Friday, November 9, 2012

Finger Lickin' Good Egg Sandwiches - Finger Food For Cell Group Meet-Up # 4

This is another easy to whip up finger food for my cell group  meeet up.  Egg sandwiches ! I may sound common but the egg filling is yummy.  We meet up for bible lessons and sharing every Friday night.  I don't mind going for CG meeting,  there are plenty to eat after the lessons :p  spiritual food and physical food * oink oink !  Healthy food don't have to worry much about the waistline expanding...lots of fresh fruits and I for one will be making healthy food to take to cell group from now on :)    Read on for recipe.........

the ingredients for the eggs filling are 
hard boiled eggs, carrots, spring onions, 
japanese mayo, black pepper, salt, dijon mustard and chilli* optional

whoa...I love the eggs filling packed with  flavors
for sandwiches...

this is truly finger lickin' good...not exaggerating..the eggs filling
is fully packed onto the bread and when you take your first
bite, the fillings will oozes out and you will have to lick
it off your fingers...thus finger lickin' good LOL!

packed them into two containers and they are ready for 
delivering :)

Claire was the first to test it out hahaha we belong to the same cell group
what are good friends for ...right?

*           *          *


  1. This looks simple and delicious ! The addition of spring onions and chilli is a wonderful idea .. me wants try !

    1. dear, you can make this with your eletric kettle :p and make this for breakfast :)

  2. mmm i love egg salad! totally classic.

    1. a. Maren yea totally classic :) comfort food for me !

  3. Elin, egg sandwiches are my favourite! They are anything but common, would be the the first thing I would pick to eat. So, OK when is your next cell group meeting, where, what time? Tee..hee...hee......

    1. Phong Hong, you from Ipoh ....come come...Claire and I welcome you...every Friday @ 8pm heehee seriously wor :p