Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Josh's Storage Store In UK :)

You know things have to be planned and organized especially if you are planning for a holiday and you do not want to send all your stuff home . Josh is looking for storage store in UK to keep his luggages and stuff ( he has been enjoying shopping and till date, I knew he bought an electric guitar )  * shaking my head while writing this.   Now he is scratching his head as to where he can store his stuff when he goes for his Euro tour.   He search online for a place to store his stuff and finally he found one that offers great self storage prices for students ,that is just right for his budget and the right size to keep his stuff ,especially his precious electric guitar :)  

He found one near to his University and at the lowest price he could get !  They even provide him with a free trolley for easy loading and making storing his stuff quick and easy.  All he needs to do is to get loads of boxes and bubble wrap from his local store.   I am happy that he managed to find one near to his University and he can go for his Euro tour without having to worry about his stuff . He can relax knowing his storage store is secure- for he will have the only key to his store.  He can rent the stgorage store for a week or a month , depending on how long he will be away.  And the best thing is as a student in UK , he gets a 10% saving on storage.   Another saving for his Momsie...that is me ! :)

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