Sunday, July 29, 2012

Apartments In Turkey

Many of our students are awarded scholarship to study in Turkey by the Malaysian Government.  My colleague's son is one of the many awarded.  Now with that money saved on education for the son, she would like to purchase an apartment in Turkey so that her child could stay in comfort during his 6 years stay in Turkey.  And having an apartment in Turkey could further benefit the family when the whole family goes over to visit the son during his semester break.  What a wise decision! This could be an investment too for the family. The more my colleague Farah thinks about it , the more excited she became.  

She searched online for a reliable housing agency in Turkey and phoned them to enquire whether there are any suitable apartments for sale in Turkey that is near to her son's  University which is within walking distance .  She was happy when they told her there are a few suitable ones and that she should fly over and have a look at the few selected ones.  They are keeping on hold a few apartments for her to view . Farah could not wait to see the apartment and the whole family is excited.  They are flying over in a week's time and I have asked Farah to cart home some dried fruits and the famous Turkish delights and spices back for me.  Yay! I am as excited as them.  They can't wait to see the apartments and I can't wait for my goodies ! :)

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