Thursday, July 26, 2012

Rye Bread With Parmesan & Topped With Pumpkin Seeds

Okay, I know I have posting mostly on rye bread and have you bored :p  but since I have made one big load of wet dough last week ,  I might as well finish the wet dough before I start on something else.  I have been not well and eating bread would be the best food besides porridge.  And this is one healthy bread for the two of us.  Wild Boar loves it with parmesan adds extra flavor to the bread.  I have so much pumpkin seeds and almond slices in the fridge....and I just topped the bread with these healthy seeds and nuts.   Gave the bread a nutty crusty top LOL!   Love it !   As what the book says , prepares a load of wet dough that can last for a week  , thus making bread is so much easier without having to measure out ingredients each time I feel like eating bread.   All I have to do is just  pull out a piece of  wet dough the size of a grapefruit and let it proof for 50 minutes and it is ready for baking.  

This is the last piece of wet dough left and just nice for our breakfast.  Love the springy and light texture with a layer of parmesan cheese in the is delicious enough for us :)  I can't shaped the dough because it is too wet , thus I can only proof it in a loaf pan :p  I think the next load , I am going to reduce the water content and I shall compare the result :)    This method of bread making is quite interesting and time saving :)

I like it a bit burnt.....:p

the nutty and crusty top gives character to the bread

the parmesan cheese gave the bread extra flavor

I can eat the whole loaf if permitted.....but have to
share with the WB

love the cheesy taste in the rye bread.......

you can refer here for the recipe
for the basic rye bread

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  1. Rye bread again! Haha, love your bread, with so many types of nuts and cheese, sure very yummy, need to try out this recipe too, looks convenient :)

  2. i only have 2 slices of pizza for my dinner today and now i'm hungry..seriously. Looking at bread also making me salivating!! aaargh!! hey, hope you get well soon!