Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Finally Josh Is In UK !

Now that it is summer holidays in UK, many people are off to tour Europe , either back packing  or  sign up with the tour agents and some choose to go on the Mediterranean Cruises.  Talking about holidays, Josh can only start his holiday tour in Autumn..well it will be cold then but I think he would enjoy it just the same.

Josh has finally settled down in his hostel in Sheffield and he is learning how to cook his own dinners...I saw on his facebook photos which he uploaded for me to see. The places he took around his campus is so beautiful. He is to finish his Degree in Business Studies in UK ( a summer top up programme with Sheffield University ) after which he will be going on his Europe tour and some Mediterranean countries . He  is planning to visits as many countries as possible.  One of which he is looking into is the Mediterranean Cruises. His seniors told him that he should go on one of these cruises on offer now.  It will be a great experience for him anyway.   He discussed with us and we told him to go ahead and book into one of these Mediterranean cruises.  He is trying to gather a few more of his friends to go together with him.  It would be fun to go on cruises in groups.  A word of advise to him though, study first and play later.  If he comes back without his degree and a First Class Honours, I will definitely roast him  !  LOL!  

All the best Piggy Josh
 hugs  from Momsie Elin & Wild Boar & Piggy Joanna

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