Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Orange And Chocolate Steamed Cupcake

Even though I was not well, I still went for our cell group meeting last Friday.  I just don't want to miss the meet up and bible study.  I decided to make some simple and no fuss cupcakes to take to the meeting.  Thus, this chocolate and orange steamed cupcakes come into the picture :)   They are soft ...tangy and yet with chocolatey flavor.   Love it ! And the elders love them...and this is most important coz I make these soft cakes for them .  And it was not that sweet ...just nice for people of my age LOL!  The texture is like the ' huat kueh '  mmmmm for me, I like it and it is easy to whip up too.  You won't believe it,  I came back from work and start measuring out the ingredients  and I had everything ready in an hour.   Cut the cupcakes into halves so that more people can have a bite of the cuppies :p

I know that I am getting lazier each day, but it is because the medicine is making me drowsy most of the time...so I opted for easier to prepare cakes.   Hopefully I will recover fast :) and more exciting recipes coming your way :)   For the time being, steaming is more for me....this cake is not just easy to prepare but it requires less washing too...one mixing bowl , one spoon and one measuring cup...LOL!   I used the same recipe as the Japanese Double Chocolate Steamed Cake  and double the sugar :)   

love the smooth and soft texture of this steamed cake

and it is light too.....

see the inside of the cupcake....light , soft and moist

I have to cut the cupcakes into halves so that more people
can have a bite of the cake...there are many other cakes and 
noodles brought by other cell members
...so this is just perfect for a crowd of 24 persons :)

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