Monday, May 21, 2012

Wobbly Coconut Jelly

The weather lately has been hot and humid.....the air con in the house during the weekend will be running almost 24 hours if we are in the house the whole day.  The electric bill will be sky high end of this mont :(  I really hate the hot and humid weather.  Making this coconut jelly for dessert  was the best solution for such hot and humid weather. We believe that coconut water is cooling for the body . I love this wobbly jellies....mmmmm it wobbles and melts in the mouth.  I was first introduced to this coconut jellies by my colleague and since then, I replicated it for the family to enjoy....nothing beats homemade ones if you ask is so fragrant and taste heavenly !  I usually make big bowl for Wild Boar and he will slurrp them all down in just a few seconds LOL! well...not named a wild boar for nothing ! :p

I bought 4 young coconuts  from my usual stall for RM12 . From the 4 coconuts, I managed to get 2000ml of coconut water and half a bowl of  coconut meat...believe me with just 2 tsp of agar agar powder and 250 ml of  screwpine  flavored syrup , you will get this wobbly and melts in the mouth jellies.   I have made this many times and it gets better each time . This is still our favourite jelly :)   I got so crazy with the texture of this jelly that I took many shots of it.  Yea,  the heat has made me gone crazily in love with this jelly !!! 

Wobbly Coconut Jellies


2000 ml fresh coconut water ( approx  4 young coconuts )
250 ml screwpine(pandan) flavored syrup ( 350ml of water+ 120g granulated sugar+ 2 screwpine leaves )
2 level teaspoon of agar agar powder ( 1/2 tsp more if you want a firmer texture )
coconut meat from the 4 coconuts


In a pot boil 350ml of water together  with  2  screwpine leaves and  120g castor sugar and simmered till you get 250 ml of syrup.

Pour 2000ml fresh coconut water into a heavy pot and and add in the agar agar powder till it dissolves into the coconut water. Add in the syrup and under medium heat boil the mixture stirring all the time till the agar agar powder has dissolves . Remove the pot and pour coconut mixture over a sieve. Divide the coconut meat equally into jelly molds. Pour the coconut mixture into every jelly mold.  Once they have cool down, chill them in the fridge for 4 hours till it has set . When you lightly shake the mold , the jelly should be wobbly.

Enjoy and have a great day with these wobbly jellies :)

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  1. i have been buying this at the soya bean drink stall 3 times a week. didn't realize that it is this easy to make, haha! ;) thanks for your recipe ..... will definitely try it out.

  2. me too heaty too. Hmmm maybe will try making this. Screwpine tu apa ah? Pandan is it?

  3. now you can make your own :)

    Kathy....yea..pandan leaves :p

  4. yeah, it's super duper hot these 2 weeks. dont feel like wearing anything!! hahaha! anything cold like these, i sapu!

  5. Lena....LOL! I want to be your neighbor if you go around not wearing anything :p Try making these jellies. sure cool you down! :)

  6. Cool! Today it's hot over here and this would be BETTER and HEALTHIER than ice cream!

  7. I love this, can eat 2 bowls straight! the more wobbly the better it is:D

  8. Jellies are the best chillers, better than ice drinks.
    When I swallow cold cold wobbly jellies, the throat feels cold, tummy feels cold.... definitely feel so good.
    What more with coconut. Ahhh... delicious.
    I miss those in Kelantan, so so cheap. RM1 for one big big big cup. (like thos bubble tea cups)