Friday, August 24, 2012

Baked Chocolate Banana French Toast

I prefer my french toast baked rather than pan fried with butter.  It is so much healthier and yummy too if baked.  I like to add banana slices and dark chocolate to it.  We had four days holidays and this is what I served for our brunch when we were too lazy to go out and queue for our food....the crowds were either visitors from KL or Penang or as far as Singapore :p .  All the famous eating places were packed so Wild Boar rather eat in.  For me it is sheer heaven, no rushing to office and the best thing was we can sleep in  LOL!  Woke up to something sweet and chocolatey....double happiness !

It is easy to prepare and doesn't take much of your time.  I have all the ingredients at home and making this is   just super easy.   I have some melted chocolate cream in the fridge waiting for my next cake frosting :) I spread some on my homemade wholemeal bread slices, sliced some banana and arranged them on the chocolate spread.  Sandwich  with another slice of bread and soaked the sandwich on the beaten egg mixture till both sides are coated with the egg mixture.  Gently lift up and placed on the lined grill pan. Baked in oven for 15 -20 minutes @175C.   Half way through baking, flip over to brown the other side of the sandwich . You can apply half a teaspoon of butter on each sandwich surface.  When it is browned on both sides.  You can take it out of the oven and served with honey and fresh fruits of your choice.  I have strawberries , so I added  them as desserts :)

you can use hazelnut nutella or melted chocolate as spread

make sure the sandwich is fully soaked with the egg
mixture on both sides 

lined the grill pan with greaseproof paper for easy

Having french toast the baked way is so much
healthier and yummy when sandwich them with
fresh banana and chocolate spread

drizzle honey or maple syrup on them while they are piping
hot from the chocolatey gooey good !

we both had a well rested four days holiday and looking forward 
to the 31st August long holidays :)

Have a great day !

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  1. Ah yessss, my kind of french toast ... baked. I do enjoy my french toasts except that they soak up too much fat when pan fried. I like this idea.
    Happy holidays, Elin! And have a great weekend before the home crowd returns!

  2. yummy Elin...I hope you can pass me that. Will try this idea soon. Yeah baked is much more healthier.

  3. Oh wow, I am drooling over this. Must make this for my kids, they would go wild.

  4. A rich yet guilt-free breakfast! I would love them baked too.

  5. i will wake up early to these kind of breakfast! if it's served on the bed, it's even better!!

  6. WOW, sooooo good and soo easy :D

  7. Yeah, I prefer baked french toast to the fried version, I think my sister will love this very much, with lots of chocolate and banana, they are perfect match!

  8. Elin, this is a totally decadent French toast. Definitely a treat to be enjoyed.

  9. Elin, you still went out for food hunting righhttt? =) Saw you at the golden fried kuey teow shop but too shy to say hi!

  10. Anon : Ohhh I wish you had stopped by and say hi to would be great to know you :) family are piggies, so the hunting for food is in our blood LOL ! despite all the good food , eating out is still a norm for us :) Next time you see me, please do say hi ! Lena of Her frozen Wings say hi to me when she saw me in the market and we became friends after that and she became a famous blogger herself , though when she say hi,she was just my reader then :p so please say hi the next time you see me :) Thanks for dropping by anyway.

  11. This looks heavenly! Love the idea of waking up to something sweet and chocolatey.