Monday, June 25, 2012

Soft Garlic Knot Bread

I have seen garlic knot bread all over the internet and have even listed as my to-do . And last Saturday morning, I decided to give it a go .  I kinda like the technique in tying the dough into a knot and glazed them with herbs and garlic butter.   I prefer the basic japanese dough recipe which I used for my corn bread I did sometime back.  I use 2 types of flour for this bread and it turned out fabulous.  Wholemeal flour, bread flour and added wheatgerm to the flour mixture.  The bread turned out soft and packed with garlicky and herbs flavor and the aroma when it is baking in the oven is really intoxicating :)  It goes to straight to the head and did wonders to my salivary glands and you can guess how much I tucked in and soft and aromatic...with a hot cup of black coffee.  You don't even need any jams to go with it. It is flavorful and tasty even eating it alone ! I love this and the shape of this bread is beautiful.   Love making bread, it is such a great therapy to start the day for me.  The smell of freshly baked bread keeps me happy the whole day through  LOL! The weather is disgustingly hot and humid and what more the added haze !

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Retirement Plans

My retirement will soon become a reality now that Josh will soon be out to work :)  Doing food business would suitable for me. I am not really sure what I want to do yet but maybe starting a food business would be great ...ahem just a thought okay.  There are a lot to think about...websites. location and capitals involved.  Wild Boar advises me to get a small business insurance quote first before starting a small business. Yea, I should ask for the quote and then plan what  business to get involved in :)

Pre-Employement Check

My son Piggy Josh will soon graduate and he will be applying for a job that is revelant to what he studied.  I can't wait for him be employed and be financially independent :)  He was sharing with me on Skype that now company are careful on who they employed and they will do a personal background check on applicants that passed through the interview test.  I agree with him that it would good for companies to screen through all their job applicants employing them.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Blueberry Yogurt Ice Cream

The weather has been hot and humid  lately that I really wish I am in UK with Piggy Josh . He is enjoying the cold weather in UK ( I sent him off last Friday ) and here we are suffering in the heat :p  I have been making fruity yogurt ice cream of late...inspired by the hot weather :p   I make small quantity so that I can have different flavor each time.  This is blueberry yogurt ice cream . Healthy and delicious...this is the one thing I look forward to after dinner each day .  Every mouthful is blueberry flavored and the Greek yogurt gives it a smooth and rich taste.   I love the Greek yogurt sold at Jusco.  After having tasted Greek yogurt, I don't think I want to buy any other brands. It is the best !

Mauritius - Island of Paradise

I have a photographer friend who takes projects like  ' wedding assignments ' . A very lucrative hobby/job ! :)  I am glad that I got to know him through facebook.   He told me so much about his interesting job and I can only listen in awe !  His passion in photography has finally paid off.  He studied arts and photography in London and he told me he used to take wedding photos for his friends for free when he was a student then. His job has taken him to many places in the world and he shared with me one particular wedding  he did for his clients from London. They wanted to have their wedding in Mauritius, a beautiful island in the Indian Ocean .  The beautiful blue sea was a perfect background for the wedding shots and he became a famous  wedding photographer since.

Mauritius is an island paradise surrounded by tropical reefs and filled with virgin forests and Africa's friendliest local. He even arranged for them to have the best honeymoon .  The beautiful sea provides scuba diving, kayaking , surfing, dolphin watching and experience the underwater submarine scooters !  I am sold when he told me that he could handle for my daughter's wedding ( when the time comes, that is ...)  I told him that I might want to give my daughter a surprise for her wedding.  Flights to Mauritius and a specialised wedding photographer to take her wedding shoots would be the  perfect wedding gift any parents could give to their daughter....right? The more I think of it, the more I am game for it !  :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Finally Josh Is In UK !

Now that it is summer holidays in UK, many people are off to tour Europe , either back packing  or  sign up with the tour agents and some choose to go on the Mediterranean Cruises.  Talking about holidays, Josh can only start his holiday tour in Autumn..well it will be cold then but I think he would enjoy it just the same.

Josh has finally settled down in his hostel in Sheffield and he is learning how to cook his own dinners...I saw on his facebook photos which he uploaded for me to see. The places he took around his campus is so beautiful. He is to finish his Degree in Business Studies in UK ( a summer top up programme with Sheffield University ) after which he will be going on his Europe tour and some Mediterranean countries . He  is planning to visits as many countries as possible.  One of which he is looking into is the Mediterranean Cruises. His seniors told him that he should go on one of these cruises on offer now.  It will be a great experience for him anyway.   He discussed with us and we told him to go ahead and book into one of these Mediterranean cruises.  He is trying to gather a few more of his friends to go together with him.  It would be fun to go on cruises in groups.  A word of advise to him though, study first and play later.  If he comes back without his degree and a First Class Honours, I will definitely roast him  !  LOL!  

All the best Piggy Josh
 hugs  from Momsie Elin & Wild Boar & Piggy Joanna

*           *             *

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Poppy Seed Bun

Ever since I learned how to make my own homemade bread, I have not stopped baking them :) reasons being homemade ones taste better and I can have more healthier ones .  I love making them as they present a sort of therapy for me, I find that it is relaxing for me. The joy seeing it proofing and the smell of freshly baked breads is a form of  aromatherapy for me :)  I don't know why but it is really good for me. I love the smell and when the buns turned out great....that joy , I can tell you , money cannot exchanged for it :)   I know at times I am long winded but seriously, making bread has a  therapeutic effect on me and I find it soothe my soul whenever I am stressed over my work project.  For me Stress equals to Buns  LOL! 

New Zealand - Small Country With Big Horizons

You know I have a list of places I want to visit with my Piggies after they have both finished with their studies and that will be when I retires in a few years time.  Today, while packing for my Piggy Josh , who is leaving for UK in a few days time, we talked about his Europe tour. He told me this, " Mom, I promise I will take you and dad for a holiday after I get a job " ....whoa, that was like music in my ears !  " We can go Australia and New Zealand together "...and I said yes...we must tour New Zealand first , for New Zealand  is a small country with big horizons.  

New Zealand has so much to offers...especially for my Piggies, the young blood, they would love the bungee jumping, rafting, mountain climbing, skiing, hiking and diving.  For Wild Boar and myself , I think whales and dolphins watching would be fun and great experience for us besides taking a trip along the coastline :)  yeah, it is definitely one of the countries, we would want to travel together as a family.  Josh says anyone can book the flight to NZ with a just a click on  Find New Zealand Flights online with Dial A Flight. It is so easy !  We shall definitely look into this when the time comes.  I can't wait for the time when the family can get away for a holiday to NZ together!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Strawberry Yogurt Ice Cream

The weather is hot and humid and I have been having ice cream almost everyday. Too much of store bought not good for me ( too sweet and too rich ) so I decided to make my own healthy ice cream.  Strawberries are in season now especially those imported ones.  The local ones are smaller in size and sour and since I am making yogurt ice cream , I prefer the sweeter ones.  Saw some nice ones in Jusco and bought a tub back to make yogurt ice cream. To make this ice cream , it is best to use Greek yogurt .  I still haven't found the right ice cream maker that is within my budget and that comes with  a compressor :p  so it is back to manual ,using my food proccessor to churn the mixture and out of the freezer , at least 3-4 times.   I slept through the night so skipped the process..thus my yogurt ice cream was a bit grainy instead of a smooth texture. That is the only tedious thing when making ice cream without the ice cream maker.   

Turkey Holidays & Turkish Delight !

The day for Josh to leave for UK is drawing near. It  is just a week from now and time really flies. Soon he will be there to finish his business studies. And guess why he is so excited...yea UK is the host for the Olympic Games this year :) He hope to be able to see some of the games when he is there.  Besides the Olympic games, I know he is looking forward to his Turkey Holidays which he has added onto his holiday list.  He took my advise to visit Turkey, a land full of history and beautiful beaches. The holiday package offers both cultural and nature treasures . Josh ,who loves  history  subject during his school days ,will get to see this ancient Roman ruins to the Byzantine Splendour of preserved Constantinople  ( presently Istanbul ) in person :)

Of course , besides the sightseeing , he can't wait to delve into Turkey's cuisine. Haha, I don't call him a Piggy for nothing.  He knows that Turkey is rich and varied as its history and with something to please the palatte of all tastes. He heard so much of the sweet sticky pastry delicacies of Baklawa and also the more hearty flavours of mixed meat and seafood meze.  I told him not to forget to get me a few boxes of Turkish's Delight or Lokum, a family of  confections based on a gel of starch and sugar. I love those rosewater flavoured ones. Packed in small cubes dusted with icing sugar copra.  I can't wait for him to bring back this sweet delicacy and not to forget my Turkish Apple Tea  !