Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Chocolate Swirled Steamed Cupcakes

I  am into steaming lately....I didn't know that they taste just as good as baked ones until I tried them out.  No fuss and can be whip out in 15-20 minutes ...and the  best part is not much washing to do.  I am chasing after Korean dramas , so baking taking a backseat  of late.   Bones are also starting to creak thus looking for easier recipes that will not need much standing LOL!  I googled for japanese steamed cupcakes and found this interesting one.  Original recipe is Nutella Swirled Steamed Cupcakes but since I do not have them at home, I substituted nutella with dark chocolate and it was yummlicious.  Chocolate flavored cupcakes..mmmm yummy!  Swirls gave it a more interesting look.  Mine did not have nice swirls :( but it looks batik-ish . Just the same, it tasted good and that is most important.  The texture is light, soft and airy and moist yet not dense.  Thumbs up for this simple japanese steamed cake!

I googled and found this Nutella Swirled Steamed Cupcakes on Magpie's Recipe.  I followed the steps to the dot except I added a bit more sugar to the recipe and substituted  nutella with dark melted chocolate .  This can be done in just 15 minutes.  Steaming is just 8 minutes.  Easy job, right?  Haha, this kind of cakes suits us fine. Wild Boar likes chocolate , so this will serve as light supper treats.  We are having supper very often lately...maybe me being a goat most dinner time , makes me hungry fast I guess :)   This is a keeper for sure.  

I need to wash just three items here...
the mixing bowl, the measuring cu[
and the whisk.....LOL! 

love the swirls .....mix gently and do not over stir
it if you want more swirls. I think I over did mine
that is why it turned batik designs rather than
swirls :p

it looks nice here but after steaming, the melted chocolate 
sort of blend into the white part of the batter
thus the swirls are not prominent :p

before steaming....

after steaming time is 8 mins

love the batik color and design :))

can see a bit of swirls though   , soft ,moist and fluffy
with the beautiful chocolate taste on every bites !

Chocolate Swirled Steamed Cupcakes ( adapted from Magpie's Recipe )
Yield: Makes 4 cupcakes


½ cup (75g) all purpose flour ( I used unbleached)
1 tsp. baking powder
1 egg
2 Tbsp. milk
2 Tbsp. sugar  *  I doubled the amount of sugar
1 Tbsp. vegetable oil
1/4 tsp vanilla extract
1 Heaped Tbsp of nutella  * I substituted with  melted dark chocolate


In a bowl, sift or whisk together the flour and baking powder combining well.

In another bowl, combine egg, milk, sugar and vegetable oil and whisk them all together.

Pour the egg mixture into the flour mixture and mix with a fork until smooth.

Add in the tablespoon of nutella or melted dark chocolate and stir to create a swirl in the batter. Don't mix too well else you won't be able to see the swirly effect.

Pour the mixture into the cupcake liners trying to make sure that the batter does not spill over the edges of the liners.

Place them in the steamer and steam for 8-15 mins. ( mine cooked at 8 mins )

Stick a skewer or toothpick into the cake. When it comes out clean, remove them from steamer an place on a rack to cool. If not , leave to cook for 5 minute increments until done.

If you undercook they will be dense and gummy and if you overcook they will become rubbery, so do check.



  1. Very nice swirl in your cupcakes! I have tried steaming cake before and this looks great.

  2. I am new around your blog :) and I love it..
    I am your new happy follower :D You are welcome to visit my humble blog :D

  3. I always wanted to try steam cake but have not got a chance yet, you are tempting me now lol.

  4. Looks moist and lovely! I have not tried steaming cakes before, would love to try one of these days!

  5. It looks so super nice ! I Want i want ! LOL ... I miss eating cakes, and home baked delicious-ness !

  6. Ya I can see the swirls in your steamed cupcakes, looks wonderful! steamed cakes are more moist I think!

  7. Elin, have yet to try steam cupcakes. Can throw a couple over here? hehe