Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Purple Sweet Potato Chiffon

This is another cake from from Evan's Kitchen Ramblings that I copied cat on :p  I bought some purple sweet potatoes from  the wet market the other day and remembered this cake from EKR.  The inside of the sweet potatoes were dark purple in color as you can see from the bits of it in the cake. I love the natural purple color which gave the cake a very nice and refreshing look. The texture is moist and light at the same time.  A beautiful color, natural purple and rich with nutirents and I love the bits of sweet potatoes in it.  Delicious ! and I shall make this again , a keeper no doubt :)

I am happy that it turned out quite nice....meaning that this time , I managed to make a good chiffon cake! Yay!  I don't seem to have much luck making chiffon cakes but this time , it looks that I have overcome failure :p Thank you  Evan's Kitchen Rambling for sharing yet another wonderful recipe .  After this , I shall dare venture into another chiffon cake, so stay tuned . More chiffon cakes will be coming your way :)

love the bits of sweet potatoes in the chiffon cake
and it did not sink to the bottom :)

I am satisfied with the texture and the fact that it did not collapsed
makes me happy :)

Purple Sweet Potato Chiffon - adapted from Evan's Kitchen Ramblings


130  purple sweet potato - steamed and mashed
4 tbsps milk
4 egg yolks
25g brown sugar
65ml canola oil   * I use corn oil
4 tbsps water
110g cake flour, sifted
5 cold egg whites
65g caster sugar

80-100g raw purple sweet potato cubes, lightly coated with cake flour to prevent from sinking to the bottom of the cake


1. peel and chop purple sweet potatoes, then steam until cooked. lightly mash with fork, add milk and puree with hand blender until emulsified.

2. in a bowl whisk together egg yolks, brown sugar, oil & water until well blended. add in sweet potato puree and mix well. fold in flour until well combined.

3. in another bowl whisk together egg whites and caster sugar until stiff peaks, then fold the whites into the yolk mixture in 3 additions. fold in the purple sweet potato cubes.

4. pour mixture into ungreased chiffon/angel cake tube pan and knock the pan against the counter top to remove some air bubbles.

5. bake in a preheated oven of 180C for 40 mins or until a wooden skewer inserted into the cake comes out clean. remove tin from oven and immediately invert it until the cake has cooled completely.


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  1. Never had before this. But this is purplely delicious. I don't dare to bake chiffon cake, I afraid it will shrink. Hahaha.

  2. Mmmm... I love this pretty and healthy chiffon cake! Looks so soft and spongy :)

  3. I am so attracted by the colour, and the best part is its natural (no colouring!). This is one chiffon I would love to eat...

  4. Congratulations on your successful chiffon!
    My last few have had the top sink a little after cooling - even though inverted.

  5. nice chiffon cake, love the purple color.

  6. purple sweet chiffon is one flavour also i intend to make. I think now you have already conquered the fear of making chiffons! it looks great!!

  7. wow, your chiffon looks soooo purple. I am totally attracted to the colour. What a beautiful baked. Kudos!
    Happy weekend, dear.