Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sweet Christmas Treats

Whether it is the night before Christmas or you have months to spare before St Nick takes to the skies, it is always worth investing in some sweet Christmas treats.

This time of year is all about enjoying yourself: enjoying food and drink, the company of others and the pleasure of giving gifts to loved ones.  And sweet treats are a great way to treat yourself, your family and others.

In December and the prior months shops are filled with delicious confectionary and desserts, and even people who are usually diet-conscious don’t mind indulging in the festive season. Here are a few Christmas treats for sweet-toothed people that you might like to stock up on, before the season is upon us:

Belgian chocolatesBelgium is famous for its rich, smooth and delicious chocolate and these chocs are still one of the best Christmas gifts you can give or receive. Treat kids to Belgian chocolates and you will be a favourite relative, or give them to your special someone as a luxurious present that they are sure to love.

Chocolate coins – chocolate coins are a classic part of Christmas, whether hidden in a stocking or hung on your Christmas tree. There are cheap coins that don’t taste particularly nice, but then there are also truly delicious chocolate coins that every house should have in the festive period.

Christmas pudding – Christmas dinner is not complete without a good Christmas pudding, and there are some great ones about. You can make your own brandy-soaked pud, or the major shops provide some fantastic ready-made ones.

Christmas cake – the perfect mid-afternoon snack with a piece of cheese and maybe a cheeky eggnog, Christmas cake is another essential sweet treat for this time of year.

With these tasty treats you, your family and any visitors you have over the festive period will be able to satisfy your sweet tooth and indulge in some delicious food and confectionary that taste so much better at this time of year.

For this you can enjoy Christmas with Clearwater and buy one of their special festive hampers. Make sure you are prepared for the festive season with some delectable treats, and have a merry Christmas and a happy new year. 

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