Thursday, October 4, 2012

Khoatan Rice Crackers

Piggy Jo went for a short break and spent seven days in Northern Thailand and Laos.  It was a great experience for her. She is intrigued and amazed by the culture and lifestyle of people in Laos.  Slow moving traffic and easy going lifestyle. The people in Laos are basically poor but they are happy and the children are always smiling and they are happy to see visitors coming to their village.  Jo went with a group of people with a mission in mind.  Jo and her groups of friends brought with them goodies for the children.  Jo loves what she sees there.  She noticed that the people there are very helpful and friendly.  She also noticed that the people there are contended with their lives. She enjoyed the cruise down the Mekong river.  It was a 15 hours ride on a long boat . Beautiful scenery to behold and it was a great experience for her.  And of course she enjoyed their night market the most and  she bought back some goodies for Wild Boar and me from the trip. These rice crackers are packed with raisins, cashew nuts, pumpkin seeds and black and white sesame seed . Crispy and crunchy...the perfect snacks for me  LOL!  Watching dramas with these...mmmmm I am in heaven !  Piggy Jo, thank you so much for these munchies !!!  Keep them coming :p

 as I bit into the crackers, it produced a crispy and crunchy sounds
mmmmm I can go on munching until it finishes if WB
didn't stop me LOL! and shouted from
 the other end of the room" hey keep some for me "

Piggy Jo, thanks for the goodies ...I must learn how to make this...
but I think it will take me years to learn how to make
this LOL!

*            *             *

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