Thursday, October 4, 2012

Traditional Sabah Handmade Ring Cookies

My boss went to Sabah last week for work and came back with these crispy and crunchy cookies for the staff .  This is my first time eating them :p they are called Ring Cookies and are handmade by the locals there. They are from Kampung Melugus, Papar, Sabah.   These traditional local handmade cookies are so delicious that I wish I could make them myself LOL!   It is crunchy and the inside is filled with palm sugar and brown sugar.  It is fragrant and I can't stop eating them . I can be a glutton at times especially when I like something sweet like this.  They are not overly sweet...perfect texture and sweetness.  I guess they are called ring cookies because they resemble a ring :)  

We have good bosses....whenever they each go on different mission ( work project ) all over the country, they will not come back empty handed, maybe this is the office culture.  They will surely bring back goodies for us and we get to eat  every State's delicacies.  If they attend meetings overseas, we will get chocolates and candies and souveniers.   Makes us all feel we belong as a  big  'family' :)   And this trip to Sabah, we get to savor their traditional local handmade Ring Cookies.

 these ring cookies are made from rice flour, flour, brown sugar and
palm sugar....

they are crispy and crunchy and taste delicious

If any of you have the recipe for these Sabah Ring cookies, do share with
the link with us . I would like to try my hands at making them !

Have a nice day !

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  1. yes, it's called kuih cincin. The best one come from Papar, the texture is just nice, not too hard or soft. One of the favourite Raya Kuih. I like this kuih too.