Monday, October 29, 2012

Hummingbird Cupcakes - Martha Stewart

Flipping through Martha Stewart's Cupcakes book yesterday morning, I realised that I have bookmarked her Hummingbird Cupcakes a year ago and till date still have not make them.  Thus, with the book in hand , I went to the kitchen , open the fridge door and start taking out ingredients needed to make this flavorful cuppies. I was not disappointed, it was truly flavor packed with banana , pineapple and walnuts.  Easy to make and this can be made in under an hour.  I left the dessicated coconut out and increased the walnuts to the recipe and it turned out great even without the dessicated coconut.   This cupcake is supposed to be frosted with cream cheese frosting and decorated with dried pineapple flowers.  I followed the recipe for the frosting but instead of one whole pineaple to make a big pineapple flowers , I cut the pineapple into 4 quarter pieces and slice thinly to make pineapple flower petals instead.  Love the dried pineapple flower petals. It gives the cuppies a great make up , beautiful enough to make me eat two at a go :)  The cheese cream frosting goes well with the hummingbird cake.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Bike Racks

Piggy Josh recently toured Zurich, Switzerland and he loves the place.  There are still many places he hasn't been and because of lack of funds, he only visited Zurich and Lucerne.  Switzerland is an expensive place to visit for a student :).   He noticed that many of the people there cycles and have bike racks on their car top.  This gives him the idea to have a bike rack fixed on his car so that he can pack his bike on his car and this would make travelling around the town easier and cheaper too. Do check out for suv bike racks   for more info on bike racks.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Green Tea (Matcha) Ice Cream

This is my first time making ice cream with an ice cream maker...yea , I finally managed to get the Kenwood model IM280 from Station 18 Jusco.  I understand that this model is discontinued.....I guess it is true for I got this for only RM269 :)  I have asked friends who have this model at home and have tested it and they told me that iit is time and energy. I went ahead and bought it....and tested it out myself and finds that really save time and energy.    The ice cream turned out to be much smoother in texture.  Mmmm... definitely a good buy and worth waiting for it.  And the size of the freezer bowl fitted nicely in my freezer. I don't need to remove the freezer shelf :)   It's first maiden usage was to make my favourite green tea ice cream.!

Should I Get Pepper Spray For My Piggy Jo?

Everyday we are bound to read  news in the newspaper like women got raped, women attacked at car parks and toilets.  It is about time women should carry some self defense weapons with them in their handbags.  I am looking for a pepper spray and keychain alarm for my Piggy Jo.  I found this website that sells many types of protection devices like pepper spray keychains and clip on lights and the not so common items like the Autolock Jr and Wild Kat Defense Keychains.  All these self defense and related keychains make great gifts for family members especially female member. The Pepper Spray and Keychain Alarm would be my to get items for my Piggy Jo. Top on my list of to get.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Mixed Fruit Chips From Laos :)

Jo bought back a dozen packets of healthy snack food from Laos during her recent trip there.  I taxed a few packets from her for my own snacking while watching the Korean drama :p  Mixed Fruit Chips are much better than the potato chips, of course this is my opinion :)  These crackling crispy and crunchy fruit chips are neither oily or salty compared with the potato chips.  No artificial coloring ,no saccharine, no oil and no salt .  Perfect snack for me :)  The fruits are  banana, pineapple , jackfruit, yam, melon sweet potato and pumpkin.  It is not costs RM12 per packet of 200g .    Thanks Piggy for this healthy snacks!  Thanks for lugging it back all the way from Laos.   I can tuck this in without any guilt !  Love it !

I love the pineapple and jackfruit....
smell good :)

this is something you can indulge in without having
to feel does not contain salt, oil or any artificial coloring !

Thanks Piggy Jo for this yummy snack !

*          *         *

Everyone Loves Candy!

Time flies. Soon it will be Christmas and everyone loves Christmas. It is a time to show love to our loved ones by giving gifts and having Christmas parties .  Our church youths are preparing their sketches for the children party. Every sunday school children are to invited their friends to the party.  I am to take charge of the food and beverages and gifts for the children.  I love to organize kids party for the church.  Maybe , it is my ministry to serve in the children church.

I have a list of goodies for the kids in my check list and one of the item are candies. Kids love them and so does some adults :)  I am looking for some interesting candies online and found this wonderful site which is a wholesale candy website.  Even I am amazed at their complete selection of chocolate bars, mints, and wholesale candy . It is BW Clifford Inc., an online candy store.  They sell the most popular selection when it comes to buy candy online such as Stride Gum Hersey Bars, Tic Tacs, Eclipse Gum and Wrigley Gum and the amazing thing is , all at the best prices. B.W. Clifford is more than just another candy store and they know how to deliver fresh, quality candy, snacks and gum in an efficient and affordable manner. They have great discount for fundraising, corporate events or school candy supply.  I will definitely order these candies for the children party.

I am more excited than my sunday school children :) I bet they will have the best Christmas party this year!

*           *          *

Friday, October 5, 2012

Dates & Almond Tea Cake

I have two boxes of Algerian Dates given by my boss to all his staff during the fasting month.  I was blessed even though I was  not fasting during the Ramadhan month :p   Wild Boar loves them . He loves the dates still attached to the stalk. He said they are not overly sweet, just perfect for him .  I took some to make this teacake.  Dates and almond goes hand in hand and  were perfect for this tea cake.  A keeper  for sure and I gave half of the cake to  Piggy Cuz and she smsed me and said it was good.  Even Wild Boar asked for more, but I won't allow him to eat the whole cake, thus Piggy Cuz got half the share :p  She can't wait for me to post up the recipe LOL!  Yea, I agree with her that it was a fantastic cake....moist and delicious !   

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Traditional Sabah Handmade Ring Cookies

My boss went to Sabah last week for work and came back with these crispy and crunchy cookies for the staff .  This is my first time eating them :p they are called Ring Cookies and are handmade by the locals there. They are from Kampung Melugus, Papar, Sabah.   These traditional local handmade cookies are so delicious that I wish I could make them myself LOL!   It is crunchy and the inside is filled with palm sugar and brown sugar.  It is fragrant and I can't stop eating them . I can be a glutton at times especially when I like something sweet like this.  They are not overly sweet...perfect texture and sweetness.  I guess they are called ring cookies because they resemble a ring :)  

Planning A Perfect Christmas Party

If you are throwing a bash this Christmas and you want everyone to have a great time, then you should remember that food matters! Christmas is a wonderful time to indulge in various festive treats and throwing a party is a great excuse to cook and prepare some gourmet delicacies for your friends and family. 

Christmas food is just the best, and includes foods that you might not eat at other times of year. This is a time for enjoyment and indulgence, and if you are planning a party there are a few things that you just have to have. Here are a few example of perfect Christmas party food:

This bird is not all that popular the rest of the year, but at Christmas it is piled onto shop shelves and shortly after into ovens for hungry revellers to enjoy. It just isn’t Christmas without a juicy turkey, and cooked well and served fresh from the oven at your bash your guests will absolutely love it.

Cold meats
Carnivores have a lot to look forward to during the festive period, and you can cater for them at your shindig with an array of cold meats. Boiled ham, roast beef and chicken always go down well and if you leave some quality bread and condiments out, people can make delicious sandwiches.

Christmas is a great time for nibbling and often people will pop to one party for an hour or two and move on. These people might not want a full meal, so leave out some crudités and dips such as hummus and salsa for them to pick at.

Mince pies
Guests would revolt if they came to your Christmas party and found there were no mince pies. These little pastry treats make Christmas and whether you make them yourself or you buy them in, make sure you have some!

Cheese is another great food that people can pick at and slice onto salty crackers. Make sure you have some mild, soft and blue cheeses to cater for all tastes and garnish with grapes for an added touch of flavour and class.

If you are not talented in the kitchen you could contact caterers London - Dewintons, for all your Christmas fare. So be prepared, plan a perfect party and enjoy the festive season.

Khoatan Rice Crackers

Piggy Jo went for a short break and spent seven days in Northern Thailand and Laos.  It was a great experience for her. She is intrigued and amazed by the culture and lifestyle of people in Laos.  Slow moving traffic and easy going lifestyle. The people in Laos are basically poor but they are happy and the children are always smiling and they are happy to see visitors coming to their village.  Jo went with a group of people with a mission in mind.  Jo and her groups of friends brought with them goodies for the children.  Jo loves what she sees there.  She noticed that the people there are very helpful and friendly.  She also noticed that the people there are contended with their lives. She enjoyed the cruise down the Mekong river.  It was a 15 hours ride on a long boat . Beautiful scenery to behold and it was a great experience for her.  And of course she enjoyed their night market the most and  she bought back some goodies for Wild Boar and me from the trip. These rice crackers are packed with raisins, cashew nuts, pumpkin seeds and black and white sesame seed . Crispy and crunchy...the perfect snacks for me  LOL!  Watching dramas with these...mmmmm I am in heaven !  Piggy Jo, thank you so much for these munchies !!!  Keep them coming :p

 as I bit into the crackers, it produced a crispy and crunchy sounds
mmmmm I can go on munching until it finishes if WB
didn't stop me LOL! and shouted from
 the other end of the room" hey keep some for me "

Piggy Jo, thanks for the goodies ...I must learn how to make this...
but I think it will take me years to learn how to make
this LOL!

*            *             *

Sweet Christmas Treats

Whether it is the night before Christmas or you have months to spare before St Nick takes to the skies, it is always worth investing in some sweet Christmas treats.

This time of year is all about enjoying yourself: enjoying food and drink, the company of others and the pleasure of giving gifts to loved ones.  And sweet treats are a great way to treat yourself, your family and others.

In December and the prior months shops are filled with delicious confectionary and desserts, and even people who are usually diet-conscious don’t mind indulging in the festive season. Here are a few Christmas treats for sweet-toothed people that you might like to stock up on, before the season is upon us:

Belgian chocolatesBelgium is famous for its rich, smooth and delicious chocolate and these chocs are still one of the best Christmas gifts you can give or receive. Treat kids to Belgian chocolates and you will be a favourite relative, or give them to your special someone as a luxurious present that they are sure to love.

Chocolate coins – chocolate coins are a classic part of Christmas, whether hidden in a stocking or hung on your Christmas tree. There are cheap coins that don’t taste particularly nice, but then there are also truly delicious chocolate coins that every house should have in the festive period.

Christmas pudding – Christmas dinner is not complete without a good Christmas pudding, and there are some great ones about. You can make your own brandy-soaked pud, or the major shops provide some fantastic ready-made ones.

Christmas cake – the perfect mid-afternoon snack with a piece of cheese and maybe a cheeky eggnog, Christmas cake is another essential sweet treat for this time of year.

With these tasty treats you, your family and any visitors you have over the festive period will be able to satisfy your sweet tooth and indulge in some delicious food and confectionary that taste so much better at this time of year.

For this you can enjoy Christmas with Clearwater and buy one of their special festive hampers. Make sure you are prepared for the festive season with some delectable treats, and have a merry Christmas and a happy new year. 

*               *               *