Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Cheap All Inclusive Holidays...Josh ?

Josh has been in UK for a month already and his exams is just another 9 weeks away.  So fast ? yea, he is doing his last semester - a summer top up programme - an affliation programme with his Malaysian college. It is more like a fun thing he is doing there :)  more a holiday /study actually at the expense of the parents LOL!  Well , as his exams is around the corner, he is serious about getting his First Class Honours , which I am pleased.  After which he will be going for his Europe tour ...this is where I come in.   I will be his finance manager and his tour manager :p

I am doing some checking up for him while he is busy with his final papers. I have been surfing for cheap all inclusive holidays that are available on the internet.  Because, being Josh's financeManager, that is me, my job is to plan for him his European holiday on a shoe string budget.  I found an interesting one for him that includes flight tickets, hotel and food.  I will be sending to him the details so that he can have a look at them and do his booking early .  Early bird catches the worm as the saying goes ! I know he will be happy with the offer packages.  That would mean he can save some cash for shopping later on ! And I am happy too, this cheap all inclusive holidays would not cause a big dent to my bank account ! :)

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