Friday, September 21, 2012

Blueberry Bread And Butter Pudding

I am not a fan of bread pudding until I saw the recipe from Lena's blog - Her Frozen Wings.  Those that my colleagues made for our office functions can be so rich and soft that I will not have second helpings.  But after reading through Lena's recipe, I find that I want to try making them since I have some left over slices of Ciabatta in the fridge.  I took her recipe and tweaked it by adding blueberries and rum infused raisins !  It was one of the best I have eaten and believe me it was deliriously yummy :)  Love it !

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ciabatta Garlic Bread Slices

I have a loaf of Ciabatta bread left in the freezer .  It was at least a week old ,and all of a sudden I had a craving for garlic bread...mmmmm I thawed it the night before and the next morning I just sliced them up and made some mixed herbs garlic butter .....gosh ,  applied on the slices of a week old Ciabatta and in less than 10 minutes, I had garlic bread that smells as good as it was freshly baked.   The rest of the can guess what I did with them...coming in my next post.  After this experience, I know for sure , I can make loaves of bread in advance and store them up in the freezer , knowing they will still turn out good :)


My colleague, Haniza, had an electrosurgery done on her recently.  The dental surgeon used electrosurgery while performing dental procedures on her.  I did not understand what electrosurgery is about. So I googled and found that electrosurgery is the process of using electrical currents to perform surgical operations.  This allows for precise cuts that minimize blood loss and is used in a wide variety of surgical and dental procedures. And it uses an eletrosurgical generator and a handpiece with electrodes to perform surgery operations.  Now I understand why her dental surgeon performed an electrosurgery on her!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Best Buttermilk Pancake - Martha Stewart

I bought a box of buttermilk from Tesco for Piggy Jo.  She had wanted to make red velvet cake but due to time constraint, she was not able to bake the cake she wanted to .  In the end I have to use it to make these soft and fluffy pancakes :)  The label on the box says that Buttermilk is the secret ingredient for fluffier muffins, scones and tastier casseroles.  I googled for buttermilk pancake recipe and found it on Martha Stewart's website.  True, using buttermilk makes the pancake fluffier but it is expensive to use buttermilk on pancakes LOL!  I paid RM11 for a 600ml pack.   I have tried yoghurt in pancake batter and leave it overnight, I still get the same result :p  soft and fluffy !   Love it with blueberries and banana in it.  Healthy and delicious...perfect breakfast snack :)

I Am The Mrs. Know All :)

I have been in the architecture line for 3 decades....and when we put up our drawings, everything has to be considered. The construction first before we can put into 2D or 3D.  I have been learning since I joined service 3 decades ago and today I can be an Architect without portfolio LOL!  From the building to the finishes, I have to know and from bolts and nuts and steel plate to angle iron , I also have to have a general idea of what they are for. So , my scope of work is , anything to do with constructions I have to know !  LOL ! interesting job I am in :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ciabatta Biga Version - Peter Reinhart

When I first bought the book' The Bread Baker's Apprentice ' by Peter Reinhart, I was more diligent in making my own bread LOL! after a year, I have become more lazy - the culprit is ASTRO and all its lastest dramas- korean and HK :p  Thank God, the passion for homemade bread is ignited once again and last two weeks I have been baking from the book :)  I had baked Ciabatta -Poolish Version a year back and last week, I baked Ciabatta using Biga Version.   Please don't ask me what is the difference...for it looks and taste the same except the starter dough method is slightly different :p   I enjoyed Ciabatta dipped in olive balsamic vinegar sauce.  Yummy!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Yay! My New Ice Cream Maker - Kenwood IM280

FINALLY!!!  I managed to get the Kenwood IM280 ice cream maker from Jusco Station 18 LOL! And guess what ?  At RM269 only for the same model which is selling for RM399 in KL ...hip hip hooray..hip hip hooray !   I have been looking for this model at all IPOH electrical shops and they told me the same story " out of stock "   And when I asked my Piggy Jo to get from KL, she told me the shop people told her that Kenwood has discontinued this model...thus you can find any in KL.  Isn't it amazing that I managed to get it from Jusco Station 18.   I love ice cream...who doesn't ??? I want to make healthy ice cream....yoghurt fresh fruit ice cream and green tea ice cream......awwwwww drooling just thinking of it !  Slurrrp.......This ice cream maker will definitely save time and work :p   the only problem is space in the freezer LOL!

About the Ice Cream Maker - IM280

The white IM280 can give you delicious home made ice cream in 15-30 minutes, thanks to its fast freezing, double insulated 1.5 litre freezer bowl. The wide chute makes it easy to add ingredients while the ice cream is being mixed. And the non-stick bowl makes the ice cream easy to serve too. 

Design for life
The non-stick bowl has handles on both sides for easy lifting and the wide chute makes it easy to add ingredients while the ice cream is being mixed.

Have a nice day 
stay tuned for more healthy ice cream :)

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Personalized Sports Gifts

Times flies and soon half of my office people will be gearing up for our year end inter office sports tournament. Our office people who are good sportmen are asked to participate and represent the office in a few sports.  One of the games that I have signed up is the bowling.  I am not that a good bowler but hoping to get at least a prize for that participation. The officers in charge of the games are getting personalized sports gifts for every individual sports. And I am looking forward to winning one of them at least :)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Cream Cheese-filled Brandied Dates - Wicked Sweet Indulgences

This is another wicked sweet indulgences that had me bewitched ! I have to try it out before the cravings creeps into my dreams.  This sweet delights is found in one of my The Australian Women's Weekly cookbook titled "Wicked Sweet Indulgences " .  I love dates in cakes and pudding and eat alone, but with cream cheese and nuts added as fillings...gosh, you can imagine me drooling all over and if I don't make it, I will not be able to have peaceful sleep LOL!  Ok , ok...I am exaggerating !!!!   But let me share with you how awesome this sweet treat is !   Just read on.......................

Rustic Tables

I have a liking for rustic wood furniture. My dream house must have rustic tables - for the guest dining room and side tables for my tea room.  I was surfing the weekend and I found this website that has the most beautiful log furnitures.  I showed Wild Boar the website and he is  very impressed by their handmade wood furniture using real rustic wood. It will surely filled up the house space with natural beauty !  Hopefully my dream house can be become a  reality and I can then filled it with rustic wood furniture :)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sweet Potato Caramel With Grated Coconut

I love this after snack I made for Wild is so simple to make and yet tasty.  I have some Japanese sweet potatoes left in the fridge drawer and I know WB will be bored with just steaming them.  And the fact that I had some grated coconut in the fridge- left over from making the Sarawak Tebaloi - Sago Cookies ( I will post this up soon )  Thus not wanting to waste these left overs in the fridge, I decided to make this sweet snacks :) and guess what WB loves it and more so especially when I served them with the animals favorite food picks....cute ?

Nursing Bags For Nursing Students

I decided to get a nursing bag for my friend's daughter ,Pek Kim .  The nursing bags are beautiful and they will be a very  appropriate gift to give her as she will be pursuing her nursing course early next year.  They are hardy and comes in many designs and colors. I chose the leopard design for her as it has multiple storage and document compartments and made of water resistant fabric . Heavy duty zippers and seams and comes with comfortable non-skid padded shoulder strap. Well, I hope she will like  the bag that I am going to give her. And I wish her all the best in her nursing studies!

Tebaloi- Sago Cookies

This is a Sarawak cookies made from grated coconut and sago powder. The taste is absolutely heaven....with a combination of both the sago cookies and the kuih kapit.  Love the crunch with every bite. Absolutely a wonderful snack cookies I would say.  My first taste of it was when Wendy of Table for 2 brought it to our meet up sometime last July and after eating it, I told myself I must make it myself coz it is addictive...YES addictive LOL!  And I was waiting patiently for Wendy to post up the recipe.  Now it is Sarawak week for the MFF and finally I managed to find the time to participate for the Sarawak week.

To read more of it...please do drop by my Tidbit's Corner 
 I will be submitting for MFF Sarawak week...stayed tuned :)

Nursing Pyjamas

First time mothers are very blessed nowadays.  With disposal diapers, new mothers will have lesser work to do and more time to rest.  My friend, Nancy is a new mother and her baby girl is just a week old and she is breast feeding her baby every few hours.  With specially designed Nursing Pajamas, it has made breast feeding easy for mothers. They come many designs and colors and some comes in a set .  I remembered during my time, we don't have such beautiful and comfortable nursing wears at all. New mothers can now breast feed their babies in comfort.  You can check out their website for other maternity dresses besides nursing wears.  I ordered two pairs for her as a gift. I am sure she will be glad and night feeding will be made much more easier :)

Friday, September 14, 2012

Carrot Cake - Revisited

This carrot cake is so good that I just had to make one whole cake to share out with my friends.  I  made the using the same recipe as the carrot cupcakes which Piggy Jo baked some last last weekend .  Seeing that it turned out well, I decided to bake one for my friends .   And true enough it was moist and the right texture for me. I shared the cake with Kitty and wanted to give Piggy Cuz a piece , but unfortunately she was not in so I gave her share to Kitty...blessed Kitty, she got two pieces :p   ( Piggy Cuz, if you are reading this post and found out what you have missed, dont feel frustrated, I will be baking this again next month and I shall make sure you have your share ! LOL!

Caramel Banana - Wicked Sweet Indulgences

I would love to indulge in sweet dessert more often ,if not for my age ( have to take care of my health since my organs are no longer 25 years old , much as I would love to think so, LOL!  ) I am not a diabetic but my dad is so I have to be EXTRA careful not to be one !   But now and then I do have cravings for sweet stuff like this banana caramel and ice cream :)   This is such a simple dessert yet packed with flavor.  I can still taste the spices flavored caramel in my imagination :)   I made this for our after meal dessert and it was this and my craving is satiated by this wicked sweet indulgence :p   When you friends joining you for dinner and you want something simple...this is it !  The one wicked indulgence that will have your friends asking for more....and you can serve this dessert with your homemade vanilla ice cream...SLURRP !

Spring Loaded Knives

If you are looking for safety knives, you should check out this  website . Spring loaded knives are actually smart knife technology which allow the blade to automatically retract when the blade loses contact with the material being cut.  The blade will retract even if the user tried to override the safety system by leaving the slider in forward position. I don't mind having spring loaded knives  in the house as they are such smart knives :) I have to tell Wild Boar about it so that he will order one for me. I am sure he will be impressed as I am ,for I know he is a safety conscious person.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Carrot Cupcakes

Piggy Joanna came back and tried her hands at baking :) That was her masterpiece :p  Not bad , after all she got Momsie here to guide her along.  Surprising ,she has taken a liking to cooking and baking :)  I guess it is staying away from home for so many years has made her craves for homebaked stuff.  Last Friday trip back, she baked a carrot cake for her Bunny's mother as a birthday gift...LOL!  Lucky the cake turned out great and thanks to Evan's recipe that she managed to bake such a beautiful carrot cake for her Bunny's mother.  I forgot to take a photo of the birthday cake .It was beautifully iced :)   I am happy that she has interest in baking  now and I am glad too that now I know all my recipe books will be in good hands when I am gone from the earth * wink

Monday, September 10, 2012

Sweet Tarts With Strawberries Topping

I have some leftover dough from making quiches and not knowing what to do with it, I just dump in a container and let it sit in the fridge for a few days.  I wanted to make strawberry ice cream for Wild Boar but since I still have a tub of Rum Raisin Ice Cream, I decided to use the strawberries as topping for the tarts I was going to make for our dessert.   I could not resist taking so many photos of them for my Piggies to drool over...haha yea...I am the wicked Momsie once again ! * wink

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Rum Raisin Ice Cream

Homemade ice cream taste good besides one can control the sweetness...I love ice cream , the more creamier the better :p and we can have any flavor we want.  I have been eyeing this rum raisin ice cream on  Dailydelicious for almost a year. It has been in my to do list and now I can tick it off the list and this ice cream is a keeper no doubt!    Don't worry you won't go drunk with the ' Captain Morgan ' rum.  Though the recipe calls for 60 ml dark rum ( hard to get dark rum in Ipoh ) , I substituted  dark rum with  100ml  'Captain Morgan ' rum - Piggy Cuz got me a 1 Litre bottle from the airport liquor shop :)   So I can afford to soak the raisin with more rum LOL!  The effect was fantastic.  The rum soak raisins gave the ice cream a more flavorsome oomph.   Who say you can't make ice cream without an ice cream can , but with a bit of work , you can get a creamy smooth ice cream too without the ice machine.  This is one indulgent slurping that I pampered myself once in a while.  My Piggy Jo is coming back this Friday, so I will be keeping 1/2 tub for her :)  I just can't wait for her to be back !!!!!  I need to fatten up this Piggy gal of mine !