Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Homemade Wholemeal Sandwich Bread

It must quite a while since I last made bread for the house :)  I decided to run my Kenwood Titanium mixer which has been lying on the counter , not used for many months.  Wild Boar advised to run it once in a while or the motor will die on me :p   I  normally use the hand mixer for convenient sake for making buns.   And since he specially requested for wholemeal bread,  this is the best time to run the Kenwood mixer :) And I decided to try my hands at making Sandwich Loaf using my Pullman tin ( bought it many months ago and have not used it till now :p ) . I took the recipe from Happy Home Baking - White Sandwich Bread and adapted it to suit WB's taste. He wanted wholemeal bread , so I tweaked it and added  15 percent wholemeal flour to the recipe . It turned out great.   Making my own bread from home gives me joy and happiness.  The smell of freshly baked bread is so intoxicating LOL!  And seeing WB eating them brings pleasure....homemade ones are healthy, free from preservative and softener.   Who says homemade ones are not soft ? They can keep soft for two days.  On  the third day , I just have to microwave it for 20 seconds and it is just as good as freshly baked ones.

This method uses the gelatinized dough and overnight sponge dough.  This two dough needs to be prepared a day before.  I made double portions so that I can use it when I free like making bread the next few days :)

this is the gelatinised dough - must make this and refrigerate it
for at least 12 hours before using

this is the overnight sponge dough - must make this and let it proof
for 30 mins at room temperature, after which wrap it with cling wrap
and leave it overnight before using it

I enjoy this part the time for me :p

arrange the rolls on the pullman pan and leave it
to proof till the pan is fill to 80% , close the lid
and bake for 35 mins...for my bread, it didn't turn
brown nicely on the top so I removed the lid and continue
bake it uncovered for another 8 minutes till
the top has a nice and crunchy crust :)

maybe my pullman pan is not of the right size 
so the bread did not touch the lid and have a nice even
top :p  but just the same, the bread is soft and fluffy
and remained soft till the next day :)

homemade ones taste much better and healthier too :) 

Wholemeal Sandwich Bread  - adapted from Happy Home Baking

(makes one 11cm x 11cm x 20cm loaf)

(A) Gelatinised dough (烫种)
75g bread flour
53g boiling water

(B) Overnight sponge dough (隔夜中种面团)
100g bread flour
60g water (room temperature)
1/4 teaspoon instant yeast

(C) Main dough(主面团)
225g bread flour  *  I use 190 bread flour and 40 gm wholemeal flour
10g milk powder  * I replace with 40 gm fresh milk
22g caster sugar * 30 gm sugar
5g salt
4g instant yeast
143g water (room temperature) * I use only 130 gm only because of the fresh milk used 
60g overnight sponge dough
gelatinised dough from (A)
30g butter (cut into cubes) 


- Gelatinised dough (烫种)
Add the boiling water in (A) into the bread flour, stir and mix to form a rough dough. Cover dough and set aside to cool. Wrap dough and leave it to chill in fridge for at least 12 hrs. (Bring back to room temperature before using.)

- Overnight sponge dough
Mix bread flour in (B) with instant yeast. Add water and mix to form a rough dough. Cover dough let it proof for 30mins. Wrap dough and refrigerate overnight. Note: only 60g is required. Bring back to room temperature before using.

- Main dough
  1. Mix together bread four, milk powder, caster sugar, salt and instant yeast in a mixing bowl. Make a well in the centre, and add in water and overnight dough. Knead to form a rough dough. Knead in gelatinised-dough.
  2. Transfer dough to a lightly floured work surface. Knead the dough till smooth. This should take about 10mins. Knead in the butter. Continue to knead the dough until it no longer sticks to your hand, becomes smooth and elastic. This should take about another 15~20 mins. Do the window pane test: pinch a piece of the dough, pull and stretch it. It should be elastic, and can be pulled away into a thin membrane without tearing/breaking apart easily.
  3. Place dough in a lightly greased (use vegetable oil or butter) mixing bowl, cover with cling wrap and let proof in room temperature (around 28 to 30 degC) for about 60mins, or until double in bulk.
  4. Remove the dough from the bowl and give a few light kneading to press out the gas in the dough. Divide the dough into 3 equal portions. Roll each dough into smooth rounds, cover with a damp cloth or cling wrap and let the doughs rest for 10mins.
  5. On a lightly floured work surface, flatten each dough and roll out to form a longish oval shape. Starting from the shorter end, roll it up swiss-roll style. Leave the doughs to rest for another 10 mins.
  6. Flatten each dough and roll it out again to form a long rectangle (around 30cm x 10cm). Flip the dough over and roll up swiss-roll style, roll up as tightly as possible. Pinch and seal the seams. Place the three doughs, seam side down, in a well greased (with butter) pullman tin.
  7. Cover with damp cloth or cling wrap and leave doughs to proof for the second time for about 50~60mins, or until the pan is 80% full. Cover the lid (well greased with butter) and bake at 220degC for 35mins. Unmold immediately and once cool store in an airtight container.

*            *            *


  1. if i remember correctly, this is one of alex goh's recipes, i love all his bread recipes.

  2. Your bread look very nice and soft. This is the sort of bread I love to use for making sandwiches. Must bake my own soon :)

  3. The bread looks great. I would never think of making a sponge for wheat bread. I can't wait to try it.

  4. I bet the bread is moist & fluffy due to the use of gelatinized dough & starter dough. Excellent!