Thursday, July 5, 2012

Japanese Steamed Sweet Corn Mushipan/Bun

One would think this is a ' smiling bun ' or what the Hokkien called  'Huat Kuih ' but it is actually a Japanese steamed mushipan /bun. Because I used the ' Huat Kuih '  molds with holes all round the side and bottom, thus for the fake ' Huat Kuih look '  I can't wait to use them , they have been in my pantry for two years or more and yesterday night was my first time using them ;p  I kind of love the Huat Kuih look giving it a rugged look.  I steamed them for our late supper , after our church function...WB was hungry ,  to whip this simple and no fuss bun doesn't take much time.  All in all , the preparation  took just 25 minutes and we had a light and easy supper :)  

This recipe had been in my to do list but I kept postponing them until last night WB was grumbling that he was still hungry.  So this came to mind and I just love the sweet corn in steamed mushipan :)  WB would love it to be a little bit more sweet but for me it was just nice.  Thank you , Ellena of Cuisine Paradise for sharing this simple and easy to make steamed bun.   It is actually quite similar in texture with the steamed sponge cake and I added vanilla extract to the batter for extra fragrance :)

you can get the Huat kuih molds from the crockery shop

this is so simple to make and this is
good for supper or breakfast
it takes less than 30 mins to whip up

love the sweet corn kernels topping
and the soft fluffy texture

Japanese Steamed Sweet Corn Mushipan/Bun - adapted from Ellena , Cuisine Paradise

Ingredients: (makes 4)

100g Cake/Plain Flour 
1 Teaspoon of Baking Powder
25g Caster Sugar
1 Large Egg, 60g
50ml Water
1/2 Cup Fresh/Frozen Sweetcorn Kernels
1 Tablespoon of Vegetable/Corn Oil, optional 
* I added 1 tsp vanilla extract


1. Sift flour and baking powder in a bowl. Set aside. At the same time, preheat a steamer/wok filled with water till boiling point.

2. Using a balloon whisk beat egg and sugar together till foamy and pale in colour before adding in oil and stir till combined.

3. Next divide the sifted flour into two batches, stir in alternately with water to form a smooth batter. 

4. Lastly stir in 2/3 of the sweetcorn kernels and reserve the rest as toppings.

5. Spoon the cake batter evenly into 4 prepared foil/ramekins cups that are lined with paper liners.

6. Place the cups in the steamer/wok(with boiling water in it), cover and steam over high heat for about 12 - 15 minutes(depending on the size) or until a skewer inserted into one of the buns comes out clean.    

Enjoy !


  1. Your buns looks so fluffy and so beautiful! Lovely liners too!

  2. This looks great - thanks for the recipe.

  3. i also remember seeing a few of elena's steamed cake recipes like this..the one with purple sweet potatoes also looks very pretty.