Saturday, August 18, 2012

Why Choose Barbados For Your Holidays!

We had a meet up with a few of our ex colleagues whom we have not seen for a year and had a wonderful time catching up with each other besides tucking in good food :)  One of them had gone for a holiday to the Caribbean  island, Barbados. He took his wife to visit their son in London and after having stayed in London for 2 weeks, they adjourned to Barbados .  He told us how they booked their flights to Barbados from London and it was so much cheaper than booking straight from home since they were already in London.  They enjoyed the beautiful  and colorful villages and the miles of sandy beaches lapped by the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea.  No wonder, this explained how they acquired their sun tan :)  And they shared how they really enjoyed the food there and had their first taste of flying fish sandwich !  Wow...this makes all of us drool over the food photos they showed us on the iPhone.  They managed to capture most of the beautiful places in their iPhone for us to view and we were enthralled by the beautiful island of Barbados by just looking through the photos they took.  It is not just an island for sea adventures, it is an island of rum and reggae and really a great place to eat and drink.  

James told us that it is very easy to book flights to Barbados from UK. We can book the air tickets to Barbados from many UK airports and he told us that they have many special fares to Barbados which is not highlighted on their websites and it is best to call the office to find out the special fares!  And you can guess that the whole meet up was on their adventures in Barbados. He really enlightened us with an account of his recent holiday and he insisted that we should all include Barbados for our holidays ! Of course, we will!

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