Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hokkaido Chiffon Cupcakes

When I first heard of this Hokkaido Chiffon cake,  I thought it was just an ordinary chiffon cake but baked in little there was no urgency to try it out.  For I am really lousy when it comes to chiffon cake and all. I failed terribly.  I feel intimidated by the method and the disappointment each time, thus I will stayed away as far as possible from anything chiffon.  Curiosity got the better of me and after reading it on Sonia's blog - Nasi Lemak Lover, I bookmarked it and thus yesterday I decided to try it out coz I wanted something soft and nice after all the bread tucking for the past week :p   And guess what....YAY! I got it right this time !!!!  Congrats to Elin ! LOL!   I managed to make one that rises well with melts in mouth cottony and silky...hahaha no words to describe how great this Hokkaido Chiffon cake is.  It is like souffle, if I am not mistaken....anyway,  I am just plain lucky I guess to get it right the first time  :)   Thank you Sonia for this wonderful recipe.

Apartments In Turkey

Many of our students are awarded scholarship to study in Turkey by the Malaysian Government.  My colleague's son is one of the many awarded.  Now with that money saved on education for the son, she would like to purchase an apartment in Turkey so that her child could stay in comfort during his 6 years stay in Turkey.  And having an apartment in Turkey could further benefit the family when the whole family goes over to visit the son during his semester break.  What a wise decision! This could be an investment too for the family. The more my colleague Farah thinks about it , the more excited she became.  

She searched online for a reliable housing agency in Turkey and phoned them to enquire whether there are any suitable apartments for sale in Turkey that is near to her son's  University which is within walking distance .  She was happy when they told her there are a few suitable ones and that she should fly over and have a look at the few selected ones.  They are keeping on hold a few apartments for her to view . Farah could not wait to see the apartment and the whole family is excited.  They are flying over in a week's time and I have asked Farah to cart home some dried fruits and the famous Turkish delights and spices back for me.  Yay! I am as excited as them.  They can't wait to see the apartments and I can't wait for my goodies ! :)

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Kangaroos & Opera House....anyone?

If you want to fly from UK to Australia, there are these economy fare available that is so affordable . From Gatwick to Melbourne, the economy fares are available from 26th July 2012 to 31st March 2013.  For my friends who are from London and wishing to visit Australia , you can call them to enquire about the special fares which is not public announced.  I am sure you will get a fantastic deal from them.  As the saying goes, early bird catches the worm !  There are limited seats ,so hurry, call them to find out the special fares available.

Why choose Australia for your holidays or getaway ?   Australia is a continent of a country , it is huge and rugged and you dunk yourself in Aussie life with a trip down under, Prawns on the barbie, kangaroos, beers, irreverent humour and Aboriginal culture means Australia is like no other.  If you are the adventurous type, you can dive the Great Barrier Reef or walk in a rainforest. Surf the beaches or cruise the Whitsunday Islands or Go wild on the west coast or even trek into the vast desert of the Red Centre. And for those who love theatre and musical, there is the Opera House !  There are so much to see in Australia.  So my friends in UK , if you have no idea where to go for your holidays...try book flights to Australia, you will not regret what it has in store for you and your family !

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Rye Bread With Parmesan & Topped With Pumpkin Seeds

Okay, I know I have posting mostly on rye bread and have you bored :p  but since I have made one big load of wet dough last week ,  I might as well finish the wet dough before I start on something else.  I have been not well and eating bread would be the best food besides porridge.  And this is one healthy bread for the two of us.  Wild Boar loves it with parmesan adds extra flavor to the bread.  I have so much pumpkin seeds and almond slices in the fridge....and I just topped the bread with these healthy seeds and nuts.   Gave the bread a nutty crusty top LOL!   Love it !   As what the book says , prepares a load of wet dough that can last for a week  , thus making bread is so much easier without having to measure out ingredients each time I feel like eating bread.   All I have to do is just  pull out a piece of  wet dough the size of a grapefruit and let it proof for 50 minutes and it is ready for baking.  

The Drum Roll.....

My son is musically inclined and he has just bought an electric guitar in UK for ₤80 , a second hand one from eBay.  And  now he asked the Momsie Elin, that is me, to sponsor him the audio interface for his electric guitar , and the Momsie can't say no :)  Over here, an electric guitar would cost a bomb ! Anyway, I don't mind him buying an electric guitar since he loves music.  He plays the piano well too. I hope he won't ask me for a drum set in the future...haha, I think I will have to use a ear plug in the future if he is planning to make the home as his jamming centre !

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cheesemelter -Kitchen Equipment

Of course it was not me who purchased a vulcan cheesemelter.  It is my brother in NJ who runs a Thai restaurant, bought this infrared cheesemelter for his restaurant. He told me he needed one , so he that he can warm dishes in greater quantity.  It is useful for his restaurant and it is made of stainless steel, top, front and sides and preheats in 60 seconds. I agree with him that it is a necessity to get one and choosing Vulcan brand is a wise choice because it has a year warranty :)

Electronic eReader - Jo's Delight

Joanna, my gal is an avid reader and she is so happy that her dad bought her a compact and  portable eReader before she entered University. The dad knows that with this e-Reader which he bought from ereader store   so that she could store massive amount of reading materials which is useful for her .  She is delighted at the amount of e-magazine and journals that she has stored in her e-Reader that would be useful for her research.  This is the best gift any dad could have given to his daughter and Jo truly appreciate it :) 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Orange And Chocolate Steamed Cupcake

Even though I was not well, I still went for our cell group meeting last Friday.  I just don't want to miss the meet up and bible study.  I decided to make some simple and no fuss cupcakes to take to the meeting.  Thus, this chocolate and orange steamed cupcakes come into the picture :)   They are soft ...tangy and yet with chocolatey flavor.   Love it ! And the elders love them...and this is most important coz I make these soft cakes for them .  And it was not that sweet ...just nice for people of my age LOL!  The texture is like the ' huat kueh '  mmmmm for me, I like it and it is easy to whip up too.  You won't believe it,  I came back from work and start measuring out the ingredients  and I had everything ready in an hour.   Cut the cupcakes into halves so that more people can have a bite of the cuppies :p

Fashion Sense!

What about a black chiffon party dress with simple cutting and paired with gold chains and gold earrings and a pair of black stilletto heels ?  Jo asked me this last Saturday . She is invited to a fashion show held in one of the most prestigious hotel in town.  I told her she will look beautiful in that simple cut black dress.  The gold chain and earrings will make her look sophisticated .  I am pleased that she has some fashion sense despites the fact that she always burrows her head in research LOL!

Worried Where Your Teens Are?

Lately with the crime rate increase, it is not safe anymore for these teenagers to drive around on their own anymore and parents are worried for their daughters especially for there are many rape cases in shopping Malls basement parking.  With vehicle tracking   , parents are more confident to let their kids drive around for they can track and locate the kids whereabout incase they are not back by their curfew time.  It is smart and easy to use . This is essential for parents of  teenage drivers. It uses GPS technology to pinpoint the location of your child's vehicle and the speed they are driving at ! No more worries for parents with this tracking device !

A Gift For An Avid Biker

My colleague's husband is an avid motorbiker.  He will be joining a group of his bikers friends to tour the whole of the Peninsular on his bike after the fasting month .  She was telling me that she wants to present the husband with a pair of sidi motorcycle boots which are on sales now and she can get a 5%  Comp-A-Cash Back on Sidi Boots purchase. She enlightened me further that Sidi boots are high quality boots and are made of active life and can withstand whatever you can dish out.  Well, I think it would be a great present for the husband for the coming Raya !  Ain't the husband a lucky man ? :)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Dried Fruits Rye Bread

As you know from my previous rye bread post,  I have made a full load of wet rye dough using the 5 minutes method . I love the texture and the flavor...the only setback is the wet load is kinda hard to handle.  But taste and texture wise , it is pheonomenal.  The next time I make , I will reduce the water to 3  1/4 cups instead of 4 cups of water for easier handling of the dough.   I can't shape the bun because it is far too wet, so I decided to add dried fruits and walnuts to the dough.  And scooped the dough into  a  greased bread tin.  The bread turned out great....after cooling it on the rack,  cutting it into neat slices is not a problem  :)         

Car Emergency Kit

I really know nought about car emergency kit until my Wild Boar tells me how important it is to have it in the car.  They normally comprises of booster cable - which makes up 20%brass and 80% aluminium , carbon steel cross wrench and adjustable wrench, long nose pliers and screwdrivers, air compressor , emergency light with dry battery , insulation tape, warning triangle and automotive fuses.  After realizing how important it is to have it in the car, I phoned Jo and tell her to make sure she has one kit in her car :)

Medication Carts

Medical carts are designed with healthcare setting in mind and with a range of features expressly intergrated to ease workload of nurses and other healthcare professionals as well as enhance the patient care. Howard medication carts can be used in a variety of applications like Charting and EMR , Medication dispensing and Nursing Education.  They are engineered to meet the exact requirement of healthcare and built tough enough to withstand daily use in most demanding environments.

Cash Register Software :)

Sometimes, I can be quite backward when it comes to technology.  I don't even know what is pcamerica until he explains to me how useful it is for business establishments.  It is good to have a hubby who knows about technology software :)  PC America Cash Register Express is a cost effective cash register software that keeps your financial data in proper order for your business establishment.  It is the first Window-based POS system exclusively for retails stores such as clothing, liquor and video rental and many others. Check out their website to see if your software fits your business needs.  

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Whole Grains Rye Bread - Artisan Revolution begins....

This healthy and delicious bread recipe is from my Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day by Jeff Hertzberg and Zoe Francois .  I bought this book sometime back, but didn't have the chance to  try out the recipe until now.  During our bloggers meet up last last Friday , Lena asked me whether I have tried out the recipe and I told her I have not.  This brings about the craving to try out the recipe out from the book.  Lena , this is especially for you since you too have the book :)   The bread turned out fantastically good.  The trick is when you take out a portion of the wet dough, you have to use extra flour so that it is not sticky but tacky :)  Handling the dough would be hard at first but after a while with some flour added, it was easier.  The longer you let it ferment in the refrigerator , the flavor will be better if you wait for at least 24 hours of refrigeration.  I leave it to ferment in a lidded container ( but not airtight ) for almost 2 days before using.   This method suits me well, it saves me the washing and time saving in the preparation. Each time I want a loaf of fresh bread, I just cut a piece of dough from the container , and just leave it to proof for 40 minutes, and tada in 30 minutes I get a fresh loaf of bread....easy isn't it  LOL!

Now, the five minutes mentioned here is not the whole process but  the active preparation !  It meant that the mixing of the dough is just 5 minutes. The time taken to proof the dough before baking is the same as the normal bread making :p   This dough after taking it out from the fridge , needed 40 minutes to proof before baking and 30 minutes for baking :) The only thing convenient is you dont have to start the preparation all over.  And the longer you leave it in the fridge the better it will be.  And the end result is a healthy and delicious Artisan bread that has a crunchy crust and moist and soft fluffy inside.  

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Holidays To Costa Dorada

If you are going to tour Europe, holidays in Costa Dorada is a must because you would be enthralled with their beautiful quality sandy beaches.  It is is just a 2 hours flight from UK and it promises full attraction for the adults and kids.  I did a read out on the place for my Piggy Josh in case he may want to visit Spain during his Europe tour.  With their non-stop entertainment at Universal Port Aventura and the Aquopolis waterpark, I am sure Josh and his group of friends would want to add this into their travel artinery . 

For the sun hunters, this is the best time to take advantage of the beautiful summer weather to get a good tan on their relaxing beaches  :)  For sport enthusiasts, the calm waters provide brilliant swimming and fantastic places to exploit wtersports like jet-skiing ( gosh , I think Josh would love this sport for sure ) , banana boat rides and many other water sports that will have the young enthralled !

There are a few places that you could visit in Costa Dorada , like Salou , having the liveliest resort in all of Costa Dorada with its massive amount of pubs and bars throughout the resort. And there are plenty of discos to fulfil any dancing queens dream :)  Costa Dorada offered superb Spanish cuisine of seafood and one must enjoy the freshly-caught fish brought in daily by the local fisherman. Mmmmm I am sure Piggy Josh would surely enjoy their seafood PIES !!!   

Friday, July 20, 2012

Bloggers Meet Up - Dinner & Karaoke

I am sure many of you would have read in my other blog that we recently had a bloggers meet up at the Lee How Fook Restaurant after which we adjourned to the Embassy K-Box in Kinta City. The first thing I noticed about their karaoke set was the sound system. I am not singer but I can detect there is a poor sound reproduction. It would be nice if the owner of the karaoke lounge has a mixer vocopro installed. It would definitely produce better sound quality for karaoke sessions! We had a swell time singing late into the night despite poor sound quality :)

You Can't Go Wrong With A Citizen

The first thing on Josh's shopping list is a good reliable watch. The watch he bought from New Jersey when he was 19 years old was not working properly now. Young people are attracted by the appearance of the watch. The one he is having that has a see through face that you can look into the mechanism of the watch . It is quite nice, but unfortunately the mechanism is not keeping time accurately.

He has keep in view a citizen watch  that is unstoppable and doesn't need a battery, fuelled by light, any light...Wow, that is cool and has a perpetual calender chronograph too. I think he made the right choice by choosing a Citizen watch!

When Appliances Break Down...

What would you do if your home appliances breaks down? Would you throw away the appliances or try to get it repaired ? For me, I would normally try to get the appliance repair parts first before I quit :)  My washing machine broke down the other day and thank God I managed to get the repair parts and thus saved buying a new one.   You don't need to worry or get distress, you can look for appliance parts from the online appliance parts website and I am sure you can get the parts for your broke down machine !

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Japanese Steamed Double Chocolate Cake With White And Dark Chocolate Ganache Frosting

Another delicious Japanese steamed cake for your eyes only :)  Double chocolate is reason enough to give you the  satisfaction of a chocolatey flavored cuppies.  I wanted to give Wild Boar a yummlicious dessert that takes only 35 minutes to prepare and the result - a rich chocolate cake that he walloped two at one go.  And the fresh cherry sitting on the white and dark chocolate ganache makes the cake looks sexy and appealing :p   Love it !  I could not resist it myself and took one despite the fact that I promised not to partake in this sweet chocolatey indulgence :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Josh's Storage Store In UK :)

You know things have to be planned and organized especially if you are planning for a holiday and you do not want to send all your stuff home . Josh is looking for storage store in UK to keep his luggages and stuff ( he has been enjoying shopping and till date, I knew he bought an electric guitar )  * shaking my head while writing this.   Now he is scratching his head as to where he can store his stuff when he goes for his Euro tour.   He search online for a place to store his stuff and finally he found one that offers great self storage prices for students ,that is just right for his budget and the right size to keep his stuff ,especially his precious electric guitar :)  

He found one near to his University and at the lowest price he could get !  They even provide him with a free trolley for easy loading and making storing his stuff quick and easy.  All he needs to do is to get loads of boxes and bubble wrap from his local store.   I am happy that he managed to find one near to his University and he can go for his Euro tour without having to worry about his stuff . He can relax knowing his storage store is secure- for he will have the only key to his store.  He can rent the stgorage store for a week or a month , depending on how long he will be away.  And the best thing is as a student in UK , he gets a 10% saving on storage.   Another saving for his Momsie...that is me ! :)

All Inclusive Holidays

Most people would prefer to book into all inclusive accomodation . It means that your food and drink, hotel activities and entertainment is covered , the minute you arrived at your holiday destination until the minute you  leave for home.  This would saves you spending extra money on restaurants outside of the hotel that you stayed in. For those who can eat a lot, this package would be better as you will have unlimited refills in the hotel.  I was looking through some of these all inclusive holidays packages online and I feel that it fits more into my budget :)  

I was sharing this with my Piggy Josh and told him that he has to look into this kind of packages for I know he is a big eater ( growing still ) so this would save him a lot of money since he is also on a shoestring budget for his Euro tour.  He will not have to worry about food.  The food on All Inclusive Holidays is usually served during regular time slots during the day which will give the guests the chance to pick and choose when they went to eat.  This is a perfect arrangement .  The whole idea behind this wonderful package is to make it comfortable and easy for the customer.   He has taken my advise and have booked into one of these all inclusive holidays package.  Early bird catches the worm . Greece is one of the Mediterranean country he is looking forward to visit .  

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Chocolate Swirled Steamed Cupcakes

I  am into steaming lately....I didn't know that they taste just as good as baked ones until I tried them out.  No fuss and can be whip out in 15-20 minutes ...and the  best part is not much washing to do.  I am chasing after Korean dramas , so baking taking a backseat  of late.   Bones are also starting to creak thus looking for easier recipes that will not need much standing LOL!  I googled for japanese steamed cupcakes and found this interesting one.  Original recipe is Nutella Swirled Steamed Cupcakes but since I do not have them at home, I substituted nutella with dark chocolate and it was yummlicious.  Chocolate flavored cupcakes..mmmm yummy!  Swirls gave it a more interesting look.  Mine did not have nice swirls :( but it looks batik-ish . Just the same, it tasted good and that is most important.  The texture is light, soft and airy and moist yet not dense.  Thumbs up for this simple japanese steamed cake!

Cheap All Inclusive Holidays...Josh ?

Josh has been in UK for a month already and his exams is just another 9 weeks away.  So fast ? yea, he is doing his last semester - a summer top up programme - an affliation programme with his Malaysian college. It is more like a fun thing he is doing there :)  more a holiday /study actually at the expense of the parents LOL!  Well , as his exams is around the corner, he is serious about getting his First Class Honours , which I am pleased.  After which he will be going for his Europe tour ...this is where I come in.   I will be his finance manager and his tour manager :p

I am doing some checking up for him while he is busy with his final papers. I have been surfing for cheap all inclusive holidays that are available on the internet.  Because, being Josh's financeManager, that is me, my job is to plan for him his European holiday on a shoe string budget.  I found an interesting one for him that includes flight tickets, hotel and food.  I will be sending to him the details so that he can have a look at them and do his booking early .  Early bird catches the worm as the saying goes ! I know he will be happy with the offer packages.  That would mean he can save some cash for shopping later on ! And I am happy too, this cheap all inclusive holidays would not cause a big dent to my bank account ! :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Steamed Sponge Cake - Cranberries & Lemon Zest

This is another healthy steamed cake that uses  egg whites instead of egg yolks....did I get your attention ? is a meringue based sponge cake...healthy eh ?  The flavor is further enchanced by the lemon juice and zest.  Lovely lemony flavor and cranberries taste !   And the texture turns out to be a light , soft and fluffy . A healthy steamed cake for the family and I shall make this again for our cell group meeting . When I read through the recipe , I knew I just had to try it out...knowing me, I will jump queue and make this first before the next item on my to do list :)   No regrets making this, it is so healthy and I don't feel guilty serving this to Wild Boar :p   and he as usual will shoot me with his " why not butter cake ?  you always make funny cake !  "  LOL!  

Florida - The Sunshine State

Florida ! The sunshine state that everyone would love.  Adults and kids will love this state . The adults will love their beautiful Miami beach . Their  long beautiful beaches and the clear waters would be a paradise for those that loves the water.  Chocolate lovers will love their biggest chocolate factory near Lake Worth there :)  Hoffman's Chocolate invites visitors to watch the making of some of Florida's best known and tastiest treats at its enormous facility in Greenacres . In addition to buying chocolates, visitors can watch them being made.  Well, I would love to add Florida into my to visit list !  Chocolates!  A foodie myself , I would love to experience tasting Florida food  from food trucks to their fine dining.  I could visit their local markets which I heard so much about from other food bloggers and take snap shots of their fresh farm products...ahhh this is getting me excited and this make me want to book Flights to Florida straight away ! :)

The kids would  love Florida's theme parks which include  Disney World , Universal Orlando, SeaWorld Orlando and some smaller attractions and water parks.  They will be star-struck by Mickey and the Disney Gang !  I would not want to miss this great opportunity to visit the chocolate factory when I visit Florida . Flights to Florida has great family package offers .  Booking for a  family for 4, you get free car hire ! This is a great deal for big family !

Monday, July 9, 2012

Healthy Steamed Banana Cake

Steamed cakes are quite healthy actually....usually the oil used are either vegetable /olive oil or any flavorless . I would normally use corn oil or grapeseed oil.  They are easy to prepare and more important not washing involved :)  I love banana either eaten as it is or baked and steamed would be fine too with me.  When I read how easy this is , and having banana at home seal the deal.  I made this over the weekend and it turned out light, soft and  fluffy .  Love it and I ate four pieces at one go.  This is so healthy that I will definitely make this again for our supper. 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Young & Restless T-Shirts

I was surfing the other day and found some quite cool t-shirts that I thought of getting for my nieces and nephews for their Christmas presents. I do not like to do last minute shopping.  Whenever I see nice and beautiful clothings online, I will not hesitate to get them for my nieces and nephews :)  young and reckless t-shirts would be a right choice as gifts for the coming Xmas  . They have a wide range of colors and cool designs for teenagers . If you are a online shopaholic like me, you will be thrill with their wide range of products !

Medical Advancement!

In the earlier days , where medical devices are not so advance, people with foot surgery done, will have to depends on clutches to walk around . But today medical devices have improved and taken a great turn. Medical company have come up with medical knee scooter  which enables individuals who are recovering from foot surgery, amputation , sprains , breaks and ulcers to move about easily . This has help many people to move around easier without the clutches!

Uncle Sam's Birthday Gift !

You know, each year we will give Uncle Sam his favorite al capone cigars as his birthday present.  He will be delighted to receive them for his coming birthday.  Wild Boar and myself have been trying to get him other stuff besides cigars but he just wanted this and nothing else :) So be it, Al Capone cigars will be our birthday present for Uncle Sam. He loves their sweet smell and petite looks. They comes in many flavors. A great gift for cigar lovers !

Friday, July 6, 2012

Orange Sour Cream Muffins with Zesty Orange Glaze

It has been a while since I baked anything nice for my colleagues :p  I wanted something easy and doesn't need much washing...old bones are creaking lately so have to cut off standing too long.  These muffins sounds easy and delicious.  One could never go wrong with orange juice and zest as one of the ingredients.  Found this recipe while surfing through Foodgawker...and needless to say, the picture caught my attention and after reading through the recipe, I was sold .  And since I have all the ingredients in the fridge , the deciding factor for baking this deliciousness for them.   Lucky ones aren't they!    I agrees with Damn Delicious that this is no ordinary muffins !  Believe is awesome!

PC Fair 2012

The PC Fair will soon be on sometimes later in the year. I love to go to the PC Fair held in  PWTC. There are lots and lots of offers going on.  One of the items to look for are printer ink cartridges which are offered at incredible prices  during the PC Fair besides other great deals.  Wild Boar and myself always look forward to the great deals offered during the PC Fair !  PC Fair 2012, watch out for it and I am sure you will be able to grab a few offer items too !

Josh & Whitby ,UK

Josh is having a very nice time in UK and he has been to many places and one of the places he went during the weekend was Whitby.  He was taken around Whitby and seeing places there by a group of seniors . One of the lecturer who travelled with them took them to his house...and Josh was happy to be invited too to his place.  The first time Josh has ever seen a wall mounted fireplace   and that reminds him of Santa Claus and Christmases . It is a blend of the old and new.  The english cottage with modern furnitures and all. A great experience for him to visit a English home :) 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Japanese Steamed Sweet Corn Mushipan/Bun

One would think this is a ' smiling bun ' or what the Hokkien called  'Huat Kuih ' but it is actually a Japanese steamed mushipan /bun. Because I used the ' Huat Kuih '  molds with holes all round the side and bottom, thus for the fake ' Huat Kuih look '  I can't wait to use them , they have been in my pantry for two years or more and yesterday night was my first time using them ;p  I kind of love the Huat Kuih look giving it a rugged look.  I steamed them for our late supper , after our church function...WB was hungry ,  to whip this simple and no fuss bun doesn't take much time.  All in all , the preparation  took just 25 minutes and we had a light and easy supper :)  

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Download Audiobooks For Free

Well, just the title is enough to lure me to check it out :) has a wide range of  download audiobooks for free  and it is good for lazy people like me.   I have checked the website and found that they too have something for the children besides the adults.  Love it and it is free for downloading. Do check it out ! They have horror audio books, nature and a whole load of food and cooking audio books. What say you? Of course I am the first to download them for free ! :)

E-Books From E-Store

Joanna enjoys reading e-books and e-journals from her iPad :)  She bought a lot of e-books from ebook store  and she say with the iPad she can read in comfort . She can carry with her anywhere she goes and the convenient of carrying less with e-books. She just have to carry one iPad and she can have hundreds of e-books to read. Good for travelling, she can read on the train and not get bored ! 

Monday, July 2, 2012

Parmesan Cheese Crackers

I have always been curious as to homemade crackers...will they be just crispy /crunchy for a while and then goes soft ?  Well, curiosity gets the better of me and I made some using Smitten Kitchen's recipe.  Well, I can say I am very satisfied with the result....they were crispy crunchy till the next day and the tin is empty so I never got the chance to test it out and see whether the crisps and crunch  still stay that long...and every bite has that cheesy and saltish taste that is so good that I am going to make this more often.  You can munch on them without knowing when to stop  LOL!  It is a great snacking treat for me and Wild Boar :) Nothing beats making cheese crackers yourself.  They can be eaten as a stand alone without having to top anymore rich stuff on them :)

Cheap Holidays

Cheap holiday options are more sought-after than ever , not only during the summer but through out the year.  You can have  a fabulous  holiday on a shoestring budget. Taking a budget holidays can require some stretching of the mind as well as budget, and the reward would give you a unique and exciting break that you and your family will never forget.  There are many options available, while some will take you beyond the usual holiday ideas and maybe beyond your comfort zone but just the same you will get a great one on a little budget.  

You can book your low cost holidays online at . From their website,  you will be able to gather more information from their write out on the 10 ways to have a big holiday on a little budget. I guess the idea of holidaying on a little budget would catch the attention of everyone who are looking for a great shoestring budget holiday. I have asked my Piggy Josh to check it out on their website since he will be looking for cheap holiday on his shoestring budget  :)   Sending him to UK to finish is degree has taken much of our savings and thus we will not be able to give him a five star holidays so he has to really watch out this kind of offer of a low cost holidays online. Anyway , I am sure he knows what he what to do and with this book your cheap holidays online, I am sure he will be able to find one that will suit his budget.  With the Olympic games starting soon, he really have to book earlier than usual or he might not get a place if he book later on.

*          *          *

Patio Cushion Seating

We were looking for some comfortable cushion seating at some furniture shops and we saw some very nice patio cushion seating that would be great for our garden chairs. It has been raining of late so this dryfast foam made cushion seating would be ideal for our garden chairs. The sale person told us that it is anti-microbial and helps suppress microorganism growth, common in damp areas. Perfect and ideal for the garden chairs !

Oil Free Moisturizer For Momsie Elin :)

I realised that recently my skin is getting oily by the day...and I am not sure whether it is good or bad. Getting younger or some hormonal changes LOL!  My face need some treatment now that I am not getting younger by the days .I am looking for a moisturizer that is oil free . Oil free moisturizer will be good for a start.  Since my skin is oily, it would be the right kind of moisturizer for me. I still need to look good even though my kids are now young adults  :)