Friday, September 14, 2012

Carrot Cake - Revisited

This carrot cake is so good that I just had to make one whole cake to share out with my friends.  I  made the using the same recipe as the carrot cupcakes which Piggy Jo baked some last last weekend .  Seeing that it turned out well, I decided to bake one for my friends .   And true enough it was moist and the right texture for me. I shared the cake with Kitty and wanted to give Piggy Cuz a piece , but unfortunately she was not in so I gave her share to Kitty...blessed Kitty, she got two pieces :p   ( Piggy Cuz, if you are reading this post and found out what you have missed, dont feel frustrated, I will be baking this again next month and I shall make sure you have your share ! LOL!

While waiting for the frosting to be ready, I always cling wrap the cake to keep the cake moist.   This time around, I decided to frost the cake pieces by pieces.  I enjoyed the frosting part the most.  Had fun trying my hands at frosting .  I love the ruffles pattern and it is easy to ice them on the cake, not that hard as I first thought it to be.   I decorated the frosted cake with  toasted walnuts and gosh it was great as a gift to people you love.   Great presentation  LOL!  yea I know, self praise is not a praise but to me it is encouragement :p

cling wrapped it helps keep the cake moist

love to play with the icing.....real therapy and helps me
unwind and helps take things off my mind :)

I love the moist texture of the cake and I lessen
 cinnamon powder and sugar so that it is not overpowering
sweet and cinnamon strong...perfect for me
but not too sure whether Kitty prefers it sweeter 
and stronger fragrant  :)  

do I pass the test for decorating the cake ? LOL!
I do....thanks hahaha

Have a great weekend and do try baking this version
I am sure you will love it too!

Click here for the recipe

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