Monday, November 26, 2012


Claire and Kitty are both great buddies and their birthdays falls on the same date...LOL! so that means I have to bake two cakes on  the same day.  Both have different likes , thus one was a butter cake with sugar icing and one was a cheesecake with heavy cream frosting :))  Well, I truly hope they both like the cakes that I had specially baked for them and they meant it when they say it was good and not just an obligatory praise LOL!   I have been baking of late...I baked some fruit cakes too for the coming Xmas ! I have been kept busy and I am happy when I am baking and not glued to the idiot box :)  Life is short, so I have to use all my free time to be a better baker.  God gave us talent and I must use our talent to the fullest :)   I love my family and I love my friends.   Happy Birthday Kitty  !   Kitty was away at the time of her birthday , this is a belated birthday post for her :)


Enjoy and have a nice day !

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Saturday, November 24, 2012


Today is my buddy Claire's birthday.  This is the fourth birthday cake that I had personally baked and iced for her since knowing her as a blogger :)   Rustic looking eh, but made with lots of love and passion.  The passion for baking and the love for this dear friend resulted in this piece of arty rustic looking  birthday cake.  I like the fact that it looked homemade with  poor workmanship but let me tell you , don't be deceived by the look as the saying goes....never judge a book by its cover.  It is the best smelling cake in town for today....hahaha * self praise is motivation praise for me...  LOL!  

Monday, November 19, 2012

Apple Almond ' Mummy ' Dumplings

These apple almond ' mummies ' are good for halloween parties or even for cell group meeting  :)  The moment I feasted my eyes on them , I knew the desire to make them is great...thus forsaking the rest of the recipes that I have kept in my to do list :p   Having green apples in the fridge makes it even more desirable to try this recipe out.....they look cute...not spooky at all for me....heehee...cute little  'mummies '.  

This is an artistic apple dessert and making them as finger food for halloween parties would be great too.  Love the almond short crust pastry, and the tangy cinnamon flavored apples makes a perfect dessert for apple and pastry lovers.  This is so cool and a keeper for sure.   This is so creative , don't you think so ? LOL!  read on for the recipe and I would like to thank........................

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My New Cuisinart ICE 21A Series Ice Cream Maker - A lovely Birthday Gift !

Okay... okay...I know I just got my Kenwood ice cream maker just a few months ago ! Surely not buying another one, I am not mad but BLESSED ! I received this beautiful and cute Cuisinart ICE 21A serious ice cream maker from a dear friend...she carried this cutie all the way back from Australia as my birthday present :)  Thank you  Kitty dear and Ron for this lovely pressie.  I am speechless !  The height of the freezer bowl is 5 1/2 inches tall and the bowl diameter is 7 1/2 inches.   This will fit into my small fridge nicely too , and it is small and cute.  The color and everything...I  love it but I love my Kenwood ice cream maker too. LOL!  This surely brightens up my day and my kitchen...bright sunshine color :)

Thank you so much Kitty and Ron for your kind and sincere thoughts :)

Will  try this out soon !

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Christmas Gift For Uncle Sam :)

This Christmas is going to be fun. Uncle Sam is visiting and he will be spending Christmas with us. Wow, the room will smell of cigars . I kind of love the cigar smell...sweet and mmmm I don't know but it is nice :p The Piggies are thinking of getting   cheap cigars online for him . They are still not earning their own money yet so they go for offers item online :)  I think Wild Boar and myself will get him something else for Christmas this year :)

Friday, November 9, 2012

Parmesan Biscuits And Seeds

I was surfing for biscuit recipes the last few days  as  Christmas is just around the corner,  and I came across this beautiful blog -  Common Cook and saw these biscuits packed with all my favorite seeds in one piece of biscuit....I  knew I had to try it out , skipped the KIV thing and straight away baked it.  Was lucky to have some grated parmesan cheese and all the seeds in the fridge drawer :)  I am glad that I baked it , it was so fluffy and crispy at the same time.  Read on for the recipe......

Gifts And More Gifts For Christmas!

Nicholas, my nephew surfed online to  shop for a military coin  for his best friend for the past few days. He wants to give this special customized coin to his best buddy who is in the military and being an avid coin collector, what better gift to give his buddy other than a military coin. I am sure his buddy will love this military coin as a Christmas gift. Christmas ! and I can't wait for Christmas to come :p

Finger Lickin' Good Egg Sandwiches - Finger Food For Cell Group Meet-Up # 4

This is another easy to whip up finger food for my cell group  meeet up.  Egg sandwiches ! I may sound common but the egg filling is yummy.  We meet up for bible lessons and sharing every Friday night.  I don't mind going for CG meeting,  there are plenty to eat after the lessons :p  spiritual food and physical food * oink oink !  Healthy food don't have to worry much about the waistline expanding...lots of fresh fruits and I for one will be making healthy food to take to cell group from now on :)    Read on for recipe.........

Best Not Ask Josh :p

It is best not to ask Piggy Josh what he wants for Christmas.  Neither should I let him see this behringer nu6000 at musicians friend  or he will want to add this to his Christmas list.  I know I have been ranting the last few days on Christmas gifts and I hope I have not bored you. The truth is I am excited like a child and can't wait for Christmas to come soon.  A time for baking cookies and biscuits as gifts   A time of giving and sharing  :)

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Savory Muffin Buns

From the same wholemeal dough which I made for the burger buns,  I took out 250 gm of the dough to make this savory muffins buns for myself.  I added spring onions, smoked bacon bits and corn to the dough and this tasted so good that I will be baking these cute muffin buns again .  The wonderful smell came from the bacon bits...mmmmm this is really good for breakfast...a change from the usual chinese breakfast  ( noodles and all ) that I normally have from the coffee shop in old town :)   Bun making is fun , you can add in any ingredients you like and it will still turn out good.  Love this easy to make savory muffin buns .  Read on for the recipe .............

Leather Briefcase For Piggy Josh?

Josh will be out working soon and we are wondering whether we should give him a leather briefcase for Christmas :p  Killing two birds with one stone as the saying goes.  Are we too practical, surfing online to shop for  leather briefcases    for him? Or should we just let him choose what he wants for Christmas...he will surely say " I want a Clarinet ! " Nope, I think we should give him a surprise , after all ,what is Christmas ?  :)

Support The Red Cross Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund !

As a blogger, I think I should do my part to support The Red Cross Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund.  I read about this from Chef Dennis's  blog and feels that I should help too.  My brother stays in New Jersey and he was without power and water supply for a few days.  Lucky for him and his family, they only experienced strong winds and power supply cut.  I could not get through to him for the past few days. And knowing that they are well and not badly affected, I could not but thank God for keeping them safe .  But for those  staying near the coastal area, it was sad to state that it was a total wreck to properties and lives.  My care and concern for them and this is the only thing I can do to help out.  And I am sure you too would like to do your part in helping.

Just grab the badge from any sidebar you see it in, and place it on your website, or copy and paste the image with a link to the American Red Cross Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund. No mentions or any back links please, just display the badge with the link to the American Red Cross Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund and ask your friends to do the same.  

Grab the   " We Care " button code from Chef Dennis blog..... Thank you for helping out :)

Patience Is What I Want From Wild Boar ! :p

You can tell me hundred and one times and I am still blur what annuities is all about :p  I think Wild Boar has given up on me.  I know after each explanation he will sigh and say this " you still look blur ...nevermind what I just said "  LOL!  And what more, he even explained what indexed annuity is all about and I still can't register it. Men have no patience when it comes to explaining things to their wife.  I think it would be better to go online and check it out myself :p I know I am ranting again !

Strawberry Ice Cream Sandwich

I love eating ice cream sandwiched in crackers or buns.  This is truly  nostalgia for me. I remembered when I was young, my grandma used to buy ice cream in a bun for me from the ice cream man almost everyday.  I introduced to my Piggies when they were young to eat their ice cream sandwiched in buns and they love it. Thrilling for them especially when I related the story on how my grandma used to pamper me  with this ice cream in bun when I was young .  A reward for good behaviour when my parents were away at work :p or you can say a bribery LOL!

Another Christmas Wish :p

I have been watching Korean drama lately, infact, chasing after would be more aptly stated.  I think it is time to change to a flat screen tv  LOL!. I  should add this to my wish list :)   A 48 inch flat screen would be ideal for me , one that comes with a  mounting bracket for tv so that Wild Boar can fix it to the wall :) Mmm..  I can't wait for Christmas to come !

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Steamed Sponge Cake With Kumquat Compote - Finger Food For Cell Group # 3

I thought plain steamed sponge cake with homemade kumquat compote would give the cake an added refreshing flavor and uplift the cake to a higher level and true enough, it was yummy good !  The cake turned out soft and the kumquat compote gave the sponge cake a twist.  So refreshing and I purposely reduce the thickness of the cake to make it finger food for all occasions especially for my cell meet-up.  Place the cut piece on paper liner and gosh, it is impressive !   Love it and read on for the recipe................

The Best For My Dad !

My dad has been reminding me to get him the disposable razors but I think it is not good for him.  Wild Boar  advised that it is better to get him the better quality shaver for him.  He recommends to buy merkur razor which is made with old world quality and craftsmanship. Merkur razors will produce the closest, smoothest shave and offers a full line of safety razors.  I think I will order this for my dad. He deserves the best from me. 

Baked Sponge Cake With Wolfberries - Finger Food For Cell Meet- Up #2

This is a simple cake that I can whip up less than 40 mins and can be made on the same day I attend cell group.   Healthy and great as finger food. This is a sponge cake made with just egg whites. You can either steam it or bake it.  Simple and easy and healthy and yummy.  You can make in small cupcake tins and it will be great finger food for a cell meet -up whereby members would prefer light finger food :p  I have made this before but that was a steamed version.  I used the same recipe but baked it instead.  It turned out great too.

Have a nice day !

Petite Scrubs

Aunty Nan 's daughter is doing her master in nursing at the University of Pennsylvania, one of the top university in US.  With a master's in nursing, she can perform a full range of health services. She can focus on areas such geriatrics, nutrition and women's health.  She is excited and looking forward to her pratical internship whereby she is assigned to the operation theatre and she needs to buy petite scrubs  for her internship. She can go online to order and enjoys the free shipping benefit :)

Konnyaku Jelly - Finger Food For Cell Meet-Up #1

I have been feeling tired of late and having to think what to take for cell group meet up is a real headache.  My cell group meet up is on Friday after dinner and since it is a working day, it is hard to bring food from home and I prefer to bring desserts for the meet up  :)   And the last few weeks, I have testing out simple cakes which doesn't need much work...simple and healthy and yummy at the same time.  I have been buying outside and taking to cell group , so I tell myself that from now onwards, I will bring food from home :)  A bit troublesome but rest assured , it will be healthy dessert  :)  Konnyaku Jelly is one great dessert for all ages , put into individual paper liner and it give a nice presentation.

Konnyaku Jelly

Have a nice day!

Lapel Pin Can Be Marketing Tool !

If you are looking to design and make your own customized lapel pin  for your club members or as anniversary gifts for the staff of your company, you can  look up Pins For Anything and they have great graphic artists to help you create your own design. All you need to do is to send in picture or logo or slogan and you can trust them to do a good job and produce quality lapel pins which can promote pride in your company or club and will make excellent marketing tools too.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Homemade Wholemeal Burger Bun

I am back into baking buns and bread.  Wholemeal burger buns for breakfast or late night supper ( after watching the idiot box ) I tend to be hungry.  I can chomp one with homemade  ice cream...seriously ,believe me !  For Wild Boar , he will have it with my beef patties which I made and stored in freezer  for his breakfast. Thank God , I am not a meat eater, thus ice cream sandwiched with these healthy buns is a welcome item in my diet.  Back to the main topic, I made this buns with water roux and it turned out soft and  yet firm for the beef patties.  I will post up how I make the beef patties burger for Wild Boar and how I sandwiched the homemade ice cream with them . Stay tuned but meanwhile check out the recipe as you read on..............

Bathroom Vanities

We sometime thinks that the bathroom is just a space to get ourselves ready for our daily business and as a result can end up being one large storage area for all those grooming products that we all need.  This can be an eyesore . The best storage solution is to have  discount bathroom cabinets      installed in the bathroom . This cabinets are designed to fit into recesses which mean that they are great space saving option and they have the ability to keep your things neat and tidy and the bathroom will be clutter free. 

Priceless Expression !

This expression from Sandi is Priceless !
I asked her " was your dinner good ? "
and this was how she replied
" yummilicious...SLURRRP "

This is for you dear Kitty !

Have a nice day...hope this will cheer you up :)

Christmas Makeover For The Living Room :)

Christmas is just around the corner and many people will be giving their house a makeover.  A change of furnitures and curtains are the common makeover to uplift the spirit of Christmas :)  For us, it is the same as others. A change of new curtains would be on my to do list before other things. Looking through some curtain catalogues, I saw some  waverly curtains  that looks appealing and their vibrant colors and designs will surely make my living room  looks bright and cheerful.  Have to consult the home finance minister first before ordering them for the room :)

Crispy Mekong River Weed - Popular Snack of Laos

It can be eaten as a snack alone or paired with jaew bong, a slightly sweet and spicy chili paste.   Piggy Jo went to Laos in July and this is what she bought back for me :p  At first, when she took it out from her bag , I thought it was " kain batik "  LOL! and after she handed over to me, it was light and at a closer look,  I saw  all the sesame seeds...hahaha and she told me that it is Crispy Mekong River Weed.   My first time seeing and eating this ,for I have not been to Laos before.

Read on if you want to know more about it :)   

Drive In Comfort

After many years driving around, the seat will be the first thing to look wear off.  You can your truck a make over  by giving the seat a new set of seat covers.  They are many choices of  truck seat covers   ranging from different fibric to colors.  Vibrant colors covers will brighten up your truck for sure  and will make your truck looks new ! You can have your pick of either micorfiber seat covers or geniune leather seat covers or Endura/waterproof seat covers and whichever you have choosen, they are all exact fit seat covers. Your truck will look new for sure.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Triple-Citrus Cupcakes - Martha Stewart

This is another Martha Stewart's yummilicious cupcakes. Triple-Citrus Cupcakes - a refreshing cupcake with a trio of citrus zests ....lime, orange and lemon.  The moment I take a bite, I can taste the flavor of the three citrus distinctively....awesome, only Martha can think of using these three citrus as flavor for the cake and glaze the top with citrus glaze and garnishes it with grated lime, lemon or orange zest . Great idea to use these three citrus zests to brightens simple cupcakes. Read on for the recipe.......

Josh's Music Passion :)

Piggy Josh recently bought an electric guitar from Sheffield . He loves music even from young. I thought he just loves playing jazz music at the piano but now he has gone into guitar playing and what more cooing away while strumming at the electric guitar.  I have to ask him to tone down the volume at times :)  He recently purchased some accoustic guitar  pickup system from LR Baggs Bridges guitar center  and he is happy with it !   That is how he spends his pocket money! Wait till he works , I am going to extract back from him every single cents :p

Martha Stewart Favourite Pie Crust - Mushroom Quiche

I am a fan of  Martha Stewart and would like to share with you her  favorite Pie Crust. I used her pie crust recipe to make this mushroom quiche.  It is perfect for making quiche. And I have tried this crust recipe for  making apple pie and chicken pie which I will share with you later.  Quiche is the family favorite food and I made this for supper and the left over for breakfast the next day.  This is yummy and I would recommend you try this pie crust for making other pies.  Read on for the recipe............

Glutinous Rice Balls Filled With Palm Sugar / Ondeh Ondeh

Bought these Glutinous Rice Balls Filled With Palm Sugar/ Ondeh Ondeh  for our afternoon tea break.  These are something light and they are the family favorites but shame to say , I have never succeeded in making these flavorful balls.  They sound easy to make but the result is different from the stall bought ones :( Piggy Jo and Josh loves these and I normally buy for them to snack during weekends from the Nyonya stall outside a coffeshop in Ipoh Garden South.  They sell the most delicious glutinous rice balls !  I shall try making these balls again and this time , I will try Sonia's version.  They look good on her blog and I am sure it will be taste as good as her photos depicted :)  Here is the link if you want to try making these glutinous rice balls filled with palm sugar. 

Moog Minimoog Voyager XL - Josh Christmas Wish

I caught Josh jotting down his christmas list,  a long wish list for that matter :p nay, I was just kidding. He doesn't do that anymore , he knows the real Santa is the Wild Boar and the Santarina is the Momsie. He will hint hint all the time to the house Santas :) One of the things he wished for is a Moog Minimoog Voyager XL -  minimoog musicians friend    . Gosh, I told him he has to find the real Santa then.  That is a pricey keyboard. So I gave him a piece of paper and ask him to jot down his wishes and I shall send it off for him to Santa Claus in Santaland :)   He just rolled his eyes !

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Lotus Paste With Salted Egg Yolk /'Ham Dan Sou

These Lotus Paste With Salted Egg Yolk / ' Ham Dan Sou ' are from the famous biscuit shop Sin Eng Heong ( click to learn more about the shopThe pastry skin particularly melts in the soft and fluffy and the lotus paste is moist and every mouthful with the salted egg is truly heavenly snack for me.  I can only afford to eat this once every 3 or 4 months.  Haha not because it is pricey , it is only @ RM2.50 a piece but because I am health conscious of late :p   I prefer this to mooncake anytime :)   Love it yet can't afford to savor it more often is a real torture.  So I decided to post this up so that I cant virtual feast it and still remains healthy.   What nonsense ! but it makes me feels guilt free for the time being until I get to savor it again in a few months time :))

the pastry skin is soft and particularly melts in your mouth...mmmm

how can I not eat them all in one go...... 

Enjoy feasting them here and remains healthy ! 

Have a nice day !

*           *          *

Christmas At Sno Mountains, Pennsylvania :)

Winter is here soon and my sister-in-law wants to invest in snowshoes.  She and my brother are planning to take the kids to Sno Mountain Ski resort in Pennsylvania this coming Christmas...gosh I want to go too :)  My sister went surfing and found some nice  women's snowshoes  and she will be ordering a few pairs for the family since they will be going very often to snow mountian resorts.  It is the only place where the family could have fun and relaxation.  I might want to join them too if I am there !  A truly white Christmas then :)

Indonesia Buah Belinjau Chips - Gift From Kathy

When Kathy of Small Kucing came to Ipoh on her last trip , she brought  these dried Indonesian Buah Belinjau for me and Claire. She knows I love it very much so each time she comes to Ipoh,  she will not forget to bring these addictive buah belinjau for me.  They are bigger than the local ones.  Local ones are mostly from the State of Terengganu , East Coast of Malaysia.  You can read more about it here . I only know that it is good for health and these chips can be addictive even though it has a subtle bitterish taste to it :)  If Wild Boar doesn't stop me, I can have all these to myself.   Best snack while watching the idiot box :)

   Thanks Kathy for this precious gift.....bring more on your next trip *  shameless of me to demand *

*            *           *

Wrestling Shoes For Josh ?

Those who love wrestling as a sport, good news for you.  Asic has come out with asics wrestling shoes  which  features an aggressive sole with a lightweight  form fitting Ecsaine upper which you can order the same size like your street shoes.  Josh is eyeing them but I will not permit him to learn wrestling. Who knows , he might punch me down one day :p I am just kidding, he is gentle as a lamb !

A Break From Baking And Gosh.......

I was baking away the whole weekend and guess what?   Wild Boar bought me chinese pancake  'Ban Chang Kueh ' which is packed with groundnuts . This pancake is from a stall opposite the shop houses in Ipoh Garden East .   He opens everyday from 1 pm till 4.30 pm.  If you are around the area, you drop by and get yourself the best chinese pancake ever !  For me, his pancake is the best in town :p  Mmmmm chomp this pancake down with a cup of hot apple tea...heavenly especially when you are baking the whole day.  A great snack.   I must learn how to make this and I hope I will be able to make them perfect !  Who knows, I might hang up my 8-5pm drafting job, and open a stall and sell this LOL!   Thank you Wild Boar for being so kind as to provide this afternoon tea for me after a tired day in the kitchen facing the hot oven and in such a hot weather !

Bodybuilding Contest

Every year end , our department will be having some sports contest and bodybuilding contest is one of them.  There a few of my male colleagues who are keen in bodybuilding and takes pride in building muscles, each wanting to show off their 6 -pack  abs and all and have been involved in bodybuilding since they joined service.  They have a trainer to help them build their body for competition and recently , they have register for bodybuilding contest representing our office.   They aim to win this year bodybuilding trophy  to add to their collections winning trophies.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Strawberry Ice Cream or Sorbet :)

This is the second time I made ice cream using the ice cream maker.  Strawberry ice cream...yay ! everyone in the family likes strawberry so I thought I will make some for the weekend.   This time the recipe uses egg yolks . When the ice machine churned the custard mixture into a thick consistency, I was happy and elated and as you can see from my photo that the ice cream consistency was how it should be BUT after freezing it in the freezer for more than 12 hours,  to my dismay, the texture did not turn out creamy and smooth as I expected it to be.  It was grainy like a sorbet texture.  LOL!   So I am not sure whether it was the fact that I did not follow the recipe  to the dot or because of the fact that I reduced the egg yolks to 5 or  it is my ice cream maker for failing to have a smooth and creamy texture.  I still need to study why some friends using this same machine can have smooth ice cream ....can someone tell me where did I go wrong  ?  :)

Gift List For Christmas

My Piggy Jo loves designer jewelry and I wish to get her a beautiful piece of designer jewelry for this coming Christmas.  Been surfing around for a piece of  sterling silver jewelry  and found one beautiful bracelet that I think she will like. One gift ticked off my Christmas to get gift list :)  Shopping online for Christmas gift makes life so much easier.  You can get them gift wrapped and deliver to your doorstep and now is the best time to start surfing for gifts for your loved ones.  

Pandan Flavored Lotus Paste With Salted Egg Yolk Biscuits & Mini Kaya Puffs

Pandan flavored Lotus Paste With Salted Yolk Biscuit

Kathy of Small Kucing came to Ipoh last Wednesday with her family . She invited Claire and myself  to join her family for dinner.  She brought  Lobster to share with us :)  Claire arranged for the restaurant to cook and we had a wonderful time and fellowship with one another. I will be sharing soon on what we had that night on my other blog - Elinluv's Tidbits Corner   meanwhile here are something sweet I bought for her and her family.  She knows Ipoh better than I do when it comes to Ipoh famous food :p   Claire drove me to this famous biscuit shop Sin Eng Heong ( click to learn more about the shop) and I bought these Siu Par Wong  ( screwpine/pandan flavored lotus paste with salted yolk )  biscuits and Mini Kaya Puff for her.  

Designer Jewelry

Christmas is just around the corner and many of my friends are already making a list of gifts for their family and I have yet to make a list of what I want to get for my Piggies and Wild Boar for I am busy looking for designer earrings for myself  LOL!  I have a sudden crave for designer jewelry and I found this beautiful and elegant pair of earrings for myself . Nothing beats designer jewelry and  I am getting this for myself. I am serious, I am not ranting  :) If you still have not thought what to give to your wife or girlfriend this Christmas, check out on designer jewelry. I am sure you will find something nice for her.

Whittard - Chelsea 1886 - Turkish Apple Instant Tea

What could be more pleasurable than eating your favourite snack biscuits with a cup of hot Turkish Apple Tea.  I love this flavored instant tea from UK.  Yea, my Piggy Josh gifted this to me , knowing his Momsie loves Apple Tea :)  This tea is so fragrant and taste so good, I don't mind having it once a day.  I fell in love with it with the first sip and boy after which I am addicted to it.   My cousin, Piggy Cuz introduced this tea to me .She went to Turkey for a holiday and bought back a few packs for me.  The one she gave me are in  satchet forms, where else Piggy Josh 's apple tea are in granules form.   They tasted just as good as those infusion type.  Love it and thank you so much Josh for this gift from the heart. I heart it and you melts my heart with it :)

Mobile POS System & Its Benefits

My brother recently chatted with me on skype and told me that he loves the lastest IT software he installed recently into his computer. He can do his business on the road , to farmers' market, or if he wants to ring customers up on the showroom floor and is a fantastic way to take payment and monitor sales while minimizing the amount of hardware needed to setup. I am convinced that this POS system is ideal for his business and I can see he is happy with mobile pos system here.