Tuesday, June 5, 2012

New Zealand - Small Country With Big Horizons

You know I have a list of places I want to visit with my Piggies after they have both finished with their studies and that will be when I retires in a few years time.  Today, while packing for my Piggy Josh , who is leaving for UK in a few days time, we talked about his Europe tour. He told me this, " Mom, I promise I will take you and dad for a holiday after I get a job " ....whoa, that was like music in my ears !  " We can go Australia and New Zealand together "...and I said yes...we must tour New Zealand first , for New Zealand  is a small country with big horizons.  

New Zealand has so much to offers...especially for my Piggies, the young blood, they would love the bungee jumping, rafting, mountain climbing, skiing, hiking and diving.  For Wild Boar and myself , I think whales and dolphins watching would be fun and great experience for us besides taking a trip along the coastline :)  yeah, it is definitely one of the countries, we would want to travel together as a family.  Josh says anyone can book the flight to NZ with a just a click on  Find New Zealand Flights online with Dial A Flight. It is so easy !  We shall definitely look into this when the time comes.  I can't wait for the time when the family can get away for a holiday to NZ together!

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