - due to unforseen train transportation problem.   It was a long story which I shall not go into details , so to cut the story short, I told my Piggies that we shall have the Mom & Dad's Day when we get together in KL before we send Piggy Josh off to UK.  So, Momsie Elin and Papa Wild Boar will have to celebrate later in early June....what is the me everyday is Mom & Dad 's day as long as they stay in contact...:p  Okay, before I blabber on about Malaysian transportation, this is how I spend the early part of  Mother's Day. I baked this lovely layered cake for my friend Kitty and Ron , whose kids are all away in Australia....a cake packed with mandarin and laced with kumquat compote....covered with cream frosting and garnished with mandarin and toasted almond slices.  A perfect gift for  Kitty and Ron on Mother's Day !  A cake made with   lots of love.   Happy Mother's Day Kitty !!!! Hope you have a swell time tucking this healthy and delicious cake  ! :)

This cake is made up of a light and yet moist sponge cake.  One can eat the whole cake and yet not feel guilty about it.  There is no butter and the cream frosting is  non-dairy cream which I bought from Intrico.  I have a bottle of homemade kumquat compote which I used it to laced on the 1st layer of the sponge cake.  The addition of the kumquat mades the cake special...the awesome fragrance of kumquat truly make the cake delicious.  Without the kumquat, the cake will not be so fragrant and I got a good review from Kitty's husband who was delighted with the cake.  I dropped the cake to them before Wild Boar and I went for our lunch and shopping at Parkson Grand :)    

Making this cake is not that hard at all.  I managed to finish making the cake including frosting and decorating ...all in 2 1/2 hours!  

when the cake has cool down, wrap in cling wrap to prevent
it from dehydration...while I go about preparing the frosting.
drain the canned mandarin while waiting to assemble
the cake

I minced the kumquat compote before 
applying on the base of the first layer

top with a layer of mandarin slices on the kumquat compote
and top with a thick layer of whipped cream before 
placing the second layer. Frost the cake with balance
whipped cream and decorate top with the balance
of the mandarin slices. 

cover the side of the cake with toasted almond slices
and the cake is ready for delivery :)))

this may not be a good looking cake...but it is delicious and baked 
with lots of love......:p

Hope you guys are having a great time with the family !

For the recipe click here  

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  1. Happy Mother's Day to you...

  2. Wow, citrus overload and I love it!

  3. What a beautiful cake...garnished perfectly! You're right, Mother's Day can be celebrated any day...belated wishes to you :)

  4. you're right..everyday is mother's day as long as their hearts are with you! beautiful cake, very well done!

  5. Happy Belated Mother's Day!
    I love this cake ... so refreshing with all those citrusy flavors!

  6. This cake is absolutely gorgeous!