Monday, September 17, 2012

Yay! My New Ice Cream Maker - Kenwood IM280

FINALLY!!!  I managed to get the Kenwood IM280 ice cream maker from Jusco Station 18 LOL! And guess what ?  At RM269 only for the same model which is selling for RM399 in KL ...hip hip hooray..hip hip hooray !   I have been looking for this model at all IPOH electrical shops and they told me the same story " out of stock "   And when I asked my Piggy Jo to get from KL, she told me the shop people told her that Kenwood has discontinued this model...thus you can find any in KL.  Isn't it amazing that I managed to get it from Jusco Station 18.   I love ice cream...who doesn't ??? I want to make healthy ice cream....yoghurt fresh fruit ice cream and green tea ice cream......awwwwww drooling just thinking of it !  Slurrrp.......This ice cream maker will definitely save time and work :p   the only problem is space in the freezer LOL!

About the Ice Cream Maker - IM280

The white IM280 can give you delicious home made ice cream in 15-30 minutes, thanks to its fast freezing, double insulated 1.5 litre freezer bowl. The wide chute makes it easy to add ingredients while the ice cream is being mixed. And the non-stick bowl makes the ice cream easy to serve too. 

Design for life
The non-stick bowl has handles on both sides for easy lifting and the wide chute makes it easy to add ingredients while the ice cream is being mixed.

Have a nice day 
stay tuned for more healthy ice cream :)

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  1. Wow, that's a fantastic bargain for you, momsie!

  2. I'm also looking around to buy an ice cream maker. Mine is the kiddy kind by Sunbeam. Your Kenwood one looks impressive. Nice to know that it's a great bargain too.

  3. There will be a busload of us coming to your house soon. Be prepared :)

  4. cheaper than the one i got! so long i never go station 18 there, did you see any waffle maker?

  5. Cheah...yea so much cheaper :)

    Zoe...yea...I needed it very much LOL! I love healthier version of ice cream and more choices if we were to make it ourselves :)

    Phong Hong....hahaha yay! welcome :p much cheaper hor :p Should have coz they have a wide range of electrical stuff there. I was looking at my baby only wor so did really look around much LOL! and that time I was already so happy to notice other things around me :p

  6. hi, i just got one at Best Denki at 1u but is just a display unit, could u pls tell me how to detach the paddle from the power unit? my friend helped me to buy and when i got it the paddle was already attached to it and now i want to clean it but couldnt detach...instruction manual is useless...thanks in advance


  7. Hi Sandy,

    regarding the just have to pull it out. No catch whatsoever. Hope this help :) You are lucky to get the last one. They have discontinued the model. For me, it is practical coz save lots of work :)

  8. I also buy this model at seng heng only rm149.00 ..

  9. Seeing that you bought this ice-cream maker more than 6 months ago, I want to ask you whether this ice-cream maker is easy to use? I heard those expensive ice-cream maker damaged rather easily. Is yours still in good condition?

    I've been eying this maker for a very long time. Haha

  10. nur salwan gashlanAugust 20, 2013 at 9:45 PM

    hye Elin! I'm buying one at they sell it at rm199! just wondering, is this ice cream maker worth to be bought? I love making my healthier version of ice cream. so, if you think this product is a magic, i will buy it now :) thanks!