Sunday, November 4, 2012

Indonesia Buah Belinjau Chips - Gift From Kathy

When Kathy of Small Kucing came to Ipoh on her last trip , she brought  these dried Indonesian Buah Belinjau for me and Claire. She knows I love it very much so each time she comes to Ipoh,  she will not forget to bring these addictive buah belinjau for me.  They are bigger than the local ones.  Local ones are mostly from the State of Terengganu , East Coast of Malaysia.  You can read more about it here . I only know that it is good for health and these chips can be addictive even though it has a subtle bitterish taste to it :)  If Wild Boar doesn't stop me, I can have all these to myself.   Best snack while watching the idiot box :)

   Thanks Kathy for this precious gift.....bring more on your next trip *  shameless of me to demand *

*            *           *

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