Friday, May 11, 2012

Provençal Olive Fougasse - French Fridays With Dorie

Time flies and today it is FFWD again and guess what ....finally I was able to make the real stuff ! I prepared the dough the night before ....Dorie's advised better 6 hours in the fridge or better still 3 days in the fridge ! For me , this is just fine. Before I slept , I made the dough...let it rise for 2 hours in a warm place. After it has risen double, I punch down the risen dough and kept in the fridge till early this guess right...I set my alarm to 5am. Woke up, stopped the alarm and wanted to go back to sleep , but the brain ALARM says "  Fougasse ! wake up sleepy head , or you won't make have time to make it  !!! " I jumped out of bed and straight to the kitchen , took out the chilled was a bit sticky, but after a light kneading on  a floured board, it was soft and pliable :)

The house was quiet and I really enjoyed myself ....reading the instruction from the heavy book and making sure I don't miss out a step LOL! I did most of the time.  The whole process of shaping and baking took only 30 -35 time, I can set my alarm to  5.30am instead of 5am .  Wild Boar was surprised I woke up so early....but I want to make sure I have extra time for photoshooting :p  

Back to the entails simple steps.  Combine coarsely chopped  black olive ,  lemon zest, fresh rosemary ( I used dried mixed herbs ) together.  Add them well onto the dough . You can use hand to manually mix the olive mixture to the dough .  Leave to proof in a warm place for 2 hours. Knock down and keep in the fridge for at least 6 hours , so for me, it is best to prepare the dough the night before and get fresh piping hot fougasse for breakfast !  Love the crisp edges and the flavorful soft texture inside.....mmmm this is a keeper for sure.  I made one with cheese topping and it turned out great !  I had it with a hot cup of nescafe in the office !  Dorie says this is best eaten warm or at room temperature. While it is good with cubes fo cheese and delicious dipped in olive oil, it is really best just on its own with a glass of wine. But for me, a cup of hot coffee or Nescafe would be great :)  A good breakfast to start a tiring day :)   I am excited each time I get to join my other Doristas  in making FFWD recipe and today's recipe is this delectable French flatbread ....Provençal Olive Fougasse..  

oil cured black olives, lemon zest and fresh rosemary 
( I used dried mixed herbs ) 

the dough is sticky a bit but it is is suppose
to be sticky.....just floured the board when shaping
the dough and rolling out the dough 

if the dough is well rested, I noticed that it is easy to work 
on the dough......had fun shaping the fougasse ...according
to Dorie, no specific forms forms can be applied to make
fougasse and I choose to follow her leaf shape :) 

slash a 2" line at an angle and pull open the gap - at least 1" wide
prick with fork on the surface before applying olive oil mixture
on the surface...sprinkle coarse salt on the surface - I omitted this part

bake  at 230C on top rack for the first 8 minutes and
then another 8 minutes on the bottom rack till
it is evenly browned....can you see how the
exact even  brown-ness, for top and bottom of
the fougasse....nice !   I sprinkled some grated 
cheddar cheese to one fougasse and it
turned out great....

I love every bite of this delicious and flavorful fougasse

took a quick shot of how it looks inside...soft and olive packed
the lemon zest adds oomph to the fougasse .....

Now I can make this for our takes 20 minutes to 
prepare the dough and leave it overnight in the fridge
and it takes just 30 minutes in the morning
 to make the fougasse.....simple and a healthy
and delicious breakfast...WE both LOVE it !

I can't wait to read what the other Doristas have to say about today's recipe !

Happy FFWD !

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  1. reminds me of the peter reinhart's BBA book that quite a number of his breads requires overnight dough..time to make another one from his book :)
    your fougasse sounds great with the dried herbs and cheese that you put in! Mr wild boar must be so excited smelling another great bread baking from the kitchen!

  2. I admire your determination in getting up at 5 to complete the mission! Your fougasse looks good and you've convinced me to have a piece for breakfast. I bet its good with a fried egg!

  3. Your crumb looks perfect! Mine didn't puff up much but I think it's my oven's fault.

  4. That sounds like a perfect breakfast treat :-)
    Great job in getting this done.

  5. I did the same! Woke up to make this as my breakfast... and it was so good! :) Yours looks beautiful.

  6. I should have kept the dough in the fridge longer...I only did 2 hours and it was tooooooo soft...and my kitchen is quite warm here in AZ so that probably helped to keep it soft. Next time I will overnight the dough in the fridge...yours looks perfect.

  7. I should have kept my dough in the fridge longer...yours looks perfect. I took mine out after only 2 hours and my AZ kitchen is warm and my dough was too soft...your fougasse looks perfect.

  8. Wow, fougasse for breakfast and with a cup of coffee...your pictures look great and the fougasse looks delicious! Wonderful post! Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Just beautiful! Your photos are great and I enjoyed your post, I agree it's fun to bake along with the FFWD group. I love seeing all the variations;-)

  10. Lovely looking Fougasse…absolutely perfect! You are a dedicated person to get up at 5 am to bake…good for you! Have a great weekend!

  11. Oh my, 5am, I still gau gau chu leh.
    Not even 5.30am will be ok for me.
    Not 6 nor 6.30am.
    Happy Momsie's Day Elin

  12. Your fougasses looks beautiful! I'm saving my second "loaf" to bake for the inlaws tomorrow so I hope it's still good. Wish me luck!

  13. Wow Elin, you get extra points for waking so early to bake bread! Glad this worked so well for you. It is a great bread and your pictures show it!

  14. I am an early morning riser but feel your pain when you "have" to rise and shine. Oh, the pressure of a FFWD recipe and getting it made, photographed and posted on time. Good for you. And, your bread looked fabulous. You certainly made it with tender loving care and it showed. I didn't even think about breakfast. But, a good strong cup of coffee, fougasse, what a brilliant beginning to the day.

  15. I give you a lot of credit for
    getting up so early, you are one determined lady.
    It's not easy trying to do all this when you have to
    work too. The end result is absolutely beautiful.

  16. Elin, I think it was worth it to wake up and have this warm for breakfast. This recipe seems so adaptable that I was thinking that we should come up with another sweet version for breakfast too. What about mixing in dried fruit and cinnamon instead of olives and herbs (and keeping the citrus zest)?

  17. I don't know if I could get up that early for bread-making, but it sounds so worth it! I love how nicely shaped your loaf turned out to be.

  18. yours really looks like a leaf! Neat!

  19. Your fougasse looks delicious! The cheese also sounds like a wonderful addition. Couldn't get to it this week, myself.

  20. Your bread looks so good! Just seeing it makes me want to bake some more! I like the idea of having it for breakfast...might have to do that this weekend!