Monday, November 5, 2012

Glutinous Rice Balls Filled With Palm Sugar / Ondeh Ondeh

Bought these Glutinous Rice Balls Filled With Palm Sugar/ Ondeh Ondeh  for our afternoon tea break.  These are something light and they are the family favorites but shame to say , I have never succeeded in making these flavorful balls.  They sound easy to make but the result is different from the stall bought ones :( Piggy Jo and Josh loves these and I normally buy for them to snack during weekends from the Nyonya stall outside a coffeshop in Ipoh Garden South.  They sell the most delicious glutinous rice balls !  I shall try making these balls again and this time , I will try Sonia's version.  They look good on her blog and I am sure it will be taste as good as her photos depicted :)  Here is the link if you want to try making these glutinous rice balls filled with palm sugar. 

take your first bite and the melted palm sugar will oozes out
mmmmm. so yummy !

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