Sunday, October 7, 2012

Everyone Loves Candy!

Time flies. Soon it will be Christmas and everyone loves Christmas. It is a time to show love to our loved ones by giving gifts and having Christmas parties .  Our church youths are preparing their sketches for the children party. Every sunday school children are to invited their friends to the party.  I am to take charge of the food and beverages and gifts for the children.  I love to organize kids party for the church.  Maybe , it is my ministry to serve in the children church.

I have a list of goodies for the kids in my check list and one of the item are candies. Kids love them and so does some adults :)  I am looking for some interesting candies online and found this wonderful site which is a wholesale candy website.  Even I am amazed at their complete selection of chocolate bars, mints, and wholesale candy . It is BW Clifford Inc., an online candy store.  They sell the most popular selection when it comes to buy candy online such as Stride Gum Hersey Bars, Tic Tacs, Eclipse Gum and Wrigley Gum and the amazing thing is , all at the best prices. B.W. Clifford is more than just another candy store and they know how to deliver fresh, quality candy, snacks and gum in an efficient and affordable manner. They have great discount for fundraising, corporate events or school candy supply.  I will definitely order these candies for the children party.

I am more excited than my sunday school children :) I bet they will have the best Christmas party this year!

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