Sunday, October 7, 2012

Mixed Fruit Chips From Laos :)

Jo bought back a dozen packets of healthy snack food from Laos during her recent trip there.  I taxed a few packets from her for my own snacking while watching the Korean drama :p  Mixed Fruit Chips are much better than the potato chips, of course this is my opinion :)  These crackling crispy and crunchy fruit chips are neither oily or salty compared with the potato chips.  No artificial coloring ,no saccharine, no oil and no salt .  Perfect snack for me :)  The fruits are  banana, pineapple , jackfruit, yam, melon sweet potato and pumpkin.  It is not costs RM12 per packet of 200g .    Thanks Piggy for this healthy snacks!  Thanks for lugging it back all the way from Laos.   I can tuck this in without any guilt !  Love it !

I love the pineapple and jackfruit....
smell good :)

this is something you can indulge in without having
to feel does not contain salt, oil or any artificial coloring !

Thanks Piggy Jo for this yummy snack !

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