Monday, July 23, 2012

Dried Fruits Rye Bread

As you know from my previous rye bread post,  I have made a full load of wet rye dough using the 5 minutes method . I love the texture and the flavor...the only setback is the wet load is kinda hard to handle.  But taste and texture wise , it is pheonomenal.  The next time I make , I will reduce the water to 3  1/4 cups instead of 4 cups of water for easier handling of the dough.   I can't shape the bun because it is far too wet, so I decided to add dried fruits and walnuts to the dough.  And scooped the dough into  a  greased bread tin.  The bread turned out great....after cooling it on the rack,  cutting it into neat slices is not a problem  :)         

Enriched bread is really my cup of tea. I enriched the bread with some dried figs and dried cranberries and added some walnuts !   The combination is fantastically good.  I can eat it as alone and finished with a cup of hot coffee or apply butter to it :)   Either way, between the two of us, we managed to finish the loaf of enriched bread for breakfast and dinner.   Weekend are meant to laze about and not spend cooking in the kitchen.....actually I was down with fever and cough and cold since Friday and this bread came just in time .  Not much washing needed, I just dumped the lump of dough onto the bread tin and waited an hour for it to proof before baking.   

there are lots of  dried figs and dates in the market
it is fasting month for the Muslims and I took
advantage and bought dried figs and dates home
for bread making.....they definitely make
the bread tasty and further enhanced the taste :)

after 90 minutes of proofing in a warm place,
the bread has risen well and ready for baking

baked for 35 minutes or until cooked
through at 230C ....lightly tap on the
top of the bread and if it gives out a hollow sound
then it is cooked through....

let it cooled down on a rack
use a serrated knife, cut into neat slices
and keep in air tight bread container

I am happy with the result...worth waiting for anyway

soft and fluffy....riched with nuts and dried fruits....

Click here for the rye bread recipe

Enjoy !


  1. hmm...yeah, i remember reading from the book it says it's a wet dough and we may need to adjust the flour amount. i must also try with figs one day..tak pernah cuba!