Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Florida - The Sunshine State

Florida ! The sunshine state that everyone would love.  Adults and kids will love this state . The adults will love their beautiful Miami beach . Their  long beautiful beaches and the clear waters would be a paradise for those that loves the water.  Chocolate lovers will love their biggest chocolate factory near Lake Worth there :)  Hoffman's Chocolate invites visitors to watch the making of some of Florida's best known and tastiest treats at its enormous facility in Greenacres . In addition to buying chocolates, visitors can watch them being made.  Well, I would love to add Florida into my to visit list !  Chocolates!  A foodie myself , I would love to experience tasting Florida food  from food trucks to their fine dining.  I could visit their local markets which I heard so much about from other food bloggers and take snap shots of their fresh farm products...ahhh this is getting me excited and this make me want to book Flights to Florida straight away ! :)

The kids would  love Florida's theme parks which include  Disney World , Universal Orlando, SeaWorld Orlando and some smaller attractions and water parks.  They will be star-struck by Mickey and the Disney Gang !  I would not want to miss this great opportunity to visit the chocolate factory when I visit Florida . Flights to Florida has great family package offers .  Booking for a  family for 4, you get free car hire ! This is a great deal for big family !

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